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"Take that Pioneer!!!" When I emphasize that I was disabled, she told me I should have thought about that as well before getting the loan. My loan could have been paid off if they had given me the correct information. Borrowers who are unsure how to halt reoccurring payments can call 800-331-2314 or email [email protected] for assistance. Yes I do! What are we supposed to do, how do we become a part of this and make sure we are qualified for any potential refunds. I can’t see where to post a comment so I’m just replying with my concern. I went there in 2002, 2003, one full semester, one partial. His attitude is you made ’em, you pay ’em.

What can we do? My federal loans were transferred to Sallie Mae before 2006 as they said it would make my payments easier and lower. I’ve made $9,000 in payments so far, and need to pay $6,000 left on this loan and I’ve called them numerous times to try to lower payment. Sometimes I make mistakes. Are these Private or Federal loans? Our options? I would not send a letter back to them with any personal information. Absolutely not! Why would Navient want to stretch out the court cases? Did you ask them about using an Income-Driven Repayment Plan? This is a forum for those who are coming to the realization that there may never be relief for student debtors, and that the time has come where we need to take matters into our own hands.

In general, I am good with information and finances, but am still trying to cope with a lot of legal/financial issues from the divorce. Now this past year they have started making threats again.up to the point that I received a letter, delivered via UPS through USPS outlining the procedure of filing a lawsuit against me is I did not contact them by Jan 30, 2019.

I’m not aware of any major program that exists to offer loan forgiveness for people who have had to declare bankruptcy, and even though there are certainly widespread discussions in the Media and even from some members of Congress around the topic, the odds of seeing bankruptcy come back as a viable way to eliminate student debt are quite low. 93% Upvoted. 9 comments. I know I am quite late responding to this post because I had it happen to me, but has the problem been resolved?

I would DEFINITELY try to file against them, and I’d provide as much detail about these failures as you can possibly remember. Loans were for my son, They are now garnishing my wages, hurting me big time as I am the only. Pioneer and Navient are owned and operated by the same company and do what ever tactics they need to do to make their profits look good. They were all subsidized loans and kept saying they would, now 3 years later my other loans are in the forgiveness program but Navient just keeps growing interest on the ones they chose not to release. I don’t owe a home. All has been consolidated. Post-graduation, I was totally overwhelmed at my balance of over $180K in student loans!!! Any advise ? no social life, limited sleep, financial difficulties, stress, health issues, missing family functions and events, and declining work performance at work. I’m in FL. I would probably not provide these people with your information. I hope there is hope for others.
Especially getting the garnished of wages stopped. Long story short, I had my loans deferred years ago due to financial hardship. I also received some calls from another place identifying as "Valentine and Kebartas" who say they collect for Navient. How long before they no longer pursue the debt? See Garrett v. Selby Connor (Probably afraid of another lawsuit) Well, with all the documentation that I currently have and some recorded phone calls, that time will be happening real soon unless I get resolution. Paying in full may not make sense for you, but try to pay as much as you can right away. (BTW I’m NOT a Democrat, but I do at least recognize that Republicans are terrible on student loan debt issues). This is how interest accumulation works – if you weren’t paying more than the interest accumulation each month, you can end up paying tons of money over the long-run, and still owing more than you originally borrowed.

I am so overwhelmed with this debt I have had over my head since 1999. Any help would be greatly appreciated Tim. The only income I have is a small pension and social security. If you’re having issues with Private Debt, look at my page on Getting Help with Private Student Loan Debt. I think these two companies are starting a new scheme and should be stopped immediately. You might receive some loan forgiveness, but to be honest, these lawsuits could drag on for years and years. So, what if I have been paying, have a good job that allows me to pay, and have never asked for restructuring but I still feel like I am being taken advantage of by Navient?
This is a bit confusing, my parents have a parentPlus loan, and they sent me an image from their Navient account saying that it was paid off by Ascendium Education Solutions. And also because conviently I “forgot” a part of the application despite filling it out properly at the time they only took doctor’s notes and not social security letters. I still don’t trust them on auto pay. I had the same question but my only problem was I kept applying for INcome base repayment plans but they never seem to got a hold of my paper so I gave up and just paid the full amount I had too since I didn’t want to go in default. Hi Tim,

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