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After Sawyer insisted he use his gift, Miles yelled, "She's gone, James!" There was no further elaboration on what that meant, leaving Sawyer in a state of confusion. At one point, Miles witnessed his father reading to his young self while in the DHARMA Initiative in 1977. First After Keamy killed Alex, Miles showed a look of shock and sympathy. ("Some Like It Hoth"), Daniel told Miles that the reason he had returned was that, while doing research at the DHARMA headquarters in Ann Harbor, he had discovered that Jack, Kate and Hurley had somehow returned to the Island in 1977. Miles walked in the door and introduced himself as "Detective Straume", and when he informed Nadia that he needed to ask her some questions, Miles noticed a suitcase packed with clothes, indicating Sayid had already left. ("Confirmed Dead"), Miles, Sayid and Kate took a journey to the Barracks to retrieve Charlotte Lewis from Locke. Miles replied that they were all gone and that he was the only one left, also adding that Kate and he had gotten separated. While Ilana and Ben discussed whether or not Hurley was capable of returning with Richard, Miles showed doubt regarding Hurley's ability to track anything, stating that unless Richard happened to be covered in bacon grease, Hurley would not bring Richard back. Just as Jack expressed that the group had a few questions of their own, a fight started and Miles was punched in the face, after which Sawyer fired a gun and announced that he was leaving. He welcomed Kate back to the "circus", and informed her that Claire had arrived at the Temple a couple of hours before, acting weird, but "...still hot, though." Confronted, Miles told him how the man died, including his last thoughts. ("The Shape of Things to Come"), On the way, Miles heard the voices of Danielle and Karl, and subsequently discovered their corpses in shallow graves. By some miracle, no vital organs were damaged. Miles then reminded James that he had set him up on a date with Charlotte Lewis, his father's co-worker, and suggested James attend, unless he wanted to "die alone. Miles was the eleventh and final character to have a, Miles is one of the six characters to have their first. He took the money and left the drugs behind. Hurley is shocked, but asks if he is going to do something to try to save his father, as they know the DHARMA members are eventually murdered. Hurley and Chen met in the late 1990s when both were working at PayPal, the e-commerce Internet site for money transfers and payments. ("Some Like It Hoth"), Before the Kahana left port, Miles indicated that he knew Michael was using a false name. Alternate Casting Baby Miles and his mother were included in this evacuation. After three years with the DHARMA Initiative, the Oceanic Six returned to the Island following the crash of Ajira Airways 316, and their cover was blown, whereupon Miles revealed his identity to his father. Later, Miles and Sawyer were abducted by the Others and taken to the Temple, where they witnessed the miraculous healing of Sayid. Widmore and Zoe hid in Ben's closet, but not before Ben took one of Widmore's walkie-talkies and gave one to Miles. 'Both of the victims, two 21 year old males, have been informed of this development. "Confirmed Dead""The End" 'There have been no arrests. Immediately after he asked this, the group spotted a group of DHARMA Security personnel led by Phil driving to the Swan. As a child, Miles accompanied his mother Lara as she inspected an apartment in Encino, California with the building's landlord. They waited there until Richard reentered and questioned Faraday further on the details of "Jughead", a bomb which Daniel claimed to be able to disarm. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2"), When the island traveled back in time, the beach camp around Miles disappeared, leaving him and several other survivors disoriented. Miles finally reached safety beyond the treeline. ("The Economist"), While at the barracks, Miles used Kate to gain access to Ben. Juliet then backed Sawyer up and Miles irritatedly stated that going to the Orchid and going to the beach were the "only two plans you people have". Meanwhile, Miles' last name, "Straume", was seen crossed out in the list of candidates that resided in the cliffside cave which was visited by Sawyer and the Man in Black. Karlie Kloss wears a Biden/Harris mask as she votes early - in a move that won't make her brother-in-law happy, 'I'm Kamala's running mate! ("Eggtown"), After learning who Ben's man on the boat was, Locke called his group together and retrieved Miles from the boathouse. Shortly thereafter, Miles was among the witnesses to see the dead Sayid suddenly awakening. and if he then fought in the Korean War ("There's no such thing") but eventually revealed the truth when Dr. Chang demanded to know the name of the U.S. president in 1977. It became obvious that this "package" was the corpse of a DHARMA worker, who Radzinsky claimed died falling into a ditch, despite what appeared to be a bullet wound on his forehead. Miles did not protest when Ben claimed that the freighter team's orders were to kill everyone on the island once Ben is captured. In the middle of the chaos, Miles barricaded himself in a room until the door was forced open by Ilana, who was accompanied by Ben, Sun, and Frank. ', Hurley posted pictures of her and her nephew on her Instagram account before he was stabbed. ", As the group observed Sayid's completely healed wound, Dogen and Lennon entered the courtyard and requested that Sayid follow them for questioning. Ilana handed Miles the bag containing Jacob's ashes, and Miles then entered a trance. As Miles approached Kate, he startled her and was pushed to the ground before announcing to her, "It's me, Miles." Despite his promise that there would be no more secrets, Locke failed to mention Miles' attempted deal with Ben, which Sawyer questions. Another friend commented, "Coming back soon. Miles saw Charlie perform at the concert in the flash-sideways timeline. Angry about the lie, Miles told James that if they couldn't trust one another, he no longer wanted to be James' partner. When James asked if they had any suspects, Miles said that an ATM surveillance camera caught a "jabroni" (Italian slang which broadly means "loser" or "idiot") fleeing the scene, indicating that was their "bad guy". A confused Miles handed his binoculars to Hurley, who told Miles that Sawyer probably had a plan. He then stated that it was not the Smoke Monster but Ben who had killed Jacob. A few moments later, the bomb was detonated by Juliet, who had fallen to the bottom of the shaft. After Juliet detonated a nuclear bomb, Miles time-traveled to his original timeline of 2007, having survived the blast. Once there, Miles sensed the dead body of Alex, which led to Richard telling Ben that he buried her after Ben left. Ilana asked him if Jarrah (Sayid) was at the Temple and he replied by saying that he saw him go to the 'pool room'. Miles Hurley is the son of Hurley's older sister, Kate Curran. They then left the Temple safely through a secret back passage that Ilana found. Soon after, he was informed by Jack that they were in fact covered by their friends with firearms. Miles Hurley, the son of Elizabeth Hurley's sister, was stabbed multiple times on a street in Nine Elms, South West London around 8 p.m. on Thursday. He appeared to have landed on a rocky outcrop near the north shore of the Island. ("The Last Recruit"), Later, Miles is getting dressed at the Police Station, preparing himself for a concert at his father's museum. When Miles returned to Horace, he was told to bring the body to Dr. Chang at the Orchid. As he grew up, Miles discovered that he had a unique ability to extract information from deceased bodies through what he called a "feeling". Kate then attempted to take him back to the boathouse, and he revealed he knows who she is and what she's done. Later on, while sitting in James' parked car, James told Miles about his parents' deaths and that the reason he went to Australia was to chase a lead that surfaced the name "Anthony Cooper."

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