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The following are some questions to consider: Do I want to protect my internal network from unauthorized access?  •  This release brings the following features: Accessibility support for keyboard interactions and narrator Virtual box and VMWare Horizon client support UX improvements for enhanced user experience Security enhancements  SafeNet MobilePASS+ SDK for Windows v1.2.1 delivery package can…, Posted on 21 October 2018 by Lorna Ayoun-Berdugo in SafeNet Authentication Service, SafeNet Authentication Service Agent, SafeNet Authentication Service PCE/SPE, SafeNet MobilePASS & MobilePASS+, SafeNet Authentication Service PCE/SPE 3.8.1 is now available for download from the Gemalto Service Portal KB0018114 This  release brings the following features: Enhanced Security for SAS Authentication Agents MobilePASS+ Desktop Support for Windows 10, Posted on 17 October 2018 by Lorna Ayoun-Berdugo in General Authentication, SafeNet Authentication Service, SafeNet Trusted Access (STA), We are pleased to announce that SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) and SafeNet Trusted Access (STA) now support Google Authenticator. ... We are pleased to announce that SafeNet Trusted Access ... Additional Languages for STA Login and User Portal: Users can now select Czech, Dutch, and Italian in the STA Login page dialog and the User Portal. 8 months ago, started by In addition to the above, by combining authentication with encryption and cryptographic key management, Thales customers can address the following high-priority security needs throughout their organizations. Posted on 17 December 2018 by Lorna Ayoun-Berdugo in General Authentication, SafeNet Authentication Service, SafeNet Authentication Service Agent.

 •  Erkan Thales is the market leader in financial data security for the world’s largest financial institutions protecting over 80% of the world’s fund transfers, providing transaction security for five of the world’s largest central banks. Posted on 31 July 2018 by Lorna Ayoun-Berdugo in General Authentication, SafeNet Authentication Service, SafeNet MobilePASS & MobilePASS+, We are pleased to announce that the SafeNet MobilePASS+ App for Windows v. 1.2 is now available. in Troubleshooting In early 2019, we acquired the international security company, Gemalto and have combined it with our existing digital assets to create a new leader in digital security. And how do I keep it all practical and cost-effective. With Thales solutions, healthcare organizations achieve and maintain compliance by protecting sensitive data, such as patient records, medical transactions, and intellectual property for pharmaceutical and medical patents.

This approach to assessing authentication costs shows that infrastructure investments and management overheads dominate the total cost of the solution. (function($) {window.fnames = new Array(); window.ftypes = new Array();fnames[0]='EMAIL';ftypes[0]='email';}(jQuery));var $mcj = jQuery.noConflict(true); This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.  •  Parth

Publisher Login. Security architects are implementing comprehensive information risk management strategies that include integrated Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). 1 month ago, started by Did you know how to "blink" the HASP HL Key? This release brings the following feature: Skip OTP feature for unlock events: When end user only needs to unlock his machine, this feature enables skipping the OTP prompt and only AD password is needed. © 2006- 2018 Gemalto Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions Contact Gemalto 11 months ago, reported by  •  Use this method to log in to the Sentinel EMS Server and start a client session. 2 months ago, started by William11111420410320 Learn How Our Solutions Secure Enterprise Networks.  •  Do I want to firmly protect data that sits on my users’ PCs and laptops?  •  Cloud-based services are increasingly becoming an integral part of the enterprise, precisely because they lower costs and management overhead while increasing flexibility. Can't get remote license from Sentinel License Manager, Sentinel HASP (HASP HL, HASP SL, HASP SRM), Software Licensing & Management Solutions.  •  Note: Support…, Posted on 20 September 2018 by Lorna Ayoun-Berdugo in SafeNet Trusted Access (STA), We are pleased to announce that SafeNet Trusted Access (STA) has been updated with the following features:  Rename an application: This feature enables customers to change the display name for an application in the user portal and in the STA and SAS consoles Additional Languages Support: Support for simplified Chinese,…, Posted on 03 September 2018 by Lorna Ayoun-Berdugo in General Authentication, SafeNet Authentication Service, SafeNet Authentication Service Agent, SafeNet Trusted Access (STA), We are pleased to inform you that SafeNet Agent for Microsoft Outlook Web Application (OWA) 2.1.0 is now available. Do my users need to access many password-protected applications? Any act or omission by a reader of this site is at the sole risk of the reader, and SafeNet, Inc. assumes no liability for any such acts or omissions. Learn more to determine which one is the best fit for you. Have I or do I want to implement a secure physical access solution? last reply by More and more cloud-based services are becoming an integral part of the enterprise, as they lower costs and management overhead while increasing flexibility. Siva Peruman in Troubleshooting Donny Van Acker Sentinel LDK 8.0 Sentinel EMS Web Services Guide007-011157-001 T 26 May 2020 Copyright 2020 Thales Group.

Do my users need to connect from remote locations? Learn How Our Solutions Secure Cloud Access. New threats, risks, and vulnerabilities as well as evolving business requirements underscore to the need for a strong authentication approach based on simple service delivery, choice, and future-forward scalability.  • 

 •  Ashish You can rely on Thales to help protect and secure access to your most sensitive data and software wherever it is created, shared or stored. Parth 8 months ago, reported by Paul11111425481878

The input/output XML comply with a common XSD schema. Scalable cloud-based data protection solutions for increasing ARPU and reducing operational costs, all while simplifying operations and maintaining compliance. Vasile Mihalache

Risk Management Strategies for Digital Processes with HSMs, Top 10 Predictions for Digital Business Models and Monetization, Best Practices for Secure Cloud Migration, Protect Your Organization from Data Breach Notification Requirements, Solutions to Secure Your Digital Transformation, Implementing Strong Authentication for Office 365, Data Security Challenges: Taking Complexity Out of the Data Security Equation. last reply by SafeNet Trusted Access is a cloud-based access management service that combines the convenience of cloud and web single sign-on (SSO) with granular access security.  •   •  last reply by last reply by Identity and Access Management solutions provide a framework for granting and requesting access to applications, enforcing access controls and ensuring visibility into access events.  •  The SafeNet Authentication Service Agent for Windows Logon is designed to help Microsoft enterprise customers ensure that valuable resources are accessible only by authorized users. By validating identities, enforcing access policies and applying smart single sign-on, organizations can ensure secure, convenient access to numerous cloud and web-based applications from one easy-to-navigate console. Thales offers the most comprehensive identity access and management systems to administer, monitor, and manage strong authentication deployments across the organization. BillC Whether it's securing the cloud, meeting compliance mandates or protecting software for the Internet of Things, organizations around the world rely on Thales to accelerate their digital transformation.
 •  in Troubleshooting If so, consider two-factor authentication (2FA) solutions that enable flexible and comprehensive secure network access, both in the office and remotely if needed.  •  Learn more about Healthcare Data Security. With the release of this feature, users can leverage Google Authenticator or other apps compatible with the Google Authenticator format to log into resources protected by SAS and STA. Gemalto: Security to be free. 6 months ago, started by Offering the broadest range of methods and form factors, Thales allows customers to address numerous use cases, assurance levels, and threat vectors with unified, centrally managed policies—managed from one authentication back end delivered in the cloud or on premise. Hybrid Tokens: Authenticators that combine one-time password, encrypted flash memory or certificate-based technology on the same strong authentication device. Cornholio Cloud-based authentication services, especially when part of a broader access management service, are no exception, and can help organizations achieve significant savings through automation.

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