atmosphere in a sentence

1872), who from 1894 had assisted him at University College, London, and in 1903 was appointed professor of chemistry at University College, Bristol, enabled him to announce the existence in the atmosphere of three new gases, neon, krypton and xenon. The tsar himself lived in an atmosphere of apprehension, imagining that every man's hand was against him. But the more serious difficulties which to many minds still stand in the way of the acceptance of the epistle have come from the developed phase of Pauline theology which it shows, and from the general background and atmosphere of the underlying system of thought, in which the absence of the well-known earlier controversies is remarkable, while some things suggest the thought of John and a later age. The atmosphere af They do not represent the opinions of Think about how you could more accurately show their feelings and reactions to a scene. It is obvious that the aerial particles are illuminated not only by the direct solar rays, but also by light dispersed from other parts of the atmosphere and from the earth's surface. inside our chest when we realise we’ve done something horribly, horribly wrong.

Several basic carbonates are known, being formed by the addition of beryllium salts to solutions of the alkaline carbonates; the normal carbonate is prepared by passing a current of carbon dioxide through water containing the basic carbonate in suspension, the solution being filtered and concentrated over sulphuric acid in an atmosphere of carbon dioxide.

To understand how word choices and setting can aid in atmosphere read The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart.

Conversely if you enhance their sense of balance—like an athlete that feels through an event as though they couldn’t miss a step—you get a euphoric atmosphere. One half of the total mass of the atmosphere and three-fourths of the water suspended in it in the form of vapour lie below the average altitude of the Himalaya; and of the residue, one-half of the air and virtually almost all the vapour come within the influence of the highest peaks.

I could hear the joyful shouts of children mixed with the barking of excited dogs coming from the water’s edge. atmosphere. Some seeds require prolonged immersion in water to soften their shells; others are of so delicate a texture that they would dry up and perish if not kept constantly in a moist atmosphere. The fact that at most places the morning shows a marked decay of auroral frequency and intensity as compared to the evening, the maximum preceding midnight by several hours, is certainly favourable to theories which postulate ionization of the atmosphere by some cause or other emanating from the sun.

One thing many writers struggle with is creating the right atmosphere for their book, story, poem etc. In the following year he showed that plumbago consists essentially of carbon, and he published a record of estimations of the proportions of oxygen in the atmosphere, which he had carried on daily during the whole of 1778 - three years before Cavendish. So how do we use all five senses to build an atmosphere that

If V be the potential, p the density of free electricity at a point in the atmosphere, at a distance r from the earth's centre, then assuming statical conditions and neglecting variation of V in horizontal directions, we have r2 (d/dr) (r 2 dV/dr) - - 4.rp = o. Beyond providing their customers with quality ethnic food, they also give a warm atmosphere consisting of a helpful staff.

The more of your reader’s senses you can engage (and don’t forget to count eight not five) the more effectively you will transport them to the scene. In the morning the atmosphere is quiet and fresh. With substances prone to discolorization, as, for example, certain amino compounds, the operation may be conducted in an atmosphere of carbon dioxide, or the water may be saturated with sulphuretted hydrogen. The atmosphere of the whole town is, indeed, dominated by the memory of Goethe and Schiller, whose bronze statues, by Rietschel, grouped on one pedestal (unveiled in 1857) stand in front of the theatre. But from a study of Dalton's own MS. laboratory notebooks, discovered in the rooms of the Manchester society, Roscoe and Harden (A New View of the Origin of Dalton's Atomic Theor y, 1896) conclude that so far from Dalton being led to the idea that chemical combination consists in the approximation of atoms of definite and characteristic weight by his search for an explanation of the law of combination in multiple proportions, the idea of atomic structure arose in his mind as a purely physical conception, forced upon him by study of the physical properties of the atmosphere and other gases. Don’t just drop them into a graveyard because you need them to be frightened. The atmosphere felt stiff and formal, as if this was not part of their routine. These places have a particular atmosphere by default.
On the eastern slopes of the Andes, where the rainfall is continuous throughout the year and the atmosphere is surcharged with moisture, the forest growth is phenomenal. He investigated also the variations of temperature in the atmosphere and ocean. It can be kept unaltered in dry air, but the smallest trace of moisture in the atmosphere leads to the evolution of minute quantities of acetylene and gives it a distinctive odour. The heat usual in subtropical countries is tempered by the cool breezes, and the atmosphere is dry and bracing. Proprioception is the sense of knowing which way up you are,

Posted by Sarah Hindmarsh | 24 Mar, 2020 | Fiction, Poetry, Writing | 1 |. Definition of Atmosphere. In that year, though the Church was under no direct threat of attack, owing to the inertia of the emperor Philip the Arabian, the atmosphere was full of conflict. 20 examples: This newly competitive atmosphere was the result of reduced production costs…
can be a cracking way to add a little levity. the case of the sun, this indicates an incandescent body which might be solid, liquid, or a not too rare gas, surrounded by and seen through an atmosphere of somewhat cooler gases and vapours; it is this cooler envelope whose nature the spectroscope reveals to us, and in it the presence of many terrestrial elements has been detected by identifying in the spectrum their characteristic absorption lines.

Each of these paragraphs describes the same scene, and yet

Having live music from the quartet can really add to the celebratory atmosphere as guests relax and enjoy themselves. The smoke coming out of the factory-chimneys makes the atmosphere dirty.

What atmosphere is invoked here? Unable to penetrate the Earth's atmosphere, the X-rays from the flare can only be detected from space. How to use atmosphere in a sentence.

work out what emotions they’re feeling.

The difficulty is in accounting for the continuance in extensive fine weather districts of large positive charges in the atmosphere in face of the processes of recombination always in progress.

The element carbon unites directly with hydrogen to form acetylene when an electric arc is passed between carbon poles in an atmosphere of hydrogen (M. It burns when heated in an atmosphere of oxygen, forming carbon dioxide, and when heated in sulphur vapour it forms carbon bisulphide. Suffocating in an atmosphere of cruelty and baseness, Chenier's agony found expression almost to the last in these murderous Iambes which he launched against the Convention. This new venue features a top shelf bar, an extensive wine list and plenty of atmosphere.

Though these objects only become visible in the atmosphere they are extra-terrestrial planetary bodies, and properly belong to the domain of astronomy. All rooms are on the same level with a wood beamed lounge, spacious yet retaining that cozy cottage atmosphere. appropriate, your characters are behaving in the way they need to, and whether

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