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He served as president of the water company until his death and was a major New Haven business and civic leader. He left a widow and his four children behind.

(1956). Smith, Merritt Roe. It has been argued by some historians that Whitney's cotton gin was an important if unintended cause of the American Civil War. Weapons themselves were becoming lighter and were capable of being loaded and fired more conveniently and accurately.

... Arey, Baltimore, NF V haven Died, in this city on the 8th inst. Increasing and diversifying production necessarily meant changes in the physical plant of the Armory itself. Whitney was inducted into the Junior Achievement U.S. Business Hall of Fame in 1975. http://wiki.whitneygen.org/wrg/index.php/Family:Whitney%2C_Eli_%281765-1825%29. Hall of Fame for Great Americans inductees, https://familypedia.wikia.org/wiki/Eli_Whitney_(1765-1825)?oldid=1477086, Articles with authority control information. Green, Constance – Edited by Oscar Handlin. An early leader was Jean-Baptiste Vaquette de Gribeauval, an 18th-century French artillerist who created a fair amount of standardization of artillery pieces, although not true interchangeability of parts. They intended to install the gins throughout the South and charging farmers two-fifths of resulting profits. This helped Southern planters to reap big financial benefits. Realistically, he could not manufacture the promised number of rifles to the government on time and delivered it in 1809. [5], The cotton gin is a mechanical device that removes the seeds from cotton, a process that had previously been extremely labor-intensive.

Technology & Culture 14. He started a nail manufacturing function during Revolutionary War and worked as a farmer and a school teacher to make money. New materials, particularly steel, were coming into common use. Even with the delay, he got another order for 15,000 muskets, which he supplied in two years. Given the atmosphere in which he grew up, it is hardly surprising that the younger Whitney was willing to carry on the family tradition of invention and entrepreneur-ship. In spite of this growth, however, the city possessed neither a system of sanitary sewers, nor systematic garbage collection. During the course of his illness, he invented and constructed several devices to mechanically ease his pain. http://www.pratthistory.com/whitney_or_homes.htm When the Franklin Mint's research turned up information about ginning, they didn't research well enough. [2] At age 14 he operated a profitable nail manufacturing operation in his father's workshop during the Revolutionary War.[3].
[citation needed] In modern times the idea developed over decades among many people. Yale Biographies and Annals, 1792–1805. [13] Cotton was a staple that could be stored for long periods and shipped long distances, unlike most agricultural products. William Collins Whitney était un très riche homme d'affaires qui a fait coïncider le nom des Whitney avec les courses de Pur-sang anglais aux États-Unis.

[10] Cotton was a staple that could be stored for long periods and shipped long distances, unlike most agricultural products. Ten months later, the Treasury Secretary, Oliver Wolcott, Jr., sent him a "foreign pamphlet on arms manufacturing techniques," possibly one of Honoré Blanc's reports, after which Whitney first began to talk about interchangeability. But his most substantial alterations came in 1860-61, in connection with the raising of the dam to create Lake Whitney and, following an explosion which destroyed the old main factory building, a complete reconstruction of the plant. [10], After validation of the patent, the legislature of South Carolina voted $50,000 for the rights for that state, while North Carolina levied a license tax for five years, from which about $30,000 was realized. There is a claim that Tennessee paid, perhaps, $10,000.

During the course of his illness, he invented and constructed several devices to mechanically ease his pain.
By 1840, Southern cotton production rose hugely from the preceding century - with more than a million bales of cotton being produced. There is a Yale University program for non-traditional students, named after this inventor - 'The Eli Whitney Students Program’. In 1851, it received a major contract from the Navy for the production of 33,000 revolvers. (Eleanor Shepard's mother was Eleanor Whitney, sister of Alice Whitney, 1st wife of Nathaniel Woods).

His 2nd wife was Sarah Brown, then after her death, his 3rd wife was Mary Blanchard Darby. 8 Rollin Osterweis, Three Centuries of New Haven: The Tercentenary History (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1953), pp. Unless otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. When Whitney demonstrated his ‘cotton gin’ to his colleagues, they were stunned to witness the device that was able to clean a large amount to cotton in less than an hour. John & Elinor (Eleanor) were also the parents of Deacon Joshua Whitney, who married Abigail Tarbell. This page has been flagged Daughter or daughters need their own page or pages. His invention is called ‘cotton gin’, ‘gin’ being short for engine. Eli Whitney III (1820-1894) assumed control of the armory in 1841. Although the younger Eli, born in 1765, could technically be called a "Junior", history has never known him as such. Whitney's marriage to Sarah Dalliba, daughter of the U.S. Army's chief of ordinance, helped to assure the continuing success of his business. Before the 1790s, slave labor was primarily employed in growing rice, tobacco, and indigo, none of which were especially profitable anymore. Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library. Searl, Map of the City of New Haven (Philadelphia: Eneas Smith, 1859). Certain other New Englanders, including Captain John H. Hall and Simeon North, arrived at successful interchangeability before Whitney's armory did. He was a capitalist entrepreneur — an economic adventurer who sought profits wherever they could be made. His public spirit, open-handed generosity, quick and wide sympathies, dignity of bearing, and courtesy, personally endeared him to people of all ages and conditions.17. Cotton exports from the U.S. boomed after the cotton gin's appearance – from less than 500,000 pounds (230,000 kg) in 1793 to 93 million pounds (42,000,000 kg) by 1810.

Once again, Whitney's interest in supplying New Haven with water was not entirely disinterested. The success of this contract rescued Colt from financial ruin and enabled him to establish his own famous arms company. He was the youngest of the family he had 2 younger brothers Josiah, Ben, and he also had a sister Elizabeth. The improved roller gin facilitated the ginning of Sea Island or Long Staple cotton. When the government complained that Whitney's price per musket compared unfavorably with those produced in government armories, he was able to calculate an actual price per musket by including fixed costs such as insurance and machinery, which the government had not accounted for. Instead of a handful of two-story houses clustered around the Green, the town center was dominated by commercial structures — some of them as tall as five stories — while residences, most of them wooden, were spread over dozens of city blocks. As farmers created their own version of the cotton gin, Whitney got stuck in many legal battles and ultimately agreed to license it at reasonable prices. Frances Edwards Whitney (1817-1859) 3. Whitney and Miller could not build enough gins to meet demand, so gins from other makers found ready sale. Monday – Friday, Office Hours 9am – 5pm, Walk-in Projects available during open hours on He was born on a farm in Westboro, Massachusetts, Dec. 8, 1765. And on January 1, 1862, water first began to flow through the company's pipes and into homes and hydrants throughout the city.12. The Whitney armory finally succeeded not long after his death in 1825. Later, supplying the state militias became a major part of the business. Whitney was born in Westborough, Massachusetts, on December 8, 1765, the eldest child of Eli Whitney Sr., a prosperous farmer, and his wife Elizabeth Fay, also of Westborough. Greene realized the lack of a money crop in the immediate area as the tobacco business was getting dilapidated. Disgusted with the struggle, Whitney began to manufacture fire arms near New Haven in 1709 and secured profitable government contracts. 237-261. In partnership with Phineas Miller, Whitney began manufacture of cotton gins at New Haven, Conn. Family:Whitney, Eli (1765-1825) From WRG.

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