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You can also write to NASA Inspector General, P.O. Noted Scientist Pleads Guilty to Attempted Espionage (PR-2011-I), August 04, 2011 NASA's Management of Reimbursable Agreements (IG-18-018), May 24, 2018 Former NASA Chief of Staff Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy (PR-2010-O), August 18, 2010 As of this audit, Boeing had expended $5.3 billion of the $6.2 billion allocated for the Boeing stages contract, with Boeing having been expected to reach the contracts full value by 2019 without providing a finished core stage or the EUS. The International Space Station is seen in this 30 second exposure as it flies over Elkton, VA early in the morning, Saturday, August 1, 2015. NASA's Compliance with the Improper Payments Information Act for Fiscal Year 2016 (IG-17-020), April 26, 2017 NASA's Management of the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Program (IG-20-018), June 25, 2020 [2] Listed below are some notable audits performed by the Office of Audits. Former NASA Official Charged in Scheme to Steer 'Earmarked' NASA Funds to Consulting Client (PR-2009-C), December 23, 2008 Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA's Security Management Practices (IG-20-001 Redacted), June 18, 2019 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges Seven Individuals for Engineering Sophisticated Internet Fraud Scheme that Infected Millions of Computers (PR-2012-A), September 21, 2011 NASA OIG's Computer Crimes Division (CCD) conducted investigations jointly with U.S. and foreign counterparts into NASA computer networks, some of which resulted in arrests, indictments and convictions of hackers located in Venezuela, Italy, Turkey, England, Portugal, Nigeria, and Romania. Write: NASA Office of Inspector General Defendant Sentenced on Charges of Illegal Exporatation of Rocket Technology to South Korea (PR-2011-A), August 18, 2010 Final Memorandum, Ames Research Center Protective Services Contract (IG-19-017), April 15, 2019 TDD: 1-800-535-8134, NASA OIG CYBERHOTLINE NASA's Development of Ground and Flight Application Software for the Artemis Program (IG-20-014), March 17, 2020 Audit of NASA's Engineering Services Contract at Kennedy Space Center (IG-16-017), April 14, 2016 65 percent of GISS scientific research published from 2015-2017 were not approved for release to public, and that GISS has practiced “unallowable use of NASA appropriated funds.” NASA OA deemed this to be caused by a lack of sufficient oversight by principal investigators and NASA officials. Intrusions Involved Computers at NASA and Cisco, Theft of Trade Secret Source Code (PR-2010-F), December 01, 2009 [citation needed], NASA OIG special agent badges have the blue NASA logo at their center. Former Chief Economist for the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space Pleads Guilty (PR-2020-D), January 06, 2020 Evaluation of NASA's Information Security Program under the Federal Information Security Modernization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 (IG-20-017), May 15, 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer Agrees to Pay Over $46 Million for Defrauding Customers, including the United States, in Connection with Test Result Falsification Scheme (PR-2019-G), March 27, 2019 Management of the Low-Boom Flight Demonstrator Project (IG-20-015), March 19, 2020 Former Boeing Procurement Officer & Two Sub-Contractors Sentenced on Federal Fraud Charges (PR-2015-C), October 20, 2014 Security Contractor Sentenced (PR-2013-J), June 21, 2013 District Man Sentenced for Trafficking in Counterfeit Goods (PR-2017-E), February 27, 2017 Cybersecurity Management and Oversight at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (IG-19-022), June 03, 2019 Florida man convicted of fraudulently exploiting programs designed to protect service-disabled veteran-owned businesses and small disadvantaged businesses (PR-2020-A), August 29, 2019, NASA OIG Headquarters Built as part of an international collaboration, the ISS has been home to biological and technological research, continued international partnership in space, and a platform to lead into studies and missions within deep space. Lead Administrator and WebHost of Online Child Pornography Bulletin Board Sentenced to Prison (PR-2012-D), December 06, 2011 NASA Inspector General Paul K. Martin. This value, like maximum height, also is measured in degrees from the horizon. Lunar Material Recovered (PR-2011-F), April 22, 2011 Audit of NASA's Security Operations Center (IG-18-020), May 14, 2018 Earth Venture Suborbital Investigations (IG-17-013), March 09, 2017 SLS budget was also brought under review to aid in completing the audit and review. OFFICE OF THE INSPECTOR GENERAL. Vacant, Inspector General. NASA's Management of Distributed Active Archive Centers (IG-20-011), February 20, 2020

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