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I really hope you guys don't mind the Witcher spam! Searching for the best Yennefer cosplay costume online shop. The angles of the photography really accentuate the mystery. Yennifer of Vengerburg What started out as a closet cosplay of the inspirational Yennifer of the Witcher video game series, molded into an actual cosplay and a wonderful collaboration with photographer and friend @photosbydelfin . Lace crafted another gem with this one that perfectly blends replicating the dark and gritty tone and details of the games while managing to make them all look cinematic in quality. Deluxe quality of The witcher Yennefer cosplay costume ready to ship now! . THE DAY FINALLY CAME! . The sleekness of her boots is almost eye-catching, while the fur pops from her arm sleeves. Lydi Scott is a cosplayer who clearly seems to have a lot of fun with her projects that range from Star Wars to Lord Of The Rings. Sawyer’s previous cosplay work includes Mera (Aquaman) and Harley Quinn (DC Comics). Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. He has also done two different versions of Geralt Of Rivia, both are very impressive. Vasiliel delivers a jaw-dropping cosplay of Yennefer, complete with a setting to accentuate the mood. Especially the costume. _____________________ Shot by @bellasinya_ Special thanks to @neistorys _____________________ #geraltofrivia #geralt #thewitcher #witcher #witcher3 #witchercosplay #witcherwildhunt #geraltofriviacosplay #cinematic #photographylife #portraitphotoshoot #malecosplay #geraltcosplay #cosplay #cosplayshoot #cosplayphotoshoot #makeupoftheday #cosplaymakeup #cosplaycraft #geraltderivia #geralt_of_rivia #geraldorivera #cosplaymodel #cosplaying #witchernetflix #thewitchernetflix #cosplayers #henrycavill #cosplayerofinstagram #geraltofriviacosplay #henrycavillfanpage, A post shared by Lace (@laceyjames007) on Jul 28, 2020 at 1:20pm PDT. Her previous cosplay work includes Wonder Woman (DC Comics), Senua (Hellblade), a custom Cyberpunk: 2077 cosplay and a succubus OC. I am excited. I am so thrilled with it and I am VERY ready to flounce around a con and annoy ALL the Geralt cosplayers! Another photo with more purple hues highlights the darker tones of the alternate outfit. I’m so comfy in it! Fansite for lovers of sci-fi, fantasy, games, anime, comic books and all things geek. . The Russian cosplayer said the cosplay was done by her and features many accurate accessories: from the brown leather gloves and buckles to purple contacts and belts. Jun 6, 2017 - Explore Bel's board "Yennefer Cosplay", followed by 866 people on Pinterest. . She also displays the vibrant red hair and eyebrows that are present in the games as well. This Brazilian cosplayer serves some color with her Yennefer cosplay! Another cosplay based on The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, this one shows Cirilla (or Ciri) as an adult and a fully-fledged Witcher created by hummel.cosplay. Photographer/edits: @photosbydelfin Free labor/waterboy: @cosmedicdave Cosplay: Me! The Witcher series is so close now. Ship fast guaranteed. During summer, I had an amazing opportunity to work with Horse and glamour on special Witcher calendar for next year and this is one of the photos we did, hope you'll like it! Her previous cosplay work includes Saber (Fate/stay Night), Supergirl (DC Comcs), Black Widow (Marvel Comics), Harley Quinn (DC Comics), Silver Sable (Marvel Comics) and Quiet (Metal Gear Solid V). Deluxe quality of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Yennefer costume ready to ship now! Yay! The costume itself is actually more of an original creation by the cosplayer with darker colors and several differences from what Ciri wears in the game but it is still a well-designed look that fits within the universe. The same for her version of Yennefer which a mix of the Netflix series as the main inspiration with a pinch of the video game version for extra flavor. I hope I make you guys proud with this incoming shoot! The sides of the vest are dotted with metallic rivets and the elastic side fastenings allow for alterations in size and ease of movement. As a result, there will be many cosplays representing major characters; Yennefer is no exception. It's rare to see Witcher cosplayers do their own interpretations of characters rather than replicating looks from the past (not that there's anything wrong with that) so it is refreshing to see what Lydi brings to the character of Ciri. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Her role in the games is not massive at all which is unfortunate because she remains one of the more charming and likable non-playable characters to interact with. •°*”˜.•°*”˜ (@mira_ladovira) on Jul 11, 2020 at 3:20am PDT. ⚔️. Including jacket, belt, gloves, pants, fur collar, girdle and fur wristband. 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Shipping fast worldwide and free returns. @nerdcore_performance, A post shared by NerdCore Performance/Alohamora (@nerdcore_performance) on Jul 21, 2020 at 1:36pm PDT. HECK YES. NEXT: The Witcher 3: 5 Reasons Yennefer Is Our Fav Love Interest (& 5 Why It's Triss). Here’s a secret: Willard is who I’m pointing at in the second photo too! #tossacointoyourwitcher #jaskiercosplay #thewitchercosplay #jaskier #thewitchernetflix #joeybatey #joeybateyjaskier #thewitcherjaskier #witchercosplay #geraltxjaskier #jaskiercosplayer #prettyboy #geraskier #cosplay #cosplayersofinstagram #witcher #witchernetflix #malecosplayer #witchercosplay, A post shared by Victor Lockhart ❦ (@victorlockhartx) on Jul 13, 2020 at 11:08am PDT. Her previous cosplay work includes Mitsuri Kanroji (Demon Slayer) and Nico (Devil May Cry 5). NerdCore Performance's chameleon-like talents are on full display here as she perfectly portrays a character that is equal parts enchanting as she is threatening. The official Witcher Twitter page promoted her Yennefer cosplay with four stunning photos. Yen is a favorite among Wicher fans. Simple choices, simple changes and even simple ideas can have amazing results. I look forward to that day, but until then I'll keep myself occupied with taking many photos, videos and making MEMES! More coming so stay tuned! The cosplay package consists of a vest, top, pants, belt, waist bag, over sleeves, armlets and boot covers. Lovetahnee dresses in a lovely cosplay of Yennefer, featuring her Witcher 3: Wild Hunt outfit. RELATED: The Witcher: 5 Marvel Heroes Geralt Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't). “Hmmm...fuck.” —————————————————- GUYS IT FINALLY HAPPENED If you’ve been following my Geralt journey, you would know that I started making this armor back in January right after the show came out on Netflix. 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