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The keto diet is all the rage these days. It has the backing of many celebrities as well as those in the medical field. It can help people to lose weight
and help with their overall health.
There are many diets out there that make this claim. However, the keto diet
has proven results.

What is Keto?

Keto is where you eat foods that encourage your body to go into ketosis.
Ketosis is where your body will burn fat instead of glucose. When the body
burns glucose, you will not lose any weight.

In fact, you will feel hungry all the time, which will lead you to eat more
foods that contain carbs and sugar. Keto is great for those that have extra
body fat that needs to be burned off.

Why You Should Start Keto?

You should start keto if you are overweight and want to lose a few pounds.
If you are unsure if you need to lose weight, check out your BMI to see
where you stand. If you are not at your BMI, you will need to consider losing weight.

If you are already sure that you need to lose weight, you will want to start
on the keto diet. This diet is not like any other diet. It will allow you to lose
weight while still getting to enjoy many different foods.

Who Benefits from Keto?

Everyone that starts the keto diet will benefit. Not only does it help you lose
weight, but this diet can help mitigate several different ailments.

It has been shown to minimize the symptoms of diseases like PCOS and

Doing the keto diet helps your body to fight off any inflammation or illness.
People who suffer from conditions like epilepsy have also benefited from
switching to the keto diet.

Foods You Should Be Eating

There are a broad variety of different things you should be eating while on
the keto diet. These foods will help your body enter ketosis, so your body
starts to lose weight.

Below is an overview of what you should be eating.


It is important that you know what foods that you can eat without making
your body go into ketosis. It is important to avoid carbs, so you will need to
make sure that the vegetables that you eat are low-carb.

Many people make a mistake when starting out on this diet by not paying
attention to the carb level of certain vegetables.

Here are the vegetables that you can safely eat while on this diet:

● Asparagus
● Avocado
● Broccoli
● Cabbage
● Cauliflower
● Cucumber
● Green beans
● Eggplant
● Kale
● Lettuce
● Olives
● Peppers
● Spinach
● Tomatoes
● Zucchini

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