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A black SUV pulls up at the back entrance and Pump rolls his window down; inside he’s flanked by two pretty girls, smoke so thick you can’t make out much more than their silhouettes. His dreads, which in the past he’s dyed bright pink, turquoise, and purple, are currently a toned-down blonde with dark brown roots. And preferably, no gunshot wounds. He records a few Apple and Alexa promos for the album and drinks lean. Outside the Roxy, after Pump’s set, a group of young men approach the doors and are completely taken aback that his show is already finished. You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud, Whole Gang Full of Drug Addicts XXXTentacion was murdered in June while awaiting trial on horrendous domestic abuse charges. He’s all high cheekbones and coy smiles, small in stature and frame, and no taller than 5'6". “I’mma go invest in houses, strippers, and cars,” he tells me at one point while we sit in front of the fireplace in the living room. ET. Riley Reid makes another appearance with a mystery woman in tow. She dotes on Pump like you would a new boyfriend, tending to him when he asks for a vessel for his lean, or making sure he has napkins for the chicken wings that are waiting for him at the soundstage when he arrives. In exchange, he viewed this as an opportunity to land the credibility he sought.”. Their music is often called emorap, because their songs are about being depressed, dying, taking downers, and going to morose parties. He doesn’t remember the specifics. Lil Pump - Drug Addicts (DGB Remix) by Die Gebrüder Brett (Offiziell) published on 2018-08-30T07:46:09Z. He chain-smokes blunts the length and thickness of a good hot dog in constant succession. Users who liked this track Jake Pickett. Trippie Redd, a rapper embroiled in a feud with 6ix9ine, has twice been arrested this year, first after getting in a fight with rapper FDM Grady, and then after allegedly pistol-whipping a woman. Posted on March 12, 2019, at 10:31 a.m. Gently, he rocks my entire body back and forth and asks me shyly, like a child asking his mother to stop wasting time in the grocery store so he can go home and watch television, “When are we gonna be done with the interviewwwwww?”. “His personality and persona, he’s a young kid. “They’re just some random thots that just walk in.”, And while Pump enjoys the trappings of fame, he’s clearly not enjoying the more obligatory parts of the publicity cycle. What happens next is a big question. SoundCloud. Buy Lil Pump - Drug Addicts (Phire Remix), Users who like Lil Pump - Drug Addicts (Phire Remix), Users who reposted Lil Pump - Drug Addicts (Phire Remix), Playlists containing Lil Pump - Drug Addicts (Phire Remix), More tracks like Lil Pump - Drug Addicts (Phire Remix). Original Video : by Lil pump //Don't forget to join my discord server! He’s among the young, face tattoo–bearing rappers that have exploded in the last few years, guys like XXXTentacion, Lil Peep, Lil Skies, Lil Xan, Tekashi 6ix9ine, and Smokepurpp. from desktop or your mobile device. Just as no major record label would ever have dared release anything as noisy and disjointed as XXXTentacion’s breakthrough hit Look at Me, it’s tempting to suggest that no major record label would have allowed his behaviour – or indeed Lil Peep’s drug problems – to go unchecked without trying to intervene, even if said intervention was founded on nothing more altruistic than protecting their investment. Remember being an 18-year-old guy and thinking the pinnacle of manhood was being able to fuck a porn star while a whole squad of people in the kitchen roll joints for your pleasure? SoundCloud. “I’mma be 18 forever,” he says, waving a joint around. Yet he himself is just an iteration of an iteration of an iteration of rappers past. Most of these rappers who rose to fame via Soundcloud tend to be the human equivalent of a Xanax (which they rap about rather frequently). “Being crazy and doing weird shit.”. Pump, meanwhile, was kicked out of school in 10th grade (the last in a string of expulsions) for starting a riot with his friend. “Yo, that shit feels goooood,” he says to me. Start the wiki, Mmm, ayy what's upSpeedin' in my Lambo, racin'Everybody in my gang is drug addictsChyeah, ooh, ooh (brr), chyeah, chyeahBaby!Ooh!Whole gang…. SoundCloud. Harverd Dropout, his hotly anticipated follow-up, features assists from rappers like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, YG, Offset, and Quavo and debuted at No. While on the run, he shot the video for his breakthrough hit The Race, a track that commented on events as they were happening: “I ain’t beat that case bitch, I did the race.” In a scathing appraisal of 6ix9ine’s career, meanwhile, Pitchfork suggested his involvement in gang-related crime came about after he had “spent years desperately searching for a way to catapult himself into the limelight … when all other tactics proved to be disastrous failures, he dealt himself to a well-known set of Brooklyn-based Bloods that saw [him] as their meal ticket. Lil Pump & Sheck Wes), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Please download one of our supported browsers. He takes the mic after an hour or so to perform briefly to an eager crowd who hold up a sea of phones to record their night with Pump. esskeetit. I submit to this child, letting him gently push me around. Total freedom, being crazy and doing weird shit.”, dressed up like an expensive bottle of water, three Powerpuff Girls, gracing the side of his neck, a video of him pulling his eyes into slits, hucked a microphone at a rude fan which prompted a fistfight in the crowd, climbed onto a member of his security team, domestic abuse of his pregnant girlfriend, How XXXTentacion’s Life Reflects Our Culture Of Violence, XXXTentacion And Lil Peep Have Released A Posthumous Song Together. “No,” he says. Following Pump’s Instagram Stories you would see that he left 1 OAK after a few hours and took the party back to his Airbnb. They’re all about being rich and young and dumb and high — in “Be Like Me,” he raps, “I’m a millionaire, but I don’t know how to read,” which is objectively hilarious. When he returns to his seat and his wings and Reid, watching the dancers go through the routine another time, Reid tells him she forgot her phone in the car. Pump exists somewhere in between the heavily curated social media presence his fans can’t get enough of and the sleepy, bored kid who doesn’t seem to want to do the things necessary to fulfill the contractual obligations of being a star. Pump is, frankly, still stuck in a high school mindset, his concept of fame an underdeveloped one at best: strippers, clubs, diamond chains, big houses, hanging out with other celebrities, Lamborghinis (of which there are two parked in the driveway, though Pump’s management tries to discourage him from driving), and doing whatever the fuck he wants. His management did, however, mention that his younger brother is currently in medical school working toward becoming a brain surgeon. +++ LIL PUMP – DRUG ADDICTS (HINERK REMIX) +++ To help him forget about the almost-misplaced weed, they play music at an ear-splitting volume — mostly his own songs at first, with lyrics like “Walk around with my side bitch on a leash” — until his mood finally lifts. Stream Lil Pump -Drug Addicts by LiI Pump from desktop or your mobile device When they do, he angrily slams a steak and plastic cup of macaroni and cheese into the microwave, then sits next to his producer to half-heartedly pick at it. He starts popping a pimple on his cheek until it breaks and bleeds, then tells me that people usually think he’s older than he is. You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud. “They let me say ‘bitch’ on Jimmy Fallon,” he whines. His team seemingly does everything for him, including reminding him to eat. “That’s why I take drugs.”. From the murder of XXXTentacion to the arrest of 6ix9ine, 2018 has seen ‘SoundCloud rap’ embroiled in more controversy than ever. “I’ve been kicked out of so many schools.” It’s a monumental life event he circles back to time and time again in his songs: The first song on Harverd Dropout is, would you believe it, called “Drop Out.” He takes great joy in the fact that he’s been able to accumulate so much wealth and so much stuff (including a mansion in Calabasas, California, and another in Miami Beach) despite not finishing high school. Some user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. (Pump’s Calabasas home is too far a drive to get him back and forth for his press engagements in Hollywood. Remember being an 18-year-old guy and thinking the pinnacle of manhood was being able to fuck a porn star while a whole squad of people in the kitchen rolls joints for your pleasure? By Scaachi Koul. So there’s also something almost refreshing about a joyous, reckless teen with still relatively minor legal woes amid all this dread, a celebrity who isn’t being accused of using a child in a sexual performance or domestic abuse of his pregnant girlfriend. When I rejoin him for his live show the next day, he’s actually on time, the only event he shows up promptly for, possibly because it’s a free show in partnership with Tidal at the Roxy in Hollywood. Pump, whose real name is Gazzy Garcia, was born to Colombian parents; his mother, along with his half brother, are still in Miami, Florida, where Pump was born and raised. For these boys — white, all around 21, living in LA and working in the arts — Pump’s appeal is clear. SoundCloud. Spending time with him makes it clear that there’s a disconnect between Pump as a person — a child whose understanding of fame is still undeveloped and largely focused on strippers — and the version of himself he puts online in videos which show him peeing on money and spanking women with his friend and fellow Soundcloud rapper Smokepurpp. I know that I’m not that good at rapping but I’d like some honest feedback to help me improve more and if you don’t like ‘em, just keep it to yourself.

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