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Belfoure is extremely knowledgeable. I don’t like that at all.”, The issue of author photos has come up three times during our conversation, and I point out that if Belfoure continues to publish novels, the pressure to make media appearances will only become more intense. Living publicly gets under Belfoure’s skin after he’s immersed himself in New York society in the 1880s, when people were offended by ill-timed pop-in visits and public drunkenness. The introduction is informative and does give us a few insights into why the author wrote the book. SADYE: Based on your writing journey, what advice would you give a potential writer? Cross’s gambit to save his son is risky, of course, but it also presents him with a unique opportunity to escape the restrictions of his decidedly upper-crust existence. The book. Parts of this site are only available to paying PW subscribers. ABOUT THE PARIS ARCHITECT. Belfoure shrugs and laughs again, apparently resigned to the idea that if he’s going to write novels—he’s drafting his third now—he’s going to have to continue promoting them. CHARLES: The first chapter you submit to a publisher or agent must be very compelling. © 2020 The Fussy Librarian. Stephen King, Alexander McCall Smith and more…, WRITING JOURNALS, NOTEPADS, PENS AND DESK ACCESSORIES. And it’d take the attention off of me, because people would focus on the dog.”, Belfoure laughs at this, and I ask if he’s pitched this idea to his publisher. The change wasn’t a huge stretch for Belfoure, who’d already published several architectural histories and freelance newspaper articles, and it was a smart one. His debut, The Paris Architect, was published in 2013 (also by Sourcebooks), when Belfoure was 59. Summary: A theater balcony collapses, killing multiple people, and the theater architect is held responsible. Cross is a society gentleman who falls into his double life as a high-stakes burglar through circumstance and coercion. John Grisham inspired architect Charles Belfoure to pick up another creative craft — fiction writing — but not quite for the reasons one would think. Cross can either collude with Kent on a series of burglaries or stand by as the latter murders George for his inability to settle up. Learn more about Charles Belfoure on his website, where his books can also be purchased; like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. By Charles Belfoure (Sourcebooks Landmark, 364 pp.) Average cost per click in Fussy's free newsletter: October 1-15, 2020, The different types of love to explore in your novel, Cry for help results in a record weekend for the Strand bookstore. CHARLES: Fiction because it’s more fun to make up stuff from your imagination. Nate Brown is the managing editor of American Short Fiction. Here’s what Belfoure had to say about his journey, including how Grisham inspired his novel-writing. It was really hard for me to go up and film that CBS segment, and I know that this issue of doing publicity is going to be an ongoing struggle for me.”. Belfoure's first novel, The Paris Architect, wowed critics and readers alike; his second one, House of Thieves, landed a TV deal; and his third one is underway now. “Going into this, I had no real writing background and certainly no creative writing background,” Belfoure says. Belfoure doesn’t even like having his photo taken, which is difficult for anyone writing novels in the 21st century. Next, people will know what size underwear one wears! An architect by profession, Charles Belfoure has published several architectural histories, one of which won a Graham Foundation Grant for architectural research. “The only way I recently felt better about that was when I found out that one of England’s greatest writers, Thomas Hardy, had been a full-time architect.”. Charles Belfoure is an award-winning architect specializing in historical preservation. In tone and manner, he’s at the exact middle point between professorial and avuncular, and it’s interesting to hear him talk about this preservation project and the others he’s working on this summer—four as the lead architect and another 10 as a consultant. Isn’t that proof enough that he’s no square peg? CHARLES: I saw that guys like John Grisham who had no creative writing training tried their hands at storytelling, basing it on their profession like law or medicine. All Rights Reserved. Posted on 09/13/2017 at 12:00 AM by He graduated from the Pratt Institute and Columbia University, and he taught at Pratt as well as at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland. Everything rides on the first and second sample chapters. Call: 1-800-278-2991 (US) or 1-818-487-2069 (Outside US/Canada) 5 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mon-Fri (Pacific). As Belfoure puts it: “From the outside, Cross’s involvement with the gang was about saving his son, but I wanted John Cross to be forced to step out of his high society world and to do something criminal, something forbidden, and I wanted to see what would happen when he did. “The Cross family leads a privileged and comfortable life,” Belfoure says, “but it’s a fragile privilege—one that’s dependent upon reputation, behavior, and adherence to the rules. A graduate of the Pratt Institute and Columbia University, he is a former instructor at Goucher College and a freelance writer for the Baltimore Sun and the New York Times. CHARLES: I hate having my picture taken, so I haven’t come to terms with it. John Grisham inspired architect Charles Belfoure to pick up another creative craft — fiction writing — but not quite for the reasons one would think. “I wanted to show you these buildings,” the author and architect says, “but my contractor’s not here yet.” He describes the work he’s overseeing on this row of 19th-century structures, pointing out the newly completed work on the oldest building and describing the process of stripping the interior down to the beams and brick. Malcolm Gladwell told the Guardian that The Paris Architect was the best book he’d read that year, noting that he happened upon the novel in an airport.

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