children's songs from the '90s

Most of us aren't entirely sure what the lyrics even mean, but damn they speak to us and our two-week relationships in middle school. You can’t talk about music in this decade and not mention Seattle and the grunge scene that gave us bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. She even delivers chic fashion advice—men's shirts, short skirts—that still holds up. I was raised on a steady diet of The Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers, so I was primed to be a jam-band obsessive when the Dave Matthews Band landed on my radar. "That would mean that... the song is really just about something that every single woman has gone through: Waiting for a man to call you back.". It started off with rising trends in grunge and hip-hop before moving into the new millennium with full-on bubblegum pop. But we've seen it happen a few times: "Everytime We Touch" by Cascada, "Hung Up" by Madonna, and, perhaps most notably, "Barbie Girl" by Aqua. Can't think of one. "Ray of Light," the title track off Madonna's acclaimed 1998 record, is mainstream electronica at its most elevated, its most emotional, and its most profound. According to the book The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory, the real meaning of "...Baby One More Time" is one of linguistic confusion. With this song, she invented heartbreak. It would be criminal to do a list about the best ’90s music and not have Titanic represented. He said: So, there you have it. His nickname was "sh*t and cigars" and the same unnamed insider speculates this was the subconscious inspiration for "zig-a-zig-ah. It was a crazy decade, so it probably won't come as a surprise to hear that there are so many '90s pop songs with deep meanings, and even less surprising that you didn't realize how deep they were when you first heard them. Do what I dare!" So, in full transparency, it took me a few years to finally discover her masterpiece, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Listen if you want to ignite your inner goth teen. "Doo Wop (That Thing)" and its iconic music video perfectly encapsulate the importance of Hill, a legendary lyricist, vocalist, and artist, whose impact spans well into the current decade. "And her appreciation for us really did create a conversation. Bless Shania Twain for giving us a female empowerment anthem that screams, "Color my hair! In fact, I wish all songs were as relentlessly dedicated to the hook as this one. "Wannabe" By The Spice Girls. Ad Choices, 53 Best ’90s Songs That Are All That and a Bag of Chips. became the only artist in Billboard Hot 100 history to have two posthumous number one singles. But the song never gets old and will never not slap the hardest when a stupid ex breaks your heart. WHY: Because the world is our runway, and Madonna reminds us to always strike a pose. Blame it on the Cruel Intentions soundtrack, but the lyrics are at once existentially angsty yet hopeful, and leaves you completely enraptured until the very last note. The song is one of the finest crafted in famed producer Max Martin's bubblegum factory, which is to's damn catchy. I compare all music duets to Brandy and Monica's "The Boy Is Mine," and honestly, nothing else stacks up. We all listened to this song as we hugged the people we just spent the last 10+ years with as we promised to never lose touch after high school. To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. According to Len's founding member Marc Costanzo's interview with The Guardian, the meaning of "Steal My Sunshine" is far deeper: So yeah, this song is about the Len musician partying with a guy from Broken Social Scene and guy from Sum 41 (which is a weird image to begin with). The song saw a resurgence in popularity after Jennifer Lopez danced to it in her opening scene in Hustlers, but trust me, everything about it totally holds up in 2020. When interviewed by Songfacts and asked what the real meaning of "MMMBop" was, Zach Hanson explained it was all about "the futility of life." —Emily Tannenbaum, contributing writer. Graveside? ), but this one is my personal favorite. Or, “I’m cold and I’m ashamed lying naked on the floor.” Every line in this song is something I would have set as my AIM status on a hard day in fifth grade, and still, unfortunately, resonate with deeply today. Just make sure there's at least 10 inches between you and your partner. Childbirth? Lopez has a catalog of euphoric dance jams, but "Waiting For Tonight" is particularly special. —Shanna Shipin, commerce editor, “I've been careless with a delicate man / And it's a sad, sad world / When a girl will break a boy / Just because she can.” With those powerful words and a heavy and haunting instrumental beat, the world was introduced to Fiona Apple. WHY: Because this is the breakup anthem of the CENTURY. (Probably Sigma Nu, probably Saturday night until at least 3 a.m. —A.M. Nope. This song takes me right back to my childhood summers, when every afternoon was spent lazing around the community pool. —Jessica Radloff, West Coast editor. Side note: Who else thinks Riverdale’s Jughead Jones plays this to himself every night before he goes to sleep? Who cares, right? —A.G. The song just feels like an escape—the kind of tune you blast with the car windows down as you get the hell out of town. No wonder it charted so well and earned a Grammy for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group. Not necessarily the best or most memorable, but in terms of pure earworm sensibility, it takes the cake. Luckily, the song is good enough to overcome this bad beginning. I don’t get it, and I’m not going to look into it anymore.) Well, no and no, but this list will really make you question everything. "I feel like I just got home," the Queen of Pop wails on the song's exuberant chorus, taking in the universe and all its wonderment. In Billie Joe Armstrong's Guitar Legends interview in May 2005, he stated: So, that song you're smooching to? They referenced the way the girls had vocally supported safe sex from the beginning and how: "Fans would come up to the TLC members at shows and tell them how much it meant that they were discussing AIDS and contraception when no one else was. Unpopular opinion: I think Mariah Carey is underrated. Give her all the lifetime achievement awards and Hall of Fame inductions now, please. The entire Crash album, played beginning to end, was my soundtrack for studying, daydreaming when I should have been studying, lying on friends’ dorm room floors, and afternoons spent on various New England beaches in winter. Gotta rub me the right way, honey,” for weeks on end in 1999. —C.R. Instead of taking part in that fandom feud, my folders were always decked out in Lisa Frank prints. This bubbly, bizarre slice of high-pitched EDM stampeded worldwide radio, hitting number one in more than 10 countries (and an impressive number seven on Billboard's Hot 100). Is there a sexier song from the ’90s? —C.R. It was number one in more than 20 countries and continues to be a showcase moment at Dion's concerts, even today.

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