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It was a slow work…  but it was progress. Team Aussie Rescue (Australia)A team made up of paramedics, firefighters, special ops & social impact entrepreneurs, Team Aussie Rescue will maintain their fun Aussie banter and uncomfortable honesty which will get them through the dark to the Eco-Challenge finish line. Eco 2002 took our team 9.5 days to finish and we were one of only 10 teams out of 81 to finish the whole course.

Team Tiki Tour is a group of Kiwi’s that take on ‘Tiki Tours’ in rugged alpine terrain and although the alps are vastly different to the terrain they will experience in the Fijian tropics, they are up for the challenge. The team features a mixture of gay and straight athletes made up of seasoned adventure racer and former Marine, former Navy SEAL and Crossfit gym owner, a record holding ultra-marathoner, skilled ultra endurance mountain biker and a filmmaker and former basketball player. Leslie Jones is great as a fan hosting her favorite game show, Supermarket Sweep, but it's not hitting the nostalgia button in quite the same way as other ABC game shows. All members of a team must complete the race; should any team member quit or cannot complete the race, the entire team would be disqualified. The wind took the front of our outrigger at whim as Charles tried to steer due south. This team is grateful to be competing against the best in the world and you won’t be able to wipe the smile off their faces. Competitors: Ryan Opray (TC), Tim Cannard, Mikayla Wingle, Daniel Bussius, Stephen Morrow (TAC). Waves thrashed at our boat. Team AR Georgia consists of a father & son duo, experienced adventure racers AND the world’s youngest expedition racer and three-time World Record holder. Racing Eco-Challenge has been a lifelong dream for all of them. At one point we got cliffed-out and needed to break out the machete to cut through the jungle curtain and get up and over a 25-meter cliff. An hour later, we arrived at Nakavika Village and reluctantly bid farewell to our adopted family who would now turn around and head back the 10 km to their village- still barefoot over vicious gravel roads. Team Atlas hails from Canada and expedition racing is their way to discover the unique places they want to visit around the world. [15], "The crazy story behind Amazon's Eco-Challenge reboot", "Stream It Or Skip It: 'World's Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji' On Amazon Prime Video, A Bear Grylls-Hosted Revival Of The Grueling Adventure Race", "Amazon's Eco-Challenge will have 66 teams racing in Fiji—and a new name", "Bear Grylls' Eco-Challenge: World's Toughest Race winner Nathan Fa'avae talks teamwork and the pros and cons of TV fame in adventure racing", "New Zealand wins Eco-Challenge, Vail's Mike Kloser and Team Go-Lite/BALANCE still battle for second", "Eco-Challenge Fiji: Meet the Teams in the 'World's Toughest Race, "How an Army of 700 Brought Back the 'Eco-Challenge' for Amazon", "Bear Grylls show shut down over disastrous injuries: 'People's lives are on the line, "Amazon Sets More Than 60 Teams to Compete on 'Eco-Challenge' Reboot From Mark Burnett, Bear Grylls", "Eco Challenge Worlds Toughest Race Fiji – Results And Breakdown", World's Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji,, Television series created by Mark Burnett, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "We Can’t Go Back, And We Can’t Go Forward", "First They Have To Catch Us, Then They Have to Pass Us", "I’ve Been Waiting To Do This The Whole Race", This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 20:50.

Many of our competitors optimistically followed and were met with the same disappointment.

Within a couple of kilometers of the village, we were met by a handful of young boys who shadowed us all the way to the village. Competitors: Uri Kurop (TC), Adam Wade, William Simpson, Anna Cowley, Semiti Tuitoga (TAC). The eight teams (including us) who had arrived at Camp 1 by dark were allowed to leave for the canyon at 6:30 AM the next morning. Watching the original Eco-Challenge was the inspiration to start adventure racing. More compassionate, more empathetic, more… human. [3], The race was contested by 66 teams of four from around the world. Competitors: Eduard Khalilov (TC), Evgeniya Khalilov, Viktor Sherstiuk, Valeriy Cherkasov, Vyacheslav Obrazstov (TAC). It was agonizingly slow work with the river flow at a trickle. We had to shout to be heard. The climb was an exhausting effort. Once again, we were allowed to hire a guide for this stretch. Competitors: Roy Malone (TC), Mari Chandlar, Charles Triponez, Jen Segger, David Egbert (TAC). Read my review of World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji. Unfortunately, the lake was probably only half-full and so tentacles stretched out from the lake into the hills in every direction. All of these years later, I’m thrilled that a new generation will be able to watch and be motivated to experience the thrill of adventure, discovery, and the addiction of pushing one’s boundaries. Someone had cranked the dial on high in the heavens, and we were instantly soaked- and cold.

Ultimately, our shared experiences with friends in an exotic and beautiful part of the world, where we get to push ourselves to our physical and mental limits is the real victory.

Between short bursts of sprinting and power trekking along the rolling road, we made it with 10 minutes to spare which enabled us to get on the river and raft for two hours until the 6:00 PM requirement to be off the water. From the computer point of view, a chip is an integrated circuit, specially designed to fulfill a specific job.

The race encompassed trekking by foot and traveling in various non-motorized forms of transportation, including paddling and sailing in an outrigger, paddleboarding, mountain biking, and whitewater rafting, requiring skills such as rappelling, climbing, and canyoneering. Like a chip, each member of the team “works” supports and helps others to achieve a common goal together. Rarely do these strategies end up working out, but as night settled in, and the swim sections became longer and longer, we were downright giddy that we weren’t chin-deep in the stagnant water, swimming and wading our way upstream. Team Checkpoint Zero are close friends who have been racing together for over six years, love to push their physical limits, and hail from Georgia, North Carolina and Michigan. Half marsh and half jungle, we carried and dragged our SUPs through the night, often knee-deep in mud and cow shit. Competitors: Tyson Mayr (TC), Elijah Mayr, Nick Mayr, Courtney Home, Chris Dixon (TAC). Watch the 10-part series on Amazon Prime Video. Team Estonian ACE  is a team who all have strong navigation backgrounds.

Tiki torches lit the path as daylight faded into another night. As we reached the transition area, chants of U.S.A, U.S.A tore through the entire village who had gathered for the spectacle.

A bit of tricky navigation would take us to the proper canyon, and for the most part, we were able to locate it without incident. There are NO flat parts in Fiji. It was if the whole world had gone black and crazy. Cassette, derailleur, brakes- nothing was safe. This is where the final medallion was located. Mari rode the bow doing everything she could to stay in the boat as it bucked through the troughs. Pushing so hard on bike for the past 12 hours, we rolled onto the rugby field at CP 29 spent and melting…. Sublime. The racers faced unexpected obstacles along the way, and heavy tropical storm forced the temporary suspension of the race for eight hours when water level rose to dangerous level in the canyon, although Team Estonian Ace was already trapped in the canyon. We also have a record 35 camera crews capturing the action, in addition to drone and state-of-the-art handheld gyro cameras that will film in areas previously impossible to reach. The course did get closed until the next morning. [10] Teams must recover a medallion in each leg, and they must also finish each leg within a specified cut-off time or be eliminated. For several kms, the routine became ride, fall, walk, ride, fall. Team True North is a father-daughter, father-son team from central Canada. Schedules were set and commitments made. It started slippery, turned snotty, and ultimately tacky. A baggie of food for the five-year-old, the map case for the eight-year-old, a water bottle for the seven-year-old. It required several tries to turn the boat in the direction of Mana Island and the finish. Competitors: Netzer Quan (TC), Andres Duante, Gabriela Molina, Sebastian Lancho, Leopoldo Bolanes (TAC).

Rain is a bit of a pedestrian word for what actually occurred, however. And what happened to his teammates? Team To-Get-Ther hails from Belgium and like to push themselves to the limit, whilst enjoying nature and each other no matter what. [4], The race was won by Team New Zealand, who also won the previous race held 17 years prior.

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