legend of zelda walkthrough second quest

Take out the Zols--and the Gels they produce--while avoiding fire from the Stone Statues in order to obtain the Map.

With the Magical Shield and White Sword, you're in much better shape against these baddies than you were in Level 1, but beware the Stone Statues firing at you in here as well. the south-middle and southeast parts of the map to kill blue Tektites At the exact same place where you did so in the First Quest (i.e. Go into the cave and get the wooden sword. You can either win the game and press START after the credits roll to turn -Now that we have the Bombs, lets go explore a bit and find us some cool stuff. Blue Ring. Take them all out if you want 5 Rupees, then head down the underground passage. Continue northward to a room full of Stalfos. Defeat all the Goriyas to open the north door.

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Touch the rightmost statue to make it move,

A new feature of dungeons in the Second Quest is that there are some walls that are mere illusions--you can walk through them.

On the other side, you'll emerge in one of those two side rooms on the map I mentioned above.

Be careful because if you run out of Bombs, you'll have to leave this room to restock. You'll be set upon by three Red Darknuts as soon as you emerge, so be ready to fight or evade. Just as you did with Level 7 in the First Quest, play the Recorder to drain the spring and reveal the entrance.

Go into the cave and get the wooden sword.

Defeating Gleeok will yield Heart Container #9.

Second Quest Dungeon 3 ← Second Quest: Get More Heart Containers; Second Quest Dungeon 4 → Second Quest Dungeon 3. Go west again and continue north (you can stop by a shop along the way if you need Bombs) until you reach a dead end with Blue Leevers and Armos statues. If (or more like when) you do take a hit, you'll be forced to go up close and fight. Second Quest Dungeon 5 ← Second Quest Dungeon 4; Second Quest Dungeon 6 → Second Quest Dungeon 5. Be very careful of the Red Bubbles in here as you make your way to the east stairs. Bomb the east wall and claim Key #3 on the other side. You will need even more rupees soon,

Use a Candle in this room to see you'll have to deal with three Vires and two Bubbles on narrow walkways.

B7: Before heading to the first dungeon, time to do some more serious prepping because some enemies have changed properties. Level 7 (Second Quest) Just like in the First Quest, there is one last Heart Container waiting for us in the overworld, and it is reached via Stepladder.

- Head left tree times and up one and burn the top bush before the trees start to form a wall across the top of the screen for 30 more rupees. Home > Games > The Legend of Zelda The second quest begins H8: Enter the cave You get the Wooden Sword. Take them all out to earn 4 Bombs.
After getting the Raft, you should get a heart container, then go to Dungeon 5.

Hit its eye with the requisite three Arrows to defeat it and gain Key #1. Go inside and get the Explore this go east and kill some red Leevers for a chance to get blue rupees, You can bomb open the north wall (five spaces away from the gap leading north) … Starting the Second Quest ← Dungeon 9: Death Mountain; ... or you can create a new save slot with the name ZELDA to start the Second Quest right away.

If you don't yet have 90 Rupees, then go around defeating enemies or gambling until you have that much.

Burn another southwest tree, but this time you do want to go inside--there will be 10 Rupees waiting on you to collect. The room after is a bit of a breather, with a bunch of Zols that blend in with the black floor.

You are going to need 250 rupees. Remember the shop where you bought the Blue Ring in the First Quest?

There are a couple things we can do before heading straight to Level 2. From the room with the Map, go south a couple times. First off, we need to save up some funds for a new item.

From the Level 1 entrance, go all the way south to the game's starting point, then turn west. Go west five times and burn the bottom-left bush to get another 10 rupees.

There are several optional upgrades you can grab before you start the Dungeons, and it is recommended doing as many as possible.

But honestly, if you've made it this far, you should be fine. The Legend of Zelda Walkthrough. green forest until you have some bombs from killing Blue Moblins.

If it's proving too difficult for you, there is some prep you can do: Leave the dungeon and make your way through the Lost Woods and into the graveyard. Yes, that's right, you're going to have to fight Darknuts with just the regular Sword.

Eh, it's not that much, but it helps. Take the item and return upstairs. Enter it for a Moblin that will give you 10 rupees! reveal stairs.

- The trek to Western Hyrule is very difficult without a more powerful sword, some more life, and an upgrade to your defense, so just be warned if you're willing to grab these next optional items. The Legend of Zelda Walkthrough The second quest begins. Go to the northwest corner of the graveyard (i.e. Return upstairs. All rights reserved. The dungeon locations themselves are also changed, further promoting new exploration. Take your time and use the block structure in the center of the room to your advantage. Head south and beware of Wallmasters.

Go to the southeast corner of the map, then go north until you can't go north Cross it and enter the tree to go to But we're not done with this dungeon yet. You should have a lot of rupees by now. Take this second underground passage to a room populated with Vires.

You can't use them yet, but you will soon! go to the northernmost area of the forest, where there are two armos statues. Be sure to alternate between hitting heads so that when one detaches after being defeated, the second head won't take but one or two more hits. Now that you have a Raft, make your way to the eastern coastline.

If "Zelda" … You get your starting sword from the same mysterious man on the first screen, and Dungeon One is in the same location as in the First Quest – although the interior layout is different. Anyway, moving on.

Burn the upper-right bush in the corner to get 30 rupees. With this guide, you may have a chance... At the start – things seem familiar. Follow the water's edge until you reach the end of the water, and go If you decide to use the cheat code mentioned above and try the Second Quest without playing through the first – Good luck!

There is a secret passage north of the

right of the stairs.

This will give you 5 hearts.

Push the center east block to uncover an underground passage. Now you should get some bombs. This part of the walkthrough covers preparing for the first dungeon by gathering some useful items. Once they're gone, go to the far west side of the room and push the center west block inward (don't push it outward from the other side or you'll block yourself in!)

From the room with the Recorder, pass through the west wall (note that this particular wall is one-way, but you won't be returning here so it's alright).

Go down to get 10 rupees. Defeat or avoid the Red Goriyas and continue north.

On the east side of

The nearest shop to your location is down at P-7.

Your destination is square E-4. But it's not! © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. If you're not, return to some earlier rooms and defeat enemies for Hearts or Fairies. Go west three times and use the Blue Candle to Use the Boomerang if you start to feel overwhelmed. Note that it's possible to have the following before entering this dungeon: Go north from the entrance to meet a room full of Gibdos.

From the game's starting point, go north once, west twice, north, and then north again from the dock to reach the dungeon entrance. Additionally, we have a complete Video Walkthrough of the Legend of Zelda.

If you followed my earlier advice and bought Arrows beforehand, you're now equipped to take on this Blue Gohma!

Go north twice and burn the bottom-right bush to get 30 rupees. The entrance to Level 3 is actually located in the same place as Level 2 in the First Quest: square M-4.

To be honest, this is an extremely difficult battle and will probably take you multiple attempts. Defeat them all to obtain the Magical Boomerang.

Now that you're stronger, you shouldn't have anywhere near as much of a problem with this creature as you may have back in Level 2.

From where you found the 10 Rupees, go east twice and north. Push the second tombstone in the second row and enter to find an old man who will offer you a Heart Container. Take out the two Zols if you want, avoiding fire from the Stone Statues, and then head west. Go down to get 10 rupees. Go north and then east. Next, even though you don't have a Bow yet, you will definitely want some Arrows before heading into the next dungeon.

your saved game into a Second Quest slot, or you can create a new save slot

dungeon 1. The Second Quest in Legend of Zelda is a beast. Just head right trying to collect as many rupees as you can. On the other side is Triforce Piece #3.

Level 5 is located in the same place that Level 4 was in the First Quest. This dungeon is shaped like the letter A. Go north into a very frustrating dark room featuring Red and Blue Wizzrobes and Red and Blue Bubbles with impassable chasms that take you into almost inevitable conflict with the foes.

Now you should go to the big lake in the center of the map. From there, go north once and east twice.

to open the east door. In the next room is the Goriya NPC you must feed in order to proceed farther north.

Take those stairs to discover the Recorder. This guide doesn't take you to these locations until a little later due to the Lynel threat leading up to the graveyard, but if Gleeok is proving too hard here, this is certainly an option for you. On the other side are three Red Darknuts. Fight off the Red Goriyas in here as you go to get Key #2. If you don't have 60 rupees, fight monsters until you do.

- The Second Quest is for veteran Zelda players or those just up for a challenge. Not much compared to the last one, but every little bit helps.

Get a Heart Container. with the name ZELDA to start the Second Quest right away. complete.

If you thought the locations of key items and dungeons were difficult to find in the Main (First) quest, you haven’t seen anything yet. The Legend of Zelda Walkthrough. then keep going east until you start encountering Blue Moblins. Destroy all the Wallmasters first, then go into the center of the room to pick up the Compass. These flashing Ropes take more hits to defeat, but thankfully they don't deal any extra damage. Now that you have the Raft, there is a heart container that you can get.

You will see some trees. If your life meter isn't at full strength, please go north four times to take advantage of the Fairy at L-1. square A-3). dungeons have different layouts, dungeons are more difficult to Return west and take the underground passage back where you came from. Continue south and dispatch a pair of Zols to get Key #7. The walkthrough below is a complete 100% guide through of the entire game, along with miscellaneous guides for the various collectibles, oddball secrets, and everything else there is to find in the game.

The Second Quest is a much harder version of the game, where items are harder Take them out and unlock the west door for a showdown with a three-headed Gleeok, this dungeon's boss. rupees. Unlock the north door to find a dead end populated by a bunch of Red Goriyas.

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