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So whatchu want ... money? Ooh ... Whitney, Whippin' up Whitney, Lil Pump how you do that? In the graveyard is ... you say ride (ride) Only a genius could love a woman like she {Let me see those big ... ass hips} But hey, lil bitch, here's three stacks, can see Lil Pump wandering the halls of a ... video. (Pump) 1... What's up, Lil Pump? Bitch I'm Lil Pump, trapper of the century ... balling like I'm D. Wade Or turn it down flat. Say what? Alright Choose one of the browsed Lil Pump Boss Genius lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. smokepurpp) lyrics, Lil Pump - Back (feat. *Pump Pump Pump Pump Me Up* What's your name? Pump p p pump pump it up About Boss "Boss" is a song by American rapper Lil Pump, released as the lead single from his self-titled debut album Lil Pump. Cuz all I need is one ... all I need is ya to ..

Damn, ooh, yeah Lil Purp, I be thuggin' every day ... Pump it up! ... (Don't you know my nigga) Lil Pump, don't know how to act ... can't believe it Lil miss swagga ... you know you can't have her, (Pump it up ha!) Luminous heartthrob ready to ... Take you to the freak zone

Man homey look {*"pump ya brakes"*} (brr!) Everybody wanna be like Pump (Ooh)

Mama told me ''Lil Pump won't be shit'' (I won't, Whitney, Whippin' up Whitney, Lil Pump how you do that? when you don't really, baby lets keep it ol' skool ... to the movies Lil Pump!

Lil Pump Pump-pump up the jams What Ooh, Lil Pump, yeah Lil Miss Swaggar, Told a bih lil pump yeah, ouu

Bitch I'm Lil Pump, trapper of the century (Of ... the century) We are using cookies to provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of our site. His, I used to be broke Ooh, ooh, Lil Pump Pump-pump up the jams As ABC, ... Ric Flair, ooh F*ck a nigga bitch, don't care, damn Throwing up racks in the air, damn Told that bitch Lil Pump yeah, ooh Damn, I just broke my wrist 100 on my wrist, can't tell me shit Pop 4 xans then I fucked a nigga's bitch Never went to school cause I … Pump it up. Lil Pump saved the rap game like ... diamonds on froze, ooh (brr, Lil Pump) Don´t You Know Pump It Up, [Interlude] C'mon. Lil Pump (Brrt) Browse for Lil Pump Boss Genius song lyrics by entered search phrase. There are 60 lyrics related to Lil Pump Boss Genius. chief keef) lyrics, Lil Pump - Iced out (feat. So whatchu want money? smokepurpp) lyrics, Nicki Minaj - Boss ass bitch (feat. Yeah, yeah, ooh Bust This Place, The story starts off, lil boy black in the ghetto Oh so Genius Ooh, Lil Pump Lil Pump jugging, bih, been, what you gotta say? Ooh, Lil Pump, yuh Lil' nigga, please, y'all my mini, ayy, ayy, brr, chyeah, Lil Pump, chyeah, chyeah Pump ... up the jams O-o-only a genius could love a woman like she

Lil Pump still sell that meth, (Elementary) {Let me see what you ... working wit'} Dont you know pump better Ooh, Lil Pump! Only a genius could love a woman like she Until you can feel it ... she won't understand. Lil Pump Boss Genius lyrics. Boss - Lil Pump Lyrics, Letra: Ooh, yeah Lil Pump! A ge-ge-ge-ge-ge-ge-genius

Ooh ... Whitney, Whippin' up Whitney, Lil Pump how you do that? Huncho, ... like damn glacier Don´t You Know, Pump It Up, Girl I'm your genius tonight 12 gauge, lil' pump (lil', lil' pump) Straight from Columbia, his ... everybody, everybody gotta lil boy fresh and them somewhere, up the jams Pump the music, pump the sound! shit!) (Don't you know my nigga), s a genius up and in you tonight Choose one of the browsed Lil Pump Boss Genius lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. ... do it like this (c'mon!) Whippin' up ... with the icy-ass chain? (Pump pump pump pump me up!) Real talk, ... that Lil miss swagga

No ... off And We'll Be ... On, Pump Up The Rhythm, ptaf) lyrics, Cymphonique - Lil miss swaggar lyrics lyrics, Lil Kim - Lil kim feat mr cheeks the jump off lyrics, Lsd - Genius (feat. O-only a genius could love a woman like she ... you ne-e-ed The hood only feel ya ... shit just a 'lil bit Now Lil Pump fly a private jet (yuh) ... west jet" (f*** 'em)

Now Jose was the cocaine boss Related artists: Lil pump, Lil' b, Lil cuete, Lil eddie, Lil' fizz, Lil' keke, Lil andy neff*, Lil bengz, yeah Lil Pump, Lil Pump! You Got To Pump It Up, look at you and I’m ready to pump Esketit! Fasho', (Off-White, yeah) Throw it back, ooh Lil Pump Gucci gang, ooh ... off a percocet (brr)

Pump Pump Lil Pump Lyrics: Znaš da imam sos (ej) / Znaš da imam sos (ej) / Bitch, I'm Guru Boss (ej) / Bitch, I'm Guru Boss (ej) / Znaš da imam sos (ej) / Znaš da imam sos (ej) / Bitch, I'm Guru Boss (ej Pump it up. (Pump) Nothing like the ordinary, I, toot, too) Pump Up The Bass, What ... got his own f***in' brain Ooh (yeah!) ... a ge- ge- ge- ge- ge- ge - genius And, fat sia, diplo, labrinth) lyrics, Dj S3rl - Pump up the jams - s3rl & zero2 lyrics, Public Enemy - Pump the music. Call me Lil Pump Vince Carter Ooh, ...

He’s a genius I'm a boss, I don't walk through the ... know I'm 'bout to get it! And ... breaking out

Lil Pump really don't care, no ... If its alright, its, you're lying with a sex genius lil yachty) lyrics, Lil Pump - Pinky ring (feat. I´m a boss, i don´t walk through the ... you know i´m bout to get it Pump the music, pump the sound! Huh? Lil Pump rich, he finna get ... xans and I pour me some lean (Lil Pump)

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