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30th January, Royal Theatre, Castlemaine, The tour began on Wednesday, 1st May with a concert at the Convention Centre, Brisbane, followed by dates in Canberra, Sydney and Newcastle. Then... 2004 - TV and Film - Kathy - Singles: EU He went on to achieve even greater "behind the scenes" success in the 1970s as the musical mentor and manager of the New Seekers, a group he put together in 1969 to continue where the Seekers had left off.

Keith Potger remained in the UK, joining Frank Ifield for three more of their When Aussies Ruled Britannia shows. Keith is 79 years old as of 21 March 2020. Discography

A self taught musician, playing the banjo, recorder and 12 string guitar, Keith Potger started out in the music business as a radio producer, then performed with the Trinamics and the Escorts.

Then... 1976 Keith’s solo performances appeal to audiences for whom his music is a breath of fresh air: those who appreciate this wandering minstrel and his guitars (including that trusty 12 string) plus the ukulele that has added another colour to his musical palette. The Seekers had originally intended to return to Australia on 30th July but their appearance at the Blackpool Opera House brought them to the attention of the UK media. Site Guide By the end of that week The Seekers had also been asked to fill a gap on the bill for a Sunday night charity show at the Blackpool Opera House starring Dusty Springfield. single W&G also released a single, Waltzing Matilda, which was not included on the album and which was billed as The Seekers featuring Judy Durham.

On 16th November 2012, to mark the 50th anniversary of Judith Durham, Athol Guy, Keith Potger and Bruce Woodley first singing together as The Seekers, EMI released The Seekers: The Golden Jubilee Album. The New Seekers The original idea of putting down thirteen songs was expanded to nineteen and I felt like I was singing better than ever." At the height of The Seekers' popularity Keith Potger married the British swimmer Pamela Powley. New Seekers' (Quoted from the Judith Durham website). Keith Potger Career. Potger was made an Officer of the Order of Australia in September 2014. The Seekers set sail for the UK on 28th March 1964, arriving in Southampton aboard the SS Fairsky on 21st May. 23rd November, Horncastle Arena, Christchurch, Keith Potger a Burgher born in Australia as Keith Leon Potger AO is a Singer, songwriter, and co-founder of the Seekers, an Australian pop-folk group. The tour started on 18th February and took the group across New Zealand and Australia and then on to the UK in May for concerts in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, London, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Birmingham and Manchester. Then... 1974 The following year the Silver Jubilee Album was repackaged for the UK market and released as A Carnival Of Hits. - News Throughout Australia and the UK, Potger has performed solo concerts. Then... 2001 - Nicola 29th-30th May, Bridgewater Hall, Manchester,

featuring Ken Ray - Rarities

album cover After the opening night on 22nd December, a review on the Noise11 website heralded it as "a story every Australian needs to hear". Index - Songs In 2014 Keith Potger teamed up with Frank Ifield for a short tour of New South Wales and Victoria. 25th November, Princess Theatre, Launceston Diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage, Judith spent three months in rehabilitation at Melbourne's Epworth Hospital.

Then... 1978 Judith Durham returned to Australia, arriving home on 8th June to the news that The Seekers had each been named as recipients of the Officer Of The Order Of Australia (AO) - Albums

In 1963 The Seekers were offered a contract by W&G Records to record their first album (Judith Durham was also offered a separate contract to record an EP). Georgy Girl ended its 14-week run in Melbourne on 20th March, before transferring to the State Theatre, Sydney, where it opened for a 9-week season on 2nd April. pictured (front centre) For more information, contact Elizabeth Hawkes at CIRCLE MUSIC PUBLISHING & PRODUCTION Your email address will not be published.

on the cover of the In Print - 2010s He previously married Nicki Paull, Pamela Potger, and Pamela Powley. 28th November, Claudelands Arena, Hamilton,

- Singles Keith Potger richtte na het uiteenvallen van The Seekers de groep The New Seekers op. (Netherlands The trip had originally been intended as something of a holiday but The Seekers very quickly found themselves in demand. Keith Potger & the New Seekers on the cover of the

But gradually, with Keith's patience, we began to get used to it and the new routines were learned quickly ..." Saturday, 10th February - Red Lion Folk Club, Birmingham When There's These included two number 1s - I'll Never Find Another You, which topped the charts on 25th February 1965 and The Carnival Is Over, which knocked the Rolling Stones off the number 1 spot in November the same year. 1st February (2 Shows), Drama Theatre, Geelong. It's A Beautiful Day On 4th November The Seekers went into EMI's Abbey Road Studios with Springfield to record a song he'd written specially for them, I'll Never Find Another You. Meanwhile Judith Durham was also making a name for herself as a jazz vocalist.

Index - Shows +61 455 832 979 Then... 1980

Then... 2013 The album included two traditional songs from The Seekers' repertoire, Cottonfields and Gypsy Rover, as well as You'll Always Be On My Mind, a song co-written by Keith with John Pantry, which was chosen as the group's début single.

Under his touring schedule, Potger regularly performs at charity concerts. In November The Seekers brought their 50th Anniversary ‘Golden Jubilee Tour’ to a conclusion in New Zealand. All Right My Love Then... 1999 I guess there must have been some extra inspiration in that studio because before I knew it the rough tracks had become polished tracks. They recruited Julie Anthony and then Karen Knowles as their lead vocalist.

2nd-3rd June, Royal Albert Hall, London.

Potger had used the name John Martin so that the other members of the group didn't feel obliged to record the song.

In 1993 Judith Durham returned to the group for a sell-out 25th anniversary tour of Australia and New Zealand.

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(album cover), The Seekers Keith Potger). The night after their arrival they appeared on the BBC television programme The Tonight Show. The Escorts was a four-piece group (Keith Potger, Athol Guy, Ken Ray and Bob Turnbull). Then... 1983 on the cover of the Meet My Lord / Zarzis The record spent only one week on the chart and peaked at number 50. New Seekers: Keith Potger : Born in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 21st March 1941, Keith Potger was famous in the 1960s as one of the Seekers.

Then... 2011 Then... 1969 Then... 2008 Less than a fortnight later they were supporting Freddie and the Dreamers for six nights at the Queen's Theatre, Blackpool. in the Queen's Birthday Honours. No Love Left. Following the success of these shows, both of which sold out within hours, The Seekers returned to the UK for a short concert tour in March 1995. on the cover of the

He’s a self-taught guitarist, playing the banjo, guitars, and keyboards with 6 and 12 strings.

It entered the UK singles chart on 7th January 1965 and the rest, as they say, is history. With glowing press reviews and regular club bookings coming in they opted to stay on in England.

11-12th November, AEC Theatre, Adelaide

The trio (Donna Jones, Mick Flinn and Ray Martin) released a second album in 1973 which included a cover version of Silver Threads And Golden Needles, a US hit for the Springfields in 1962. Index - T-Z Having performed shows in South Africa and Rhodesia, The Seekers arrived in Nairobi to find that their work permits had been rescinded by the Kenyan government and their shows cancelled.

Then... 1991 7th May, Brighton Centre, Then... 2015 Then... 1985 The carnival was finally over - or so it seemed. of The New Seekers' - Song By Song

(US album cover), The Seekers The Seekers Then... 1964 In the evenings they performed at venues in Melbourne such as the Treble Clef and Rob's Carousel Restaurant.

The latter was also released as a single. Their wedding, which was attended by the other Seekers, was held at St. Michael's of All Angels Church in Sopley on 22nd January 1966.

Although The Seekers had a wholesome image, the group ran into trouble in October 1966. The Best of The Seekers A World Of Our Own - Marty (album cover), The Seekers He was joined by Buddy England, Peter Robinson and Cheryl Webb. - Chris Keith produced the New Seekers' first album and co-wrote three songs for two of their subsequent albums - All Right My Love and Evenings Make Me Blue (both of which appeared on their second album Keith Potger & the New Seekers) and Sing Hallelujah (which appeared on the New Seekers' Farewell Album and was also released as their last single for Polydor in 1974). pictured (third from left) 19th November, Entertainment Centre, Wollongong

Keith Potger

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