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We lived in London but Sue had to move to Manchester when Audrey became a main character. At times, it got very, very dark. When they got there, Rita couldn't believe Alan had actually planned for her own surprise wedding. This prompted Rita to investigate Alan's activities, and she was gobsmacked to learn what he had done. He refused and continued to intimidate Rita, leaving her desperately afraid. Later on, Alan is confirmed to have officially died and news of his death becomes public knowledge in Weatherfield – with Jenny becoming devastated to learn about her father's death. The publicity we got was incredible. He got a transfer to Weatherfield and got a flat near the street so that Jenny could live with him without changing school. The tram promptly stops at the impact of accident, as Bet rushes outside to comfort Rita. Alan soon took an interest in The Kabin, opening a video library and electric till within the shop to modernise the establishment. It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. Both Eden and co-star Barbara Knox have stated that they regret the death of Alan, wishing that he had returned in some fashion at a later time. Soon enough, Alan felt emasculated by being second to Rita financially and decided to buy Tilsley's Garage when Brian Tilsley - the namesake owner of the place - made plans to move down south with his wife Gail, but at the last minute the couple pulled out of the sale and Alan became unhappy that his chances of buying the garage were ruined. I think my first job was Alfred Doolittle in Pygmalion, then things went a bit quiet. Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? Alan later confronted Martin and was ready to hit him, but Jenny admitted that she'd been the one who was driving. Mark Eden played Alan Bradley on Coronation Street [PH]. This causes everyone to rush outside, assuming that it is Rita's body that has been found. I assumed it was going to be a long-distance relationship until I got offered the part of Alan Bradley. The character Alan Bradley is well-received by critics. We’re talking to people at the moment and who knows? As he was taken into custody, Alan believed that Jenny shopped him to the police and disowned her. Alan later moved into a bedsit near the street and landed himself a job at the building site near Rita's house, wanting to stay close to her. Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! 1 Storylines. Alan was gone. He was misogynistic towards women and in his relationships he liked to call the shots; he hated being beholden to Rita and compensated for this by building up his business so that he would not need her money. By September 1986, Alan was made redundant and his pride kept him from telling Rita; however, she discovered this from fellow resident Mavis Riley. He forced his way into the hotel where Rita was staying in, only to instead find Bet there before threatening her and demanding to know where Rita was. When Percy continued to pester Alan over what he supposedly did to Rita, he threatens to attack Percy – which prompted his friends Don Brennan (Geoffrey Hinsliff) and Alf Roberts (Bryan Mosley), along with Terry's father Jack (Bill Tarmey), to all stand up to Alan. Alan (Mark Eden) struggles with Rita Fairclough (Barbara Knox) moments before being killed by tram [PH]. He first visited Rita while she was alone at her house, claiming that he was there to see Jenny, and tensions grew when she asked him to leave - only for Alan to ignore and then intimidate Rita, which led her mortified and desperately afraid. They were initially sceptical towards Alan until he explained that he didn't come back because of the money, but had plans to set up a shop without needing a penny from her. Alan thanked Rita and told her he would compensate her from the money he was earning in Dubai. In November 1988, he left Carole and again returned to Rita and Jenny. In 1988, he found a job fitting burglar alarms. Alan thought Jenny was too young and immature to get married and refused to give his blessing. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, Alan Bradley is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the ITV British soap opera drama Coronation Street; first appearing as a central character in 1986 and the becoming the show's main antagonist throughout 1987-1989. As Rita walks back towards the hotel, Alan spots her and orders her to get in his car. 5 External links.

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