landsat 8 revisit time

Cited at:, Applied GIS & Remote Sensing: Crops, Wildfire, Snow, & More. The Chao is a type of lava dome known as a coulée. 31), Figure 15: Landsat-8 OLI image (excerpt of Figure 16) of Garden and Hog Islands of Lake Michigan acquired on May 24, 2013 (image credit: USGS). The false-color image of Figure 14 shows heat from the flows in SWIR, and green light. The X-band stream is modulated, amplified and down-linked from the spacecraft antenna to the ground station antenna/receivers. - The solar diffuser based calibration requires a spacecraft maneuver to point the OLI solar calibration aperture towards the sun. 9 bands in VNIR/SWIR covering a spectral range from 443 nm to 2300 nm, - Four-mirror off-axis telescope design with a front aperture stop A side-slither maneuver, where the spacecraft is rotated 90º to align the detector rows with the velocity vector, is also planned. The new record of minus 93.2º C was set Aug. 10, 2010. The USGS then assumes ownership and operation of the Landsat satellites, in addition to managing ground-data reception, archiving, product generation and distribution. The Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team (KVERT) reported a thick plume of ash and steam streaming from the summit on October 11. The onboard blackbody will be a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certified reference source (Figure 42). For LDCM, an off nadir acquisition capability is included (up to 1 path off nadir) for imaging high priority targets (event monitoring capability). • In 2004, NASA was directed by the OSTP (Office of Science and Technology Policy) to fly a Landsat instrument on the new NPOESS satellite series of NOAA. The low BER requirement on the communication link provides the confidence that only one file over several days would require retransmission, well within the available contact time with the ground stations. Landsat 8 (L8) & Sentinel-2 (S2) Comparison, NEW: Sentinel-2 Live Fuel Moisture Index Downloads, GloVis Next (Viewer, Landsat; Sentinel-2A & more), The National Map (hi-res. The components, which have all completed testing, include detector witness samples, spectral filters prior to dicing into flight filter sticks, the focal plane assembly window witness samples and telescope mirror witness samples. While there are few clouds near the caldera, the bright land surface indicates the heat on the land near the volcano. - Slew time, 180º pitch: ≤ 14 minutes, inclusive settling Each module has its own butcher-block assembly spectral filter. Figure 40: Schematic view of the FPA (Focal Plane Assembly), image credit: NASA, Figure 41: Photos of the FPA (image credit: NASA). The SSR (Solid State Recorder) provides a storage capacity of 4 Tbit @ BOL and 3.1 Tbit @ EOL. OLI features about 6500 active detectors per multispectral band and 13000 detectors for the panchromatic band. of Englewood, CO, and b) DigitalGlobe Inc. of Longmont, CO. In 1992 the US Congress noted that Landsat commercialization had not worked and brought Landsat back into the government resulting in the launches of Landsat 6 (which failed on launch) and Landsat 7. The cities of Cheyenne, Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Boulder and Denver string out from north to south. The lamp signal goes through the full telescope system. 4-5, 13) “NASA selects contractor for Landsat Data Continuity Mission spacecraft,” April 22, 2008, URL:, 14) B. Berger, “Price the Deciding Factor in General Dynamics' LDCM Win,” Space News, May 5, 2008, p. 6, 15) Bill Anselm, “LDCM Spacecraft Status,” June 23, 2009, URL:, 16) Mike Wulder, Landsat Science Team, “Landsat Data Continuity Mission and Beyond,” 4th Global Vegetation Workshop, Missoula, MT, USA, June 16-19, 2009, 17) 57), The OLI calibration subsystem (Figures 32 and 33) consists of two solar diffusers (a working and a pristine), and a shutter. The two spectral bands are defined by bandpass filters mounted in close proximity to the detector surfaces. The commanding interface is connected to the uplink of each S-band transceiver, providing for cross-strapped redundancy to the C&DH. TCS (Thermal Control Subsystem): The TCS uses standard Kapton etched-foil strip heaters. In 1996 the archipelago was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The FPM level tests measure the spectral response of all the detectors by illuminating the full focal plane at approximately the correct cone angle. The MIL-STD-1553B data bus is used for onboard ADCS, C&DH functions and instrument communications. The pristine diffuser will be used on a less frequent basis, about every six months, as a check on the primary diffuser's degradation. 45), • March 21, 2013: Since launch, LDCM has been going through on-orbit testing. Background: In 2008 the TIRS (Thermal Infrared Sensor) instrument was still regarded an option to the LDCM mission. When positioned so that the sun enters the solar lightshade, the diffusers reflect light diffusely into the instruments aperture and provide a full system full aperture calibration. The FPM (Focal Plane Module) level tests, which are also complete, are specifically designed to characterize the spectral out-of-band response. Protection against on-orbit radiation induced errors is provided by a Reed-Solomon EDAC (Error Detection and Correction) algorithm. At the end of the commissioning period, LDCM is required to be phased about half a period ahead of Landsat 7. Onboard data transmission from an earth-coverage antenna: • Real-time data received from PIE (Payload Interface Electronics) equipment, • Play-back data from SSR (Solid State Recorder), • To three LGN (LDCM Ground Network) stations, - NOAA Interagency Agreement (IA) to use Gilmore Creek Station (GLC) near Fairbanks, AK, - Landsat Ground Station (LGS) at USGS/EROS near Sioux Falls, SD, - NASA contract with KSAT for Svalbard; options for operational use by USGS (provides ≥ 200 minutes of contact time).

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