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They're going to receive less profit anyways, because no one's going to buy the game lol. By shipping games on a smaller, cheaper cartridges, the publisher can save money. @AngelicToucH "There are games like zelda and mario odyssey where you can roam like a crazy mf and they have like what? i am feeling sorry for every switchee who will buy this thinking they will get rockstar quality :( piece of advice from someone who played this 10 years ago: make sure you will be able to return the game after a day. - Wii U all over again, Nintendo drops the Switch early due to low profits. 128gb can be had for like $40. When disconnected the handheld would effectively not be able to use that content. "If using the physical cartridge version of LA Noire, the game will require a 14GB digital download containing required gameplay data as well as general bug fixes and improvements," Rockstar stated. They didnt have to at all really.. The Switch comes with a base 32GB of onboard storage, but Nintendo states that you need approximately 6.2GB reserved for use by the system itself. For more information, go here. It never sold well in the first place, so they are reselling in and skimping out. Consumers foot the bill in this case... Rockstar has two other systems to fall back on, plus PC, so they didn't need to do anything extra to appeal to Switch gamers. I'm probably also going to end up getting an external for my PS4 once I pick one up, since everything installs to it these days. Way to go Rockstar. Of an old game. @zivtheawesome Not talking about the cards themselves but rather the price of flash memory in general, because that is probably cheaper than the tech behind Nintendo cards (proprietary variation of ROM). You ever heard of just including a HDD port on the system and allowing us to buy an HDD ourselves and install it, while not driving the price up so much to the point it causes consumers to pass on buying the system? They are just trying to make money off of the Switch player, they didn't have to do it by any means. You can call it shitty on Nintendo's part all you like, but they'd be failing right now if the Switch had a higher price tag. Flash storage is expensive and unfortunately there's not too many alternatives for a portable device. They knew what the system was and why it uses Carts. Its not gonna add a whole much. He writes lots of news, some of the puns and all the stealth Destiny articles. Even more so if you have a job. They don't get a free pass because it's hard for them when their competition isn't having the same issues. It's called options. They'd only look at the price tag, the number of games that can only be played when on the dock, and the lack of multimedia content day 1, and decide that no, that's not a price the system should be going for. If Nintendo was taking a loss on the switch already I doubt it's a huge one so yes including a much bigger hard drive for the internal storage should have been a cost that Nintendo themselves should have took At the end of the day, if cost is gonna get passed on id rather on a system level. - Price of the system increases due to that, and possibly more issues acquiring the parts to put out more systems in a timely fashion. "it seems more like Rockstar just found a way to pinch pennies to make more profit as opposed to passing any savings onto the customer" Why should Rockstar eat the costs if Nintendo was to cheap to include more internal storage? - People examine Sega's past and realize Nintendo's pulling the same thing with their consoles that Sega did when they dropped out after the Dreamcast. LA Noire has a lot less going on. If we're stuck waiting for 64gb carts it may be the end of the generation before they really become useful. But that's not our problem. A small number of people are still whining about the price tag despite being affordable, and plenty of people were complaining about the availability for quite a bit until just recently, when Nintendo announced they were ramping up production. Almost every PS4 and xbox game require a large install and download. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Rockstar didn't want to pay the extra 2 or 3 bucks for a larger cartridge, and Nintendo didn't want to spend the extra $5 for 64GB of internal storage on the switch.

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