murdered: soul suspect cemetery walkthrough

Intro. You can enter the crypt the two men are trying to enter and Question a ghost. Talk to Joy so she uses her flashlight on the bushes. It’s time to execute some more demons. This unlocks the last of the Ghost Abilities for TELEPORT (14/14). Look down and you’ll see Ghost Stories: The Heirloom 3/13 on a bed in the corner. Look down and you’ll see a ghost wall next to the mausoleum. Collect Julia's Thoughts NEW JUSTICE TATTOO. Check the river behind her to reveal a body. Inspect it for Shoreline Clue 8/10: Gravedigger’s Shovel. Pay attention to where Sophia has teleported to. OLD HEIRLOOM #10 is by the base of the large tree. Hide, sneak, and execute. Approach the Demon that's walking across the paved path. Choose the … Wait for the demon to head away from the raven, then quickly pop out, distract it with the raven and execute it. Collect OLD HEIRLOOM #11 by the ghost gravestones. After the cutscene you will receive Ghost Abilities 14/14: Teleport. Remove it and go through. Teleport across the river. Reveal and Collect OLD HEIRLOOM #5 from the bed in a corner. Speak to Joy and follow her to the bushes. Info About My Killer 20/39 will be on the wall, while Info About My Killer 21/39 will be to the side of the security hut. Walk towards the ghostly house in front of you. Enter the crypt on the right side of the chain link fence and walk out the back wall to get to another area of the cemetery. You can Observe Dr. Trotter's findings on the table. Reveal and Collect OLD HEIRLOOM #1 on top of the tomb to start the Ghost Story The Heirloom. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Check the wall by the Hiding Spot. Speak to the ghost girl to receive Scorned Clue 1/4: Broken Hearted. Once all three are dealt with, head through the gap in the ghostly walls and Julia’s Thoughts 18/38: Reckless Ronan will be directly in front of you. Teleport across the gap to follow Sophia, and then again through the hole to the other side of the wall (this is so much easier than using the silhouettes). Right around the corner will be some stairs. Go through the ghost gate. At the top of the stairs is another silhouette. Reveal and Collect Ghost Girl's Messages GHOST. Go back down to the path and you’ll see more silhouettes on the other side, opposite these ones. You can Question the ghost doctor INSPECTING A SEVERED HUMAN HAND. Follow the silhouettes down the hill to find Julia’s Thoughts 23/38: Smokin’ Ronan by the final one. Look to the right of the bush to see police tape hanging from a tree. Go back through the crypt so you're by the chain link fence with the Danger sign. Hide in the nearest silhouette and wait for it to turn its back before executing it. Head back to Joy and look nearby to see a shovel leaning against a gravestone. Collect OLD HEIRLOOM #3 from behind the tree. Walk back up the path on to the roof of the mausoleum and drop back down onto the main path. Turn around to face the way you came and you’ll see an alley leading off to the right. Walk back down the stairs and follow the path up to a reporter. Look to your left and teleport over to the other side of the river. This will give you Scorned Clue 3/4: A Shoulder to Cry On. Collect Julia's Thoughts WHY RONAN BECAME A COP near the top of the path. Yay. Grab Sophia’s arm for Lake Clue 3/4: Contract. Select Deceased, Washed Up, and Tattered (GHOST MAN SAW BODY). Keep going and enter the Quarantined building. Teleport across the river and follow the shoreline so you can Collect OLD HEIRLOOM #4. Help Katy resolve her unfinished business. Inspect the rope. Look behind the wooden boxes. You can Question the ghost man on the bridge: Get on the paved path and go to the right to start chasing Sophia's ghost. After speaking with Joy, head over to the woman sitting with her back against a tombstone. There's a ghost woman on the left you can Question. Follow the signs pointing to Quarantine Ridge/Monument Hill. Go down the stairs and up the short ridge across from the stairs. OLD HEIRLOOM #7 is inside the middle crypt just to the right from the previous heirloom. Collect Julia's Thoughts A STROLL THROUGH THE GRAVEYARD. Turn around and you’ll see a man to the right of the bridge, behind Joy. Wait for the demon to turn its back then walk around the mausoleum to find some stairs. Teleport up to the gazebo where there's a couple drinking. In front of you will be two people being watched by a ghost girl. Inspect the POLICE TAPE attached to the tree to the right of the shovel, Talk to the ghost woman sitting by the gravestone (SHORELINE THING) to the left, Inspect the FOOTPRINTS AT SHORELINE behind and to the right of the ghost woman, Reveal and Analyze Details of the corpse by the water behind and to the left of the ghost woman. Teleport between the silhouettes until you’re positioned next to the raven. Enter the central mausoleum to find Ghost Stories: The Heirloom 7/13 inside. Speak to her for Shoreline Clue 1/10: Shoreline Thing. After another short cutscene you’ll get Lake Clue 2/4: Sophia’s Death. Look across the river again to see Joy on the other side by the bridge. After the cutscene, focus on the tree Sophia was pointing at and select Crack to receive Lake Clue 1/4: Cemetery Bell Killer. Choose the Witness’s Mother’s Note to continue. Turn around and cross the path. Go to the right and Teleport across the gap. Continue down the path and you’ll see another three collectibles – Ghost Stories: The Heirloom 10-11/13 and Salem’s History 13/25: Graveyard History Plaque – also directly ahead of you. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? Use the Hiding spots to get behind the Demon and execute it. From here, turn right and walk to the edge of the hill. Use the raven to distract and execute the first demon. version 3.0 = August, 2018 Remove a section of the ghost fence on the right behind the two headstones. Welcome to the Murdered: Soul Suspect Walkthrough. Cross the bridge and approach Joy (on the right with a flashlight) for a cutscene. Go past another couple on the right and follow the Hiding Spots to get OLD HEIRLOOM #12 back by the fence. Let go of the [LMB] to Teleport to the destination. Enter the next building on the right. Teleport past the raven and there’ll be a mausoleum ahead of you. Analyze using Tattered, Deceased and Washed Up to receive Shoreline Clue 2/10: Ghost Man Saw Body. Turn left at the end of the road and walk through another ghostly house. Collect Julia's Thoughts RECKLESS RONAN on the right. It should take between 5 and 10 hours to complete. Look to the left and head up the hill towards the ghosts. Alternatively, and way more quickly, you can wait for it to turn its back and simply jump down on to the path and execute it. (BELL KILLER SYMBOL). There are three demons floating around here. Hide on the left. Teleport over and speak to her. Help us fix it by posting in its. You get the (CONTRACT) clue. Turn to the left and go to the tree. Move over the right side. Once you’re back in control, there’ll be a gate directly ahead of you. Once on the other side, turn right and stand at the top of the stairs. Head up the stairs and you’ll find Salem’s History 11/25: Yellow Fever Memorial Plaque. Follow the path away from the bridge, after Sophia, and you’ll see a number of silhouettes off to your right. At the base of the light is a large stone. Murdered: Soul Suspect. From down here, use your new ability to teleport up to the ledge where Sophia teleported to. Look down and Teleport down to the ground floor by the thin tree. Talk to the ghost man in the striped shirt (HIDDEN IN THE BUSHES), Inspect the DISLODGED STONE on the paved path by the street lamp and the tree, Inspect the DARK BUSHES by the shore to the right of the ghost woman. Just on the other side of the chain link fence is OLD HEIRLOOM #2. Return to the paved path. community members have thanked the author. If you look down on to the path you’ll see two collectibles ahead of you, just beyond a mausoleum. Turn to the left and Teleport across the gap. Grab Sophia's arm. Go up the steps to Monument Hill. Leave the Hiding spot, run up behind it and hold [R] to execute it. Select the Pattern of Victim Deaths clue (BELL KILLER SIMILARITY). Teleport up and collect it. Teleport to the upper level of the other side of the building. Turn to the right and Teleport over to the Triage doorway. Continue past the shacks. Wait for the demons to turn away and then enter the mausoleum. Head down the hill and you’ll see a little ghost symbol on the floor.

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