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Thanksyou in advance. এমন মাথায় বেঁধে দেবো লাল গেন্দা ফুল, বড় লোকের বেটি লো লম্বা লম্বা চুল Nanad chutki leve, Butterfly…oh my butterfly just spread your magic wing and fly (2 times). (Soniyeeee) Mujhse chori chori baatein kare ang ang tera এমন মাথায় বেঁধে দেবো লাল গেন্দা ফুল Bits are awesome. Oh maari teetri Maari teetri, Masti mein mastaana mein tera hi deewana hun Sraboner Megh Gulo Lyrics Different Touch, Bhalobasa Hok Sobar Lyrics Hafiza | The Bong Studio. Butterfly…oh my butterfly just spread your magic wing and fly, Aa re tu maange ja re, rak du kadmo mein saare Pura ka pura li du re (Soniyeeee) I want to know who sang it. I am just in love with this song. Antra Singh Priyanka Ke Song Sasural genda phool, aj ral k lawan ayan ni bhena te bharjaya Hai mein bhool ho gaye bhool tu menu maaf karde Kaske keh du tu jo maange tujhko de du aapni saanse saas “gaari” deve. Dilbar pal pal jo gaye mein woh hi afsana hun Maari Teetri এমন মাথায় বেঁধে দেবো লাল গেন্দা ফুলl, Saanwla sa rang tera GR8 marwari folk beautifully tuned into a rock… As Usual fabulous work by A. R Rahman Saab…Rehmaan roks!! Genda Phool Song Lyrics by Badshah featuring Payal Dev & Jacqueline Fernandez drops today. Teri main har loonga koi bhi peeda (yeah), Paagal huaa tere peeche Great work rehman.. could somebody please try to translate the lyrics? Saansein jaaye atak atak Originaly Boro Loker Biti Lo Lomba Lomba Chul Lal Genda Phool Lyrics In Bengali Written by Ratan Kahar. বড় লোকের বেটি লো লম্বা লম্বা চুল এমন মাথায় বেঁধে দেবো লাল গেন্দা ফুল দেখে ছিলাম। Sasural genda phool, 91 wonderful marwari folk song turned into rock.. Gr8 muzk by Rehman saab.. AS usual Rehman Rocks!! Bushirt pahine, khayee ke bida paan, very nice song its very different kind of song, Its a superb song…am totally flat by the song, Actually it is chhattisgarhi song…very old one…… Chora babul ka angana, Par lelu teri wicket wicket, [Bengali Folk Vocals] Read the translation Bangla of Boro Loker Beti Lo Lyrics Bangla Folk Song Is Song by Swapna Chakraborty. Movie: Delhi-6 (2009) The song is composed and written by Badshah and Ratan Kahar. Chora babul ka angana, Hoye hoye hoye] – 3times. I did listen to the song some years ago and still love the music. Sasural genda phool, Genda Phool (Marigold flower) is a 2020 Hindi pop song rap by Badshah ft. Payal Dev.The music video for the song features Jacqueline Fernandez and Badshah while video is directed by Sneha Shetty Kohli.Original Lyrics From Bengali Folk mehndi ni mehndi…”, You can search for Musarat Nazeer’s songs here on inernet. Sasural genda phool…. Genda Phool Song Lyrics by Badshah featuring Payal Dev & Jacqueline Fernandez drops today. Oh maari teetri Tu kahe toh jaan mein tere kadmo mein bechi du re Laundo ke dil patak patak Chanda tak jane ke mein raste dunga banwa re they have turnd folk into sum kind of rock…a gud listen..!! Maari Teetri Lyrics of Genda Phool from movie Delhi-6-2009 Lyricals, Sung by Shraddha Pandit ,Hindi Lyrics,Indian Movie Lyrics, Hindi Song Lyrics Saas gaari deve, To understand its true meaning you have to Genda Phool song verses and music are given by Badshah. Sasural genda phool, Kuyn hai khafa tu jo mange mein lai du re The songsters from two different genres, Badshah, a Hindi-Punjabi rapper, and Payal Dev a vocalist-composer known for romantic tunes, come together with a new banger ‘Genda Phool.’ The particular song has its lyrics also scripted down by Badshah, while the Bengali vocals are from Payal Dev. Saiyaan ji ki shaan, Tu magar dil ka bada cool tu mene maaf karde Lag gaye meethi jaise shakkar shakkar Saiyaan hai vypaari, Watch below Susral Lal Genda Phool Full Song 2020. Saiyaan ched dewe, Genda Phool Lyrics by Badshah from Genda Phool. Maari teetri tan velvet gole sa gola tu re Saas gaari deve, Sasural genda phool, Song Title: Genda Phool, Saiyaan ched dewe, Tu jo karde zara ishara, tu jo jahan bhi mange saara বড় লোকের বেটি লো লম্বা লম্বা চুল Love tera baby mujhe take me to the sky, Promise water never coming down from your eye Khelta nahi cricket wricket Truly explores our “Delhi-wali” feeling. Saiyaan ched dewe, Nanad chutki leve, Sasural genda phool, Saas gaari deve, Dewar samjha leve, Sasural genda phool, Chora babul ka angana, Bhaave deraa piya ka ho, Saas gaari deve, Dewar samjha leve, Sasural genda phool, Saiyaan hai vypaari, Chale hain pardes, its music is also something that will attract you towards the song

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