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One term of jargon unique to the program was "ORACO" ("Orders Received And Carried Out"), used when orders were acknowledged by academy personnel. A pair of comets code-named Janus are on a collision course for the Academy, but when the Blue Team investigates, they discover that the closest comet is actually a sentient being named Irgo.

Special thanks to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Funded by a Ready To Learn grant (PR/AWARD NUMBER U295A150003, CFDA No. Local & National Kid Shows : Local Children's Programs. He also has a brown vest on, which appears to have a silver patch on the right side, and be duct-taped on the left, giving it a rather makeshift appearance. The discs are encoded in the PAL video format, which is the same format as the currently-existing masters, so there is a small amount of additional picture area not present on the NTSC conversions released by BCI Eclipse. BCI Eclipse LLC (under its Ink & Paint classic animation entertainment brand) (under license from Entertainment Rights), released Space Academy: The Complete Series as a 4-disc Region 1 DVD box set on January 16, 2007.

When his helmet is on, it causes vocal distortion, but when it is off his voice seems to be less shrill. At the looks of ridicule he receives, he simply laughs and says, "fair enough." Also available for the figures were special "adventure outfits", sold separately. He is later revealed to be the great-grandson of the actual Neil Armstrong and the great grand nephew of Armstrong's Apollo 11 colleague, Buzz Aldrin.

Can the Blue Team revive Irgo and defeat Targ?

Camp Camp Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community.

Chris must use his mind-link with his sister to try to rescue them. Space Kid has removed his helmet 3 times in the series. Space Kid is very upbeat and optimistic, managing to maintain a positive attitude even in the oddest of times. When a missile is used to destroy an asteroid that threatens the academy, members of the Blue Team begin to disappear. The program starred veteran actor Jonathan Harris, best known as Dr. Zachary Smith of Lost in Space; co-starring were Pamelyn Ferdin, Ric Carrott, Maggie Cooper, Brian Tochi, Ty Henderson, and Eric Greene.

The dolls in this set included Issac [sic] Gampu (described as "Instructor in 'Space Academy'"), Tee Gar Soom ("Almost Super Human Strength"), Chris Gentry ("Member of Space Academy") and Loki ("Everybody's Mascot"). Tee Gar invents a new device known as the "cryotron", which can instantly freeze things.

when asked about his race. Later on in "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL", he simply replies "fair enough" when Max opts to abandon him for being very expendable, showing that Space Kid has seemingly accepted his very low place in the camp's social hierarchy.

Home | Games | Videos | Activities | Corporate Sponsorship. Savor Ediciones, S.A. released Space Academy: La Serie Completa as a 3-disc Region 2 DVD box set on October 28, 2009.

That's the longest spaceflight in history by a woman. Skip and Woofer LA Local 72-75. Initially a serialized segment of Tarzan and the Super 7, it starred Craig Littler and James Doohan, with Sid Haig as the villain.

Proteus IX-B, an asteroid that once housed a small mining colony, is about to be demolished. PBS KIDS Privacy Policy, Home | Games | Videos | Activities | Corporate Sponsorship. Chris, Loki and Jake go to the rescue, but are soon in a hot predicament themselves. This is alongside Gaylord Nurfington (, Space Kid knows morse code as seen in the same episode as he tells Neil "S.O.S".

Being a Region 2 release for Spain, the soundtrack is the dubbed Spanish version. A Conversation with Chuck McCann. A Kids Place is Exploring Space! Woolworth distributed a set of four eight-and-a-half inch action figures based on Space Academy characters.

A total of 15 half-hour episodes were made.

Paul and Chris are trapped in the Alderan Triangle, then pushed back out into normal space by an entity that warns them away. Space Kid's real name was revealed to be in Neil Armstrong Jr. in the episode ", He is among few characters in the show to have their last names revealed. Space Kid is a relatively short boy.

He was number four in the Blue Team's chain of command (although Paul is introduced as an established academy member in the first episode, he is reintroduced in the second episode as if he were a new character; conversely Loki, introduced in the first episode as a new admission, is reintroduced in the second episode as a long-established member.

He wears a yellow cape, which is tied around his neck.

Paul's life is endangered and Peepo shuts down when Gampu makes an error in a Zolium-extraction mission. After having it turned off, and then falling from it, he yells, "I will achieve space flight!" Loki skips class, but his body is taken over by two alien children who are balls of energy. Despite his obliviousness and optimism, even he seems disturbed by Quartermaster and Quartersister's PDA, evidenced by both his facial expressions and actions when they announce that they're going to get married. Neil Armstrong Jr., or most commonly known as "Space Kid", is a Space Camp camper at Camp Campbell and is often seen obsessing over space and being able to go to space at one point.

He oversaw the activities of three student exploratory teams, the Red, Blue and Gold Teams (although the main characters were all members of the Blue Team).

Then, a Vegan warrior awakens from his cryogenic suspension and is determined to fight the human enemy to the death.

The first time Space Kid was shown swearing was in the episode, "Foreign Exchange Campers". These were locally produced commercial television programming intended for the child audience with unique hosts and themes.

He signed up for Space Camp at Camp Campbell, and is, obviously, shown to have a deep fascination with space. But the appearance of a phantom planet around it leads Blue Team to perform a seance, in which Chris and Laura communicate with a ghostly member of a long-dead civilization, and learn they have to perform a dangerous rescue. He is also incredibly oblivious.

Adrian has been training a chimpanzee named Jake to communicate.

In 1977, Aviva Toy Company manufactured and F.W.

But the Academy receives a Galactic Distress Beacon from the Sunbeam, a trading ship run by Marcia Giddings, the past love of Gampu's life. ... Do Do, The Kid From Outer Space Cartoon segment for 70's local outlets. The hallucinations and bizarre behavior the food causes results in a deadly situation for Sunseed, unless he can work with Peepo, a being he truly despises.

"Quartermaster Appreciation Day," he appears to be unfazed after opening a demonic box. Gampu and Laura are on a mission in a Seeker, when they are pulled into a black hole.

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