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Then it fell silent. For fans, it's a day of sorrow but also of celebration.

Day 1 of 90 The internet is remembering the little rover with heartwarming memes and messages of farewell.

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I’m sorry, I just found out the last message sent by the Mars rover was “my battery is low and it is getting dark,” so now I have to spend the rest of the day watching WALL-E and sobbing.

It's a dark, sad day for space fans the world over. There were tears.

The car-sized Mars rover ceased all communications with Earth in June 2018, when a planet-wide storm engulfed Mars. Spirit (thinking): But a good rover would keep going. Spirit (thinking): Oh no. On the back of a successful year of scientific exploration, it's time to celebrate once again.

Planetary scientist and Mars specialist Tanya Harrison spent Tuesday evening at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as NASA attempted to send some last commands to the rover. There were memories and laughs shared.#ThankYouOppy #GoodnightOppy

We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Day 127 of 90 elon musk Elonmusk lawn Mars Mars Rover space pewdiepie elon musket get off my meme GET OFF Get off kiddo Dont look at my tags trending Genuinely sad now. The rover's self-portrait is a fitting image for its birthday celebration.

There were tears. The rover took the shot, but never had the chance to send it back to earth. The view of the 2007 dust storm as seen by Opportunity on the Mars surface. Taking It to Extremes: Mix insane situations -- erupting volcanoes, nuclear meltdowns, 30-foot waves -- with everyday tech.

NASA One Earth year ago, the Curiosity rover completed a dramatic descent and landed safely on the surface of Mars.

Opportunity snapped this mosaic in 2014 after winds cleaned dust off its solar panels. Spirit (thinking): Guys? You can get more of Sean (or less--he doesn’t really post much) on his Twitter, @seanmurray683. This year seems to be quite an active time for all the people who have their eyes set on the final frontier.

NASA tried.
Scientists like me will spend decades poring over the data it sent back, but today we’re mourning.

How NASA recorded the eerie Martian wind, without a microphone, well beyond its planned 90-sol (days on Mars) mission, just a hair over 28 miles before NASA lost contact. Anyone listening on Mars would have heard the Curiosity rover singing to celebrate its one-year anniversary since touching down. Losing the Mars rover Opportunity is like saying goodbye to a friend. Graphic designer Dan Mason applied the Dylan Thomas poem "Do not go gentle into that good night" to Opportunity, but also reminded us the original 90-day mission ended up spanning almost 15 years. So when Opportunity died, they responded in the best and only tribute they could offer: memes.

It looked ridiculous, but it worked.

Twitter Believes Melania Trump Wants Donald To Lose Election After Awkward Moment, This Is How Much Jay-Z Has Spent On Presents For Beyonce, The Reason One 'Suicide Squad' Scene Resulted In The Most Difficult Moment In Margot Robbie's Life. To aid the grief process, the internet has been meme-ing Opportunity, and we're here for it. Now after 15 incredible years of … This content is currently not available in your region.

It's a dark, sad day for space fans the world over. Since nobody is willing to deliver a cake to Mars, the rover team had to settle for the traditional singing of "Happy Birthday." ©2020 He got his degree in Science & Business from the University of Waterloo, where it continues to provide him little actual value other than the fact it sort of qualifies him to talk about random crap he finds on the internet. By Nameseemslegit 2019-02-19 04:30

On February 13th, 2019, NASA announced the official end of the Opportunity mission.

Not that much though.

Until we see you in the next life, goodbye.

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A view of Victoria Crater as seen by Opportunity before its descent. As if a back-to-back rover landing wasn't impressive enough, Opportunity's touch down took place inside a small impact crater measuring just 66 feet across, a perfect place for Opportunity to search for traces of water on Mars. Spirit (thinking): Did I do a good job? One of Opportunity's most memorable feats was, appropriately, its first. Spent the evening at JPL as the last ever commands were sent to the Opportunity rover on #Mars.

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