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This makes the AK-47 magazine more reliable, although heavier than NATO and US magazines. Also, the M16 is the most produced firearm in a 5.56mm caliber. And AK-47 keeps on firing, no matter how foul, clogged or dirty it gets. Even in the case of a stoppage, it can be easily fixed in field conditions without using any tools. Palmetto State Defense,

Those assault rifles are on the opposite sides for decades and at some point, they were representing East and West. [197] However, a minority of failures occurred in spite of multiple hits to the chest. "Wounding Effects of the AK-47 Rifle Used" by Patrick Purdy in the Stockton, California, Schoolyard Shooting of January 17, 1989, Fackler, Martin L. This culminated in the development of the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge and the M14 Rifle which was basically an improved select-fire M1 Garand with a 20 round magazine. Zuletzt bearbeitet am 25. [90][290] However "Every time (an AK) is disassembled beyond the field stripping stage, it will take some time for some parts to regain their fit, some parts may tend to shake loose and fall out when firing the weapon. However, there were many difficulties during the initial phase of production causing high rejection rates due to faulty receivers. ЛСОП, Nov 8, 2010. page 196. Der M16 ist zwischen 3, 26 und 4, 0 kg leichter als der 4, 3 kg schwere AK-47. Der Sicherheitsschalter (Wahlschalter) des M16 lässt sich leicht bedienen, ohne das Bild aus den Augen zu verlieren.

Later many problems were fixed and reliability problems decreased greatly.

[269] It reduces operator cleaning time and stress on critical components. However, this capability is rarely used. [29][30][33][76] "(The M16) was much lighter compared to the M14 it replaced, ultimately allowing Soldiers to carry more ammunition. Its smaller size makes it more difficult to use under stress. Around 8 million of these assault rifles were built. [284] As a result, the AK-47 has a service/system life of approximately 6,000,[285] to 10,000,[286] to 15,000[287] rounds. Außerdem verschmutzte die Waffe stärker. To chamber, simply rock a loaded magazine into the magazine well in a forward to back motion, then pull the cocking handle back and release. [255], The M16 has always had a reputation for poor reliability and has a malfunction rate of two per 1000 rounds fired. M16A2 with new adjustable rear-sight, case deflector, heavy barrel and improved furniture.

[154] As mentioned above, a rifle's perceived recoil is also dependent on many other factors which are not readily quantified. Trigger: pull weight 5.5# – 9.0#, creep .04” -.05”, mechanical energy .22”# - .45”#, Trigger: pull weight 3.0# – 7.0#, creep .15”, mechanical energy .45”# - 1.05”#, Rifling: early models have 4 grooves, right hand twist, 1 turn in 355.6 mm (14 inches); later models have 6 grooves, right hand twist, 1 turn in 304.8 mm (12 inches); current models have 6 grooves, right hand twist, 1 turn in 177.8 mm (7 inches), Rifling: 4 grooves, right hand twist, 1 turn in 235 mm (9.25 inches). When fired from a 20" barrel at ranges of up to 100 meters, the thin-jacketed lead-cored round traveled fast enough (above 2900 fps) that the force of striking a human body would cause the round to yaw (tumble) and fragments into about a dozen pieces of various sizes thus created wounds that were out of proportion to its caliber. [38], The original M16 fared poorly in the jungles of Vietnam and was infamous for reliability problems in the harsh environment. The air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed assault rifle was made of steel, aluminum alloy and composite plastics, truly cutting-edge for the time. Reinigungszubehör war zunächst nicht vorhanden, also wurde den Soldaten erzählt, das M16 sei eine selbstreinigende Waffe. Department of the Army and Air Force, ARMY TM 9-1005-319-23&P / AIR FORCE TO 11W3-5-5-42, Technical Manual, RIFLE. [129][131] It also makes a "loud and distinctive click" when used. "[134] For most users, the hand must come off the pistol-grip to either apply or disengage the safety.

The M16 uses a direct impingement (DI) gas system, similar to normal gas operation in principle, but unique in operation.

It used aluminum in place of steel and fiberglass in place of wood which makes it much lighter than AK-47. The gas is sent from the barrel, through the gas tube, directly to the inside of the receiver so it can push on the bolt carrier itself. GX.

It was designed to be a simple, reliable automatic rifle that could be manufactured quickly and cheaply, using mass production methods that were state of the art in the Soviet Union during the late 1940s. They are responsible for the feeding portion of the cycle of operation. The AK-47's barrel and bolt were milled out of a steel billet and hard chromed. The "standard" type rifle grenade is propelled by a blank cartridge inserted into the chamber of the rifle. [258] This affects the M4's timing and increases the amount of stress and heat on the critical components, thereby reducing reliability. The AK-47 has variants with both standard and shortened barrels, and both under- and side-folding buttstocks. With the advent of the Picatinny-type accessory rail, the M16 has proven to be an extremely adaptable weapon. At peak production, Izhmash can produce around 95 units per hour. M16 vs AK-47: Which one is actually better? In addition, newer AK-47 type rifles use a muzzle brake or compensator to reduce recoil. Page 2. Franklin Armory, With the advent of the M16A2, a new fully adjustable rear sight was added, allowing the rear sight to be dialed in for specific range settings between 300 and 800 meters and to allow windage adjustments without the need of a tool or cartridge. On the other hand, the M16 was more popular among countries, where the SSSR had less influence.

[342] The AK-74 and AKM share 9 assemblies and 52 parts (36% & 53% parts commonality, respectively). Ende 1964 folgte ein weiteres von etwa 85.000 AR-15 für die US Army sowie weitere 19.000 Stück für die US Air Force. And, they will most likely continue to be used for decades to come. Die Sowjetunion kontrollierte die Produktion des AK-47 nicht mit Urheberrechten oder Patenten. "[176] The newest M855A1 EPR cartridge is even more accurate and during testing "... has shown that, on average, 95 percent of the rounds will hit within an 8 × 8-inch target at 600 meters. [146] All current AK-47s (100 series), have a side rail for mounting a variety of scopes and sighting devices, such as the PSO-1 Optical Sniper Sight. Nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg konzentrierte die US-Armee ihre Waffenentwicklung zunächst auf halbautomatische Gewehre, woraus die M14 resultierte. Entworfen als einfache, kostengünstige und einfach herzustellende Waffe, ist es oft einfacher auszutauschen als zu reparieren. The US Army demanded a lightweight weapon, easy to maintain and with higher precision and more powerful cartridge. Dieses Problem wurde behoben, indem man ab der Version A2 die Dauerfeuerfunktion durch einen Feuerstoßmodus zur Abgabe von jeweils drei Schuss ersetzte. The AK-47 can mount a (rarely used) cup-type grenade launcher that fires the standard RGD-5 Soviet hand grenade. [271], "Magazines are one of the most important elements of any firearm design. [200] This upgrade is designed to maximize performance of the 5.56×45mm round, to extend range, improve accuracy, increase penetration and to consistently fragment in soft-tissue when fired from not only standard length M16s, but also the short-barreled M4 carbines. As a result, the Army was forced to reconsider a 1957 request by General Willard G. Wyman, commander of the U.S. Continental Army Command (CONARC) to develop a .223 caliber (5.56 mm) select-fire rifle weighing 6 lbs (2.7 kg) when loaded with a 20-round magazine. A longer barrel also provides a longer path for the projectile to stabilize prior to exiting the barrel, while allotting a longer period of time for the propellant charge to act on the projectile, often resulting in higher muzzle velocities and more consistent trajectories. It’s more complex in design and manufacture. If necessary a malfunctioning group can be quickly and easily removed, and replaced. Hogan guns,

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