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A bust-up refers to how they are often spotted leaping from the water as they smash their way through baitfish. From personal experience and observation of others, the best catches of snapper, pinkies and flathead seem to come off the very end of the pier – facing into Port Phillip Bay. Sadly it’s pretty common for the school to move on and the action stops as quickly as it began. While I’ve never caught Silver Trevally at Mordialloc a lot of folks do at times. Sometimes fair - sometimes rancid. While there are reports each year of King George Whiting catches off the Mordialloc Pier I have not caught as many here as I have in places such as the Altona Pier. I always add some attractant to the bait as well as making sure I use a good berley. So for flatties, the much deeper water off the end of the pier facing south seems to be the optimal location now. Particularly if you are using a sinker. You can have success fishing with baits using shrimp, yabbies, scrub worms, prawns, sandworms, Maggots, Scrub worms, mussels, & Chicken. It can be very slippy and being swept off the pier has happened. Use berley, breadcrumbs are good, while using bait such as pipis, small pieces of fish or chicken. Take care not to harm these beautiful creatures. All other images and videos shown on the Mordialloc Creek Fishing Guide are Fishing Mad originals. The float suspends above the hooks. I also recommend strongly the use of attractant* to mask smells on the bait or lure. Images of fish supplied VFA and DEPI. There has been a good run of pinkies in Buamaris Bay. Mullet respond well to berley, so berley an isolated area with a mix of bread, tuna oil and chook pellets. While you are fishing Mordialloc Pier make sure to keep an eye out for the stingrays. There is however another beach on the other side of the Mordialloc Creek. Pipis, pilchards, whitebait, bluebait, beach worms and even chicken breast are all great options. If your targeting flathead with bait, we recommend using a paternoster rig or running sinker rig. This includes frozen bait favourites such as pilchards, pipis, squid, whitebait, bluebait and prawns. Fish light. Fishing Ferguson Street Pier Williamstown, Mordialloc Pier, Mordialloc VIC, Australia, Family-friendly  - children under strict supervision, Good range of fish habitats and fish species In the right conditions, you can target big Snapper. For boat anglers, the Patterson River is Melbourne’s best launching facility, and although it gets pretty busy mid spring through to Christmas, this time of year is pretty quiet. To target Mullet, you need to fish light. Others fish using more common spinning rods, preferring to use soft plastics, surface and diving lures. Alternatively, there are some quieter access points on the beaches to the south and north of this area. Very pleasant and refreshing but could be lit better. No jumping or diving off piers or jetties. This is a great location to target bream with lures and soft plastics. Work colleagues travelled from interstate dinned earlier in a very hot restaurant so we walked along the pier amongst the many people fishing to cool off. I can’t emphasise enough the need to use berley when fishing for bream at Mordialloc. Working from Carrum and then heading north, we certainly don’t need to go too far to find the first area of interest - let’s take a look. In fact, it’s claimed the lives of people fishing, during those conditions, over the years. Anonyma Shoal, opposite the Sandringham Hotel, rises up to 2m of water from 12m or so on the deep side, and is an extremely rugged reef that has claimed more then the odd keel from yachts returning to the Sandringham Harbour. I’ve personally had more success with squid jigs* that are darker in colour with some brighter sections. With a reel size of around 4000 – 6000 to balance it. Australian salmon schools regularly make their presence known, but bust-ups with birds working are not the only indicator that they are about. By using our site you accept that we use and share cookies and similar technologies with certain approved third parties. Fishing light though, unless you need the weight because of the wind. I’ve used it during a strong Westerly blow. Nearby foreshore reserves offer parking, toilets, playground, picnic and barbeque facilities. The old inner artificial reef was originally placed down many years ago and has been the subject of damage and spreading out from its original location when the destructive scallop dredges still roamed the bay. Mordialloc Pier is near much of Melbourne’s Eastern and North Eastern suburbs, compared to other great saltwater fishing spots – like Mornington and Frankston. Nature being nature, sometimes conditions can change at short notice. Bait wise – try squid tentacles for a durable bait. A lot of folks use soft plastics. Rec Reef is one of the three trial pallet-ball reefs laid down by the Department of Primary Industries in April and May 2009. Fishing for Estuary Perch requires finesse. I usually fish with a spinning rod. It is likely that once the dredging stops, again my opinion, fish numbers will gradually be restored. It is pleasant and the sunset looks good from here. Another highlight of fishing in this area is targeting Estuary perch with surface and shallow diving lures. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Well worth a walk out to the end , you will be rewarded with beautiful bay views , boats moored along the Mordialloc creek and at night the lights of melbourne around the bay . Founded by Alan Bonnici a mad fisherman with a local following. This reef has already exhibited significant marine growth and has resident pinkies and smaller baitfish present. Between the Mordialloc Pier and Beaumaris Bay lies the Parkdale Pinnacles – these mounds are a serious reef structure comprising large boulders. This area is very hard on tackle, but the rewards can be great, especially for big red after or during an on shore blow when they sometimes come close under cover of white water. Located in the Melbourne bayside suburb of Mordialloc. We looked down on. From swimmers, sunbakers to the local beach volleyball clubs. If fishing from a boat or kayak we would recommend drifting around the sandy flats until you find a good patch of them. I’m inclined to prefer supporting bait and tackle shops over “big box stores” whenever possible. Reports of salmon in good numbers along the reef at Mordialloc and squid have been caught off the pier. Waves can and do break over the pier making it very dangerous! Incoming tide. The fact is – when targeting one species it’s often possible to catch other species as a by-catch. Certainly no longer than 9ft. No more than a 6 lb line (4 lb is good) with size 10 to 12 long-shank hooks being ideal. Especially during sunny weather. Is this a must-do if you are travelling with a, Is this a romantic place or activity that you would suggest for, Is this attraction a good place to visit on a, Is this a place or activity you would suggest for, Are the prices for this place or activity, Would you recommend this place or activity to a friend looking for an, Beach Rd, Mordialloc, Kingston, Victoria 3195 Australia. Fishing locations Mordialloc Creek is the channel that runs of Black Rock. Pier Fishing: The EASIEST Way to ... Kayak Fishing at Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia - Duration: 3:42. Any 6 to 9 foot spinning rod will do. What restaurants are near Mordialloc Pier? Assistance dogs are welcome in Parks Victoria parks and reserves. Mordialloc Beach runs adjacent (to the west) of …. Squid can be used to help keep softer baits on the hook longer. So please stick to fish and chicken and stay legal! Latitude: -37.988126 The most productive area is from the rail bridge to the yellow buoy just out from the river mouth. I personally target pinky snapper using chicken breast. Deep diving lures such us Rapala X Rap 15s work very well here but the jutting reef will claim any that are run too close to the edge such is the risk and reward factor. While fairly bony Garfish make an excellent table fish. For boat and kayak anglers trolling lures is the only option, as anchoring or drifting is ill advised in this extremely busy transit lane. We looked down on small fishes and saw other people getting ready to set their lines. They are an ambush predator that waits in disguise for smaller fish to swim buy for an easy feed. I have often been surprised how this well-known and well-worked mark produces time and time again and is always worth a look. Creek polluted, so avoid eating fish taken from the creek - catches from the pier are fine. EPs also respond incredibly well to a whole range of soft plastics lightly weighted. For bream and garfish fish the left side (east) of the pier, next to the Mordialloc Creek estuary. There is no doubt the deep areas of the bay do produce great fishing, however it’s worth remembering to explore the shallow areas of the inner central east. Just past the Beaumaris Pier at Table Rock is the start of the Marine Park boundary, which runs all the way to Quiet Corner about 500m out into the bay, taking in about 120 hectares of water.

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