how to demonstrate commercial awareness on cv

• Their projects and services. One of the best ways to grab the attention of the employer is to ensure your CV oozes commercial awareness. Free Word CV templates, résumé templates, careers guides and resources. They are often used as benchmarks to rate and evaluate candidates during the recruitment process, especially when reviewing application forms and at interview. Although “commercial awareness” brings to mind the private sector, you can apply the above to the public and "third" sectors too. So from your first point of contact, you need to show an employer that you’re genuinely interested in their work, and have given some thought as to how your skills and experience would be useful and relevant. To improve your commercial awareness, keep abreast of the latest industry news and fully research your chosen company and its competitors. What kinds of projects have they previously worked on? This will give them a good indication of how you work under stress, how you resolve issues and your work ethic in general. Give practical examples to demonstrate times you’ve actually shown your commercial awareness off. Job interview coming up? These 15-minute sessions can be booked via MyFuture. Read this great blog from one of our careers advisors about what commercial awareness means. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Ensuring the front desk area is kept clean and tidy. Responding to telephone, e-mail, and in-person inquiries from clients, business partners, and other parties. Did you ponder the size of your room and the quality of the accommodation against the rent? Counting and verifying cash, keys, gift certificates and wireless internet cards with departing shift. • Their values. Refer all inquiries to the appropriate individuals, divisions, or departments across the organization. Being aware of current affairs – both in your area of interest, and in terms of wider political, economic, social and technological trends – will of course be vitally important. Did you persuade a customer to buy champagne rather than sparkling wine, knowing tha… How to prepare for the 6 different types of job interview, Security guard CV template (with example information), Recruitment consultant CV example: ATS-friendly template. How about the supermarket or bar job? Commercial awareness is one of the key attributes cited by many employers as being essential to employability, but unfortunately one that many people seem unable to demonstrate. You get real questions, winning answers and expert advice – all for just £59.95. Being able to work well in a team shows that you value others, can show empathy and have the maturity to realise that no work is standalone. Book an Applications Advice session if you want to get your CV, cover letter, personal statement or application form checked by an Applications Adviser. How is that organisation / sector having to adapt to current political, economic, social and technological trends? Employers and graduate recruiters know that. Our one-page hotel worker CV template is a great starting point for those looking for a job in the hospitality industry. Leadership will involve skills like delegating and setting deadlines, but it is also about your leadership style. How are you going to stand out? Click here to get instant access to InterviewGold, the easy online training system for competency interviews. You get real questions, winning answers and expert advice – all for just £59.95. Address: 78 Homefield Avenue, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 8GA, United Kingdom. This includes: • Their customer base. They will also be able to build real relationships with customers, who will trust that they have their best interests at heart. An employer wants to know that you understand how their business works. Excellent communication skills are essential in any role. Demonstrate this competency by thinking of real-life examples of when you stuck to a task despite overcoming problems, met a deadline or managed budgets. Are you applying to roles where the employer is expecting you to demonstrate “commercial awareness”? Posted in: Advice, Applications, Tips & Hints. blog on how to get the most out of Professional Bodies, My work experience was cancelled and now I've got nothing to put in my CV. In any business, being organised is highly prized. If you’re not living in university accommodation, you’re likely to have put some commercial thinking into your choice of where to live. Ideally, you should dig a little deeper to get a wider understanding of that organisation and area of work. What might they do next? Download one of our 228 FREE Word CV templates - no registration required! If a person is results-oriented they are focused on their goals and understand the steps needed to achieve them. Providing information to staff and/or clients about special activities and events. If you can, get industry-based work experience to acquire practical experience of commercial awareness on a daily basis. Commercial awareness is more How do they stand out from their competitors, in terms of clients, services or products offered, their people, or their structure? It’s important to demonstrate that, when a problem arises, you are able to stay calm under pressure, research possible causes, identify trends and choose the most relevant solution. Observing and reporting any security issues to the Manager. Sometimes they will scrutinise your presentation and listening skills too. This includes marketing trends, customer demographics, technical advances, and the successes and failures of competitors. What kinds of customers or clients does that organisation serve? Competency interview coming up? See this page for more hints and tips on how to research employers, including online employer profiles, databases and other sources of information. What employers really want to know is that you can convey information in a way that is confident, professional and easy for others to understand, whatever their level. The more senior you are, the more problems you will likely have to resolve. Failing to demonstrate commercial awareness. Tel: +441159 529809. Part time work: are you being treated less favourably? All rights reserved.

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