jim webb on the issues

(May 2006), Voted YES on $23B instead of $4.9B for waterway infrastructure. (Jul 2015), Rebuild our public educational system. (Dec 2007), Voted NO on designating Iran's Revolutionary Guards as terrorists. [North Korean President] Kim Jong Il is crazy . (Oct 2006), Tamper-proof ID card; stricter enforcement against employers.

And the way that these issues are going to be resolved in the next couple of years will affect us for a very long time. (Oct 2008), Allow travel between the United States and Cuba. In the Senate, Mr. Webb supported raising capital gains taxes and taxing bonuses paid to Wall Street executives whose banks or financial services firms had received government bailout money.

(Mar 2007), Voted YES on instituting National Service as a new social invention. He quit a year later in opposition to Navy budget cuts. (Jun 2014), No draft; 5% tax break to recruit soldiers.

And he said Mr. Obama made “the right decision” in recently moving to normalize relations with Cuba. (Nov 2007), Voted YES on requiring negotiated Rx prices for Medicare part D. (Apr 2007), Establish a national childhood cancer database. It became law on August 2, 2011, and ended the debt ceiling crisis.

And George Allen is in the middle of this. (Apr 2006), Secretary of the Navy, published author; decorated veteran. (Mar 2007), Dangerousness, not mental incompetence, limits gun rights. (Jun 2011), Ban gun registration & trigger lock law in Washington DC. within a stones throw of 37,000 American troops who are in fixed defensive positions.

Never send them into Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. (May 2007), I will lead the ANTI out-sourcing of American jobs. (Oct 2015), I've always been willing to take on unpopular complex issues. (Mar 2008), Voted NO on prohibiting minors crossing state lines for abortion. (Jan 2007), US has patiently endured a mismanaged war for 4 years. I made this decision after reflecting on numerous political commentaries and listening to many knowledgeable people. (Mar 2009). (Jun 2006), Quit Reagan administration protesting cuts to Navy budget. "Sen. Jim Webb On Health Care Reform," November 12, 2009. (Apr 2009), Voted YES on tax incentives for energy production and conservation. (Sep 2015), Opposes using Social Security taxes for private accounts. (Sep 2011), Recommend drug policy to deal with growth of incarceration. . It is your right and your responsibility. Saddam Hussein is shrewd.

Lawmakers, he said, need to be exploring “not simply things like putting up a fence, but really what should our policies be,” including foreign policy measures aimed at addressing the factors motivating immigrants to leave their homelands.

(Mar 2008), Voted NO on allowing AMT reduction without budget offset. (Oct 2015), Energy expansion: Keystone XL and off-coast drilling. ©2020 Verizon Media. And we should be very careful about bringing a large number of refugees here.”, At a campaign event in Hawaii on September 13, 2015, Webb described himself as an early opponent of Chinese growth. (Oct 2015) I've always been willing to take on unpopular complex issues.

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