arctic satellite broadband mission

Additionally, Northrop Grumman was selected to provide critical ground infrastructure for EPS-R. “This contract award marks our first mission with Space Norway and we appreciate the confidence they have in our capabilities to deliver high quality communication satellites,” said Frank DeMauro, sector vice president and general manager, space systems, Northrop Grumman. The satellites will be based on the company’s proven GEOStar platform which has been integrated on more than 40 spacecraft. 7) Grant Bonin, Robert E. Zee, Jan King, Michael Brett, “The Antarctic Broadband Demonstration Nanosatellite: Fast Internet for the Bottom of the Earth”, Proceedings of the 25th Annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites, Logan, UT, USA, Aug. 8-11, 2011, paper: SSC11-IV-8, 8) J. - Comments and corrections to this article are always welcome for further updates. Figure 2: The Antarctic broadband demonstrator nanosatellite (image credit: UTIAS/SFL). Orbit study: In the operational mission study, four synchronous "inverted Molniya" elliptical orbits were considered, with inclinations equal to 63.4º to keep the perturbations to the argument of perigee near zero. Additionally, Northrop Grumman was selected to provide critical ground infrastructure for EPS-R. The Antarctic Broadband demonstrator satellite has been designed by the UTIAS Space Flight Laboratory, based on its GNB (Generic Nanosatellite Bus) platform, most recently used in the highly successful AISSat-1 mission (launched July 2010), and the basis for the BRITE Constellation (launch Q4 2012), the CanX-4&5 formation flying missions (launch 2014), and AISSat-2 (launch 2013). At present, the majority of data services to Antarctic stations are provided either by intermittent, low-quality links using "stray" GEO communications satellites — which are already operating beyond their design lifetime — or by using the Iridium constellation, which is expensive and relatively low-speed. King, “Ka-band Transponder for CubeSats and Nanosats,” 2012, URL: King, P. Guthrie, M. Brett, S. A. Wilson, “Response to NSF RFI on Satellite Communications Needs,” Antarctic Broadband, July 2012, URL: The ASBM satellites will carry multiple hosted payloads including an X-Band payload for the Norwegian Ministry of Defense and a Ka-Band payload for Inmarsat. 7) 8), Figure 1: Scenario of the Antarctic Broadband operational concept (image credit: Antarctic Broadband Consortium). Communications%20Mission%20Needs%20-%20updated%20Jul%202012.pdf, 9) Jan A. A. Observation of the Earth and its Environment. Timing and position estimates can also be refined through the inclusion of a GPS receiver. The demonstrator Ka-band transponder payload has been developed in Australia by EM Solutions. This content is restricted to subscribers. Highly eccentric orbits permit long dwell times over the Antarctic for each satellite, and 100% coverage can be achieved with only two satellites. Provision of high speed telecommunication to Antarctica presents a number of unique challenges, exacerbated by the relatively low number and wide geographic distribution of users. To achieve the link between the two ground terminals, the spacecraft attitude control system points its two fixed antennas at one ground station; rolls about the fixed antenna pair to place the second ground station in the plane of the second antenna pair positioner; and then actuates the second pair to point at the second ground station. Dulles, VA (STL.News)- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) has been awarded a contract by Space Norway to deliver its Arctic Satellite Broadband Mission (ASBM) system. World News, National News & States Top Leading News. Rocket. In the case of the demonstrator mission, the return link serves primarily to provide acknowledgement of receipt of packets sent in the forward direction. incomplete) constellations. Wildwood, Missouri 63040, Email: [email protected] This central payload volume sits between two trays which house the majority of spacecraft electronics and actuators. The achieved high-efficiency Ka-band payload, combined with the SFL GNB’s high-performance attitude control system, together enable a new class of high-performance EO missions at the nanosatellite scale. Figure 5: Block diagram of the Ka-band transponder (image credit: Antarctic Broadband Consortium). Address: The USAF and Inmarsat payloads . 17005 Manchester Road Office Phone – +1(314) 808-1870 9) 10). OSLO, Norway (Space Norway PR) — Space Norway will cooperate with the satellite operator Inmarsat and the Norwegian Ministry of Defence to offer mobile broadband coverage to civilian and military users in the Arctic. Northrop Grumman will design, manufacture and integrate two satellites in addition to providing critical ground infrastructure. %20Business%20Case%20for%20Delivering%20Broadband%20to%20the%20 Launch: A launch of the Antarctic Broadband demonstrator nanosatellite as a secondary payload is expected for 2013/14into LEO. Northrop Grumman will design, manufacture and integrate two satellites in addition to providing critical ground infrastructure. Hence, this was not simply a paperwork exercise. While Vandenberg should be able to easily support the mission's unique orbit, it may still be possible to perform this mission out of Cape Canaveral, Florida. < 1 kHz after 15 s, < 11 kHz from startup 1) 2), In 2012, the Antarctic Broadband program is developing a wide range of services which will improve communication and research support in Antarctica as well as a number of enduring space capabilities in Australia. These trays connect together via payload mounting brackets and external panels, which also serve as mounting surfaces for solar cells and antennas. %20NSF%20RFI%20Response%20to%20Satellite%20 If successful, the demonstration nanosatellite may be used to transfer user data between two facilities in the Antarctic circle, or even beyond the continental coverage zone to gateway stations located on ships or other continents (Ref. In support of that effort, a fit/form/function transponder system, designed to the demonstration mission requirements, was developed and functionally tested. Power is generated by multiple body mounted strings of triple-junction solar cells, and energy is stored in two independent 5.3 Ah lithium-ion batteries, each of which is integrated to the bus via integral BCDRs (Battery Charge/Discharge Regulators). Ka-Band-Transponder-European-Cubesat-Symposium-2012-abstract.pdf. The operational orbit for GNB missions is nominally 500 to 1000 km sun-synchronous, and as part of the GNB philosophy, the thermo-optical properties of all GNB spacecraft can be tailored to achieve passive thermal control for any LTAN (Local Time of Ascending Node). “By using our flight proven GeoStar platform coupled with our end-to-end payload integration capabilities, we are eager to demonstrate our ability to provide innovative solutions that regularly exceed our customer’s mission needs.”. The string of pearls configuration requires a larger number of more complex spacecraft (due to the need for intersatellite communications), but has a more benign radiation environment and less exotic orbits. Different XPOD designs can accommodate one or more spacecraft of size up to 20 cm x 20 cm x 44 cm and 15 kg. > 28 dBm output power Key objectives of the demonstration mission include: • Measurement of Ka-band uplink and downlink excess path losses due to meteorological effects, • Demonstration of transponder performance (i.e. The Antarctic Broadband program is being undertaken by a consortium of international partners, offering a broad spectrum of capabilities. Using a small satellite platform customized for the needs of users in the Antarctic region, the program will provide the hardest-to-reach continent with dedicated links to the rest of the world. The general characteristics of the linear transponder, developed by the Antarctic Broadband program, are summarized in Table 2. 3) 4) 5). As of August 2012, the consortium has completed the following major milestones: • Phase B preliminary design of an operational mission, • Phase C detailed design of a demonstrator mission, • Delivery of a flight-worthy core flatsat, consisting of on-board computers and power subsystem, • Development and testing of a prototype Ka-band transponder. “Space Norway AS’s project represents an exciting opportunity to meet society’s needs for broadband communications at low cost to the state. All GNB spacecraft contain two identical OBCs (On-Board Computers). String of pearls implementation: Alternatively, a mini-constellation of eight LEO satellites, referred to as a "string of pearls" configuration, has also been considered. A rendering of two satellites for Space Norway’s Arctic Satellite Broadband Mission systems that will host technology that will provide the Air Force's satellite communications capability in the North polar region. Demonstration mission: In order to verify the performance of a Ka-band system in a non-GEO orbit, and to verify link characteristics and modem performance in polar conditions, a LEO demonstration mission design was also undertaken for Antarctic Broadband. 3). The satellites will be operated by Space Norway, a firm wholly owned by the Norwegian government, as part of its Arctic Satellite Broadband Mission of Space Norway. Northrop Grumman announced last year that it will also provide two Extremely High Frequency eXtended Data Rate (EHF XDR) payloads for the Enhanced Polar System-Recapitalization (EPS-R) to the U.S. Air Force for integration on the spacecraft. The program was initially funded from the Australian Space Research Program and has been awarded an Engineering Excellence Award from Engineers Australia. Testing of the Ka-band payload occurred at ANU (Australian National University ) in July 2011, with the payload tested both at the unit level and integrated with the nanosatellite flatsat. Space Norway was established in 2014 as a limited liability, governmentally owned company. Both computers are identical in design, and only one computer is theoretically required for both housekeeping and ADCS (Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem) functions. The EPS is capable of regulating the system operating voltage such that maximum power can be extracted from solar panels as required. . The integration milestone was achieved on schedule and within budget. 2) The long-term goal calls for the development of an operational satellite constellation providing broadband services at or near 100% availability across the Antarctic circle. The high-speed, high efficiency telemetry transmitter thus derived is shown in Figure 7. Figure 4: Antarctic Broadband Ka-band transponder (central tray), image credit: EM Solutions. Figure 6: Depiction of the demonstrator nanosatellite tracking two ground stations, McMurdo and SPS (South Pole Station), image credit: Antarctic Broadband Consortium. Share: Previous Without MDA, Maxar has weaker hand in Telesat LEO competition. For deployment, the GNB spacecraft are designed to use the UTIAS/SFL XPOD separation system. Figure 7: High-speed Ka-band telemetry transmitter derived from the Antarctic Broadband transponder (image credit: Antarctic Broadband Consortium). Figure 4 shows the exposed central tray of the nanosatellite Ka-band transponder. Alternative applications: The dual station tracking and communications solution described above can also be used to enable other types of mission at that nanosatellite level. Because full duplex communications are essential for Internet applications, the transponder is configured to operate with wideband performance in the forward direction while providing a more narrowband link in the return direction. This arrangement allows the demonstrator spacecraft to be in mutual communication with two visible ground stations desiring to communicate with each other. Since 2015, the company has been working to establish also satellite-based broadband communications capacity in the region. 500 kHz bandwidth, < 10 kHz from startup The systems are designed to improve secure and continuous communications in the North Polar Region. Antarctic%20Using%20Micro-Satellites%20-%20IAC%202011%20-%20paper.pdf, 2) “Antarctic Broadband Satellite Project Team Celebrates Grant,” Space Daily, March 16, 2010, URL:, 3) Grant Bonin, Robert E. Zee, Michael Brett, Jan King, Daniel Faber, “Antarctic Broadband: Fast Internet for the Bottom of the Earth,” Proceedings of the 63rd IAC (International Astronautical Congress), Naples, Italy, Oct. 1-5, 2012, paper: IAC-12-B2.3.4, 4) “Antarctic Broadband: Definition and Capability Development,” Australian Space Research Program, URL:, 5) “Antarctic Broadband,” 2011, URL:, 6) “Antarctic broadband program - Improving communications in the last great wilderness,” ANU, May 17, 2012, URL:

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