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Vaginal Lactobacillus bacterial strains largely perform better than strains currently used in probiotics for vaginal health, according to a new study. Moreover, whole-genome sequencing of the five best-performing vaginal strains revealed that they would likely be safe and not pose a risk of antimicrobial resistance. "Few probiotics aimed at promoting vaginal health contain Lactobacillus spp. Probiotics are good bacteria that are either the same as or very similar to the bacteria that are already in your body. The Chr. Lactobacillus is called a probiotic when you take it in adequate amounts to help with health. They analyzed their growth at varying pH values, ability to lower pH and produce antimicrobial products, pathogen inhibition, and susceptibility to antibiotics. © Wren Laboratories 2020. Acidophilus (Lactobacillus acidophilus), a bacterium found in the mouth, intestine and vagina, is used as a probiotic. Lactobacillus acidophilus side effects. Some rights reserved. It is run by an impartial team of registered nutritionists, nutritional therapists and microbiologists at Wren Laboratories Ltd., makers of OptiBac Probiotics, and includes news, research and lifestyle tips related to probiotics, without being limited to strains in the OptiBac range. We decided to try and raise awareness. Vaginal Lactobacillus bacterial strains largely perform better than strains currently used in probiotics for vaginal health, according to a study published June 4 in the open-access journal PLOS Pathogens by Jo-Ann Passmore of the University of Cape Town, and colleagues. It is understood that the Lactobacillus genus (healthcare professionals can read more on our Probiotics Database) is the predominant genus of bacteria found in a healthy vagina. Probiotics reduce the prevalence of oral candida in the elderly--a randomized controlled trial. 8. 12. This demonstrates that they are an integral part of the vaginal microbiota. Although not all side effects are known, lactobacillus acidophilus is … Bacterial vaginosis is associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes and a higher risk of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Learn more about what probiotics are and how they can benefit your health, See key tips on how to choose a high-quality probiotic product, Read more about some of the world’s most documented probiotic strains and their diverse, beneficial health effects, As the probiotic market grows, so too do the number of misconceptions, Bifidobacterium, BB-12® has been associated with benefits across various health areas, The BB-12® probiotic strain may improve constipation by increasing regularity, Traveler’s diarrhea may occur less frequently when specific probiotics are consumed, This website is intended for U.S. audiences only. Caries Res. Probiotics are becoming popular food supplements. The strain has been studied across various health areas, in newborns,2 preterm babies,3 children,4, 5, 6 pregnant women,7, 8 adults,9 and in the elderly,10 with no known adverse events. (PubMed) What to look for when choosing a probiotic. It seems that Fusobacterium nucleatum, a pathogen implicated in gum disease and dental plaque build-up, favours and promotes the growth of Gardnerella vaginalis, which is often found in the vagina of BV patients. Prenatal probiotic administration can influence Bifidobacterium microbiota development in infants at high risk of allergy. Accept essential and anonymous cookies only. 2009;123(2):499-501. 11. Maintaining an acidic pH in the vagina is very important to intimate health. The Probiotics Learning Lab is a non-commercial, open educational resource for members of the public to learn more about the potential of friendly bacteria and gut health. This makes it … . 1. "The discovery and use of novel vaginal probiotic strains in such women may improve the durability of bacterial vaginosis treatments and towards this end Happel et al.

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