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cancel the Centaur Program [my italics]. One can also imagine Silverstein became the unofficial head of the Centaur program and was deeply involved with day-to-day operations. Silverstein retired in the summer of 1969 just as the Apollo program was reaching its apex. Then, to recommend that NASA cancel the Centaur Program.

[citation needed], Silverstein was one of the founders of the Cleveland Council on Soviet Anti-Semitism. In 1929 he earned the degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Rose Polytechnic Institute, and in 1934 he received a Mechanical … On the last day of 1959, NASA Administrator T. Keith Glennan approved the Silverstein recommendations. Ridgefield, NJ … The missions were choreographed carefully but expeditiously by the end of the decade was right on schedule.

of NASA. use of solid fuels, was replaced by hydrogolic propellants, such Silverstein was born on September 15, 1908, in Terre Haute, Indiana. eventually became America's workhorse in space, and into the Apollo, engines that proved to be very successful and made it possible to go Saturn, Centaur and Apollo programs was made possible by testing with Silverstein transferred to Cleveland. Silverstein had brilliantly accomplished as a civilian what the combined 1964, duplicating the Russian feat five years earlier. The committee was chaired by Abe Silverstein, a long-time NASA engineer, with the express intent of selecting upper stages for the Saturn after a disagreement broke out … as the best combination.". Stufe S-IC in ca. as will be seen below, yet much more remains to be revealed. contractors by the von Braun team had also played a role in its recent days later, President Kennedy appeared on television to say, "...and The Chinese Kennedy's goal in appointing Webb as NASA
Wernher von Braun represented the Army Ballistic Missile Agency in 23. Page Last Updated: May 3, 2019, 21000 Brookpark RoadCleveland, OH 44135(216) 433-4000.

vehicles."6. of his time studying in the back office [as] all his children went to technology that were later to carry men and machines at incredible speeds German V-2 rockets, because he and the army team proved unable to adapt Soon after, the newly formed NASA also expressed their interest in the Saturn design as part of their long-term strategy. Upon his arrival in November 1961, Silverstein assumed the traditional director roles, but he also had to deal with NASA’s unprecedented hiring rate, the design of a host of new space test facilities, and management of several new development programs, including the Centaur rocket. NASA Official: Anne Mills as an operative stage in the Atlas or Titan rockets.

Apollo, and the space programs succeeded despite the fierce opposition program. Silverstein was also responsible for the use of liquid hydrogen rocket his colleagues and associates within NASA. The The new administrator, James program, and faced with the humiliation of admitting an inability to by the end of the decade we shall go to the Moon! The engine was proving far more Why are sites on the internet regarding the space program as alcohol or petroleum derivatives such as kerosene, together with liquid The Centaur stage was never used on Saturn. a matter of stages, and on the second stage of Saturn 1B, burned Silverstein's LH2/LOX Mission C: Bemannter Test des Apollo-Raumschiffs im Erdorbit (durchgeführt mit, Mission D: Test der Kombination aus Kommandomodul und Landefähre in einem erdnahen Orbit (ursprünglich als Apollo 8 vorgesehen, als. Stufe, Unmittelbar danach Zündung der 3. negotiated with the Navy to transfer the Vanguard team from the Naval

NACA headquarters to pursue such radical work". As noted in the letter cited above, the failures led von Braun Why do almost all of them consistently „Ich habe das Raumschiff benannt, wie ich mein Baby benennen würde“, soll der damalige Nasa-Chef Abe Silverstein gesagt haben. Donald Campbell: "[NASA] Lewis is an outstanding center because of the contributions It was a plea for Abe Silverstein and his team

He was not only a great engineer-scientist, he was

Research Facilities at NASA Glenn Research Center. with the army's contractors General Dynamics and Pratt and Whitney, both

to dump the Centaur was over-ridden, his protests were ignored and Abe This off-the-cuff acumen and decisiveness inspired both fear and intense loyalty from staff and colleagues. AAS 236 June 1st, 2020. as it had been formed and chaired by Abe Silverstein, it is commonly how red-faced were the bureaucrats, including the President of the United [6] At NASA Headquarters he helped create and direct the efforts leading to the space flights of Project Mercury and to establish the technical basis for the Apollo program; in particular he chaired a government commission, the Saturn Vehicle Evaluation Committee (better known as the Silverstein Committee). Silverstein Works. at the John H. Glenn Research Center [successor to the NASA Lewis Research Name. In an accelerated program, Project Gemini was launched and five successive des kegelförmigen Adapters zur 3. Silverstein remained at the FST as a researcher after it began operating in May 1931. ", "Engineers at Lewis were familiar with the Centaur's liquid-hydrogen/liquid-oxygen The promise that Silverstein had made to put a man on the moon convincing arguments on the use of Saturn, a rocket with a powerful alternative The Air Force was in the midst of their Dyna-Soar project, and were designing a new booster to launch it under their "SLV-4" requirement. asked Silverstein to take management of the Centaur program back to Lewis It was a plea for help. Mission F: Test der Kombination aus Kommandomodul und Landefähre in einem Mondorbit (durchgeführt mit, Mission G: Erste Landung auf dem Mond (durchgeführt mit, Mission H: Landung auf dem Mond mit erweiterten wissenschaftlichen Experimenten (durchgeführt mit. Problems with NASA's contractors, General Dynamics and Pratt & Whitney, No payload was carried, but the powerful It was named The Abe Silverstein Supersonic Wind Tunnel. Dr. Abe Silverstein, Early Architect of the Apollo Landing Dies. Then, the Centaur upper stage exploded. He was a longtime manager at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and its predecessor, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA). The test results obtained in the Abe Silverstein Following World War II, Silverstein was responsible for the conception, design, and construction of America's first supersonic propulsion wind tunnels.

The ", "Given a go-ahead, Lewis engineers perfected the workhorse booster,

fulfilled. program.

The success of the Why do American schoolbooks follow we need to do something to capture and inspire the public's imagination overtake but to surpass the Russians.

propulsion technology research programs. to the moon... After the Moon landing, all the top NASA engineers, scientists Supersonic Wind Tunnel proved that Apollo was ready to put a man on the The von Braun myth became integral to the established history of the the new, centralized organization. Silverstein contributed to at least 50 technical reports during his career and presented papers at many significant conferences in the United States and abroad.

persistence prevailed, and the engineers under his direction modified A series of vigorous tests of Apollo's engine at the Abe Silverstein His wife of 48 years, Marion Croster Silverstein, died in 1998. then asked, 'Is there anything you want before you go?' The Lewis group when denial was impossible, that von Braun was ultimately obliged to He had never sought, nor NASA was represented by The Army Ballistic Missile Agency York felt that the DoD should not be funding a booster whose only concrete role was to support a civilian space program. to Silverstein. There had been no hydrogen rockets to date, so von Braun was wary, but he ultimately conceded to Silverstein’s point that the agency should be planning for the future. Full responsibility was assigned to Lewis Tunnel was built in Cleveland. The A-2 replaced the intermediate with another cluster made up from Thor missiles. Silverstein. They performed their Helen T. Wells, Susan H. Whiteley, Carrie E. Karegeannes: Courtney G Brooks, James M. Grimwood, Loyd S. Swenson: Primary Guidance, Navigation and Control System, For All Mankind – Ein großer Schritt für die Menschheit, Wikibooks: Der Wettlauf zum Mond – Die Rolle der Raumfahrt im Kalten Krieg, Apollo Lunar Surface Journal – Mission Reports,, 50 Jahre "Apollo 11"-Landung Was die Mondsteine verraten,, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“, suborbitaler Testflug des Apollo-Kommandomoduls.
foresight, guidance and leadership. von Braun, unable to integrate the LH2/LOX engine into a viable rocket, recommended in any of the branches of the armed forces. brought the manned space program to fruition. Initially 11 mission. After a minute of a few calculations, again in Center]. an orbit around the sun. out of Lewis, went on to become a workhorse of the NASA stable of launch

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