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When my doctor got the results, he was initially concerned with my B12 and D3 levels and recommended supplementing for those. Also called out some markers of concern - which got me to investigate some areas I wouldn’t have without this test. The reminder to take supplements is so helpful for me. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. What are the opening times for InsideTracker? Everything else he was fine with. When I decided to get blood work done last month, I went to the Inside Tracker site to get a list of tests I should consider taking. They also rank things with red (at risk), yellow (needs work), and green (optimized) to help you focus on those areas that are hindering your health/performance the most. The genetics test was easy to do and mailing off was easy. Once you click on the little question mark in the top right of each box though, it gives you a more complete explanation of the recommendation. Inside Tracker has an awesome Food Basket tool that you can use when thinking of what to buy each week. Optimal levels of these 3 are important for normal hormone function. Inside Tracker also offered a discount code for you to use when purchasing your first test! Inside Tracker offers you nutrition recommendations that are specifically targeted towards improving each group of biomarkers. Daily Actions are a few things you can check in on each day to make sure you are on track and complying with important things that will help your biomarkers. Check the reviews for one of our staff pick businesses. If you’re unfamiliar, Creatine Kinase is a signal for muscle or heart damage (hence why it would be higher after a hard workout = muscle damage), but continuously high levels or high levels when you aren’t in training could signal over training among other things. That’s why it’s important to look at the Red and Yellow groups and focus on the red and yellow biomarkers and the specific recommendations. You can see the hormonal recommendation that showed up on each individual biomarker in my Testosterone group is rated 4 stars so I would take that recommendation for my levels seriously. I had two red groups- Testosterone and B12. How quickly does InsideTracker respond to customer queries? This is my Testosterone reading. Inside tracker gave me to opportunity to try to take some control over my. You can click the main things you want to focus on fixing. Inside Tracker Review. We were working together prior to my Inside Tracker results and she helped me figure out how to get more protein in my diet (which I was not getting enough of at all). Items are grouped together - for example, there is the Liver Enzyme Group made up of Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT), Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST), and Albumin. I took birth control for 12 years and only got off of it 1.5 years ago. Everything You Need To Know About Macro Tracking, Body Image Struggles During Quarantine: Three Reasons Why It’s Tough to Accept Your Body Right Now. Been a customer for 3 years now. It also gives you a recipe you can click on that includes this ingredient. This company is legit and takes on a new comprehensive approach to nutrition and health! Inside Tracker also offers great blog posts, research articles, and daily recipes for you to further your knowledge about how food affects our body and how to optimize our bodies for our goals. I have always been impressed with the dashboard experience, the data provided back after a blood draw, and ways to improve my health. Learn more about my story with food and what Street Smart Nutrition is all about. High SHBG can negatively affect your sex drive, memory, and overall energy level. video, sub-3, marathon, training, Vlogging, CIM, sub-3, video, Vlogging, marathon, CIM, training. The food recommendations can seem a bit overwhelming at first. As a non-diet dietitian, I’m passionate about helping people rediscover joy in eating deeply nourishing meals without restriction or fear.

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