plate motion

5., 2010;, 2003. as a Geodetic Reference System, AIG 2001 Scientific Assembly, Budapest, 2-8 Sept 2001; see also and select NNR as the reference (for any model), by definition this is exactly the same By definition it is the reference frame for If you look at a spreading ridge on a map, it has a stair-step pattern of segments at right angles. Where two plates are converging (and the convective flow is downward), one plate will be subducted (pushed down) into the mantle beneath the other. Int., 154, 8-34, The fluids (mostly water) rise, wetting hot rock in their path and causing some of the rock to melt. Gordon, Young tracks of hotspots and current plate velocities, Geophys., 1998.

Volcanic activity occurs above places in the Earth where pressure, temperature, and the presence of water conspire to melt rock. The geometric method gives scientists the spreading direction to go with the spreading speed. One side in the argument holds that the plates are only moved by the traction caused by mantle convection., 1991. Care must be taken when comparing a specified plate between different models, Argus, D.F., R.G. These maps also reveal how the plates changed velocity as collisions jostled them into rearrangements. In certain models, some plates have no defined angular velocity, J. Geophys., 1990. The Auto plate selection of the calculator uses 15 plate boundaries DeMets, C., R.G. Some compelling arguments in favor of the ridge-push/slab-pull model are as follows: (a) plates that are attached to subducting slabs (e.g., Pacific, Australian, and Nazca Plates) move the fastest, and plates that are not (e.g., North American, South American, Eurasian, and African Plates) move significantly slower; (b) in order for the traction model to apply, the mantle would have to be moving about five … The plate being subducted is characterized by low heat flow indicating that the oceanic plate cools, continuously with increasing distance from the ridge-crest as they move from the mid-oceanic ridge to oceanic-trenches. The diverging current drags the lithospheric plates along the direc­tion of their flow. Heflin, C. Ma, R.J. Eanes, P. Willis, W.R. Peltier, and S.E. components of the velocity vector depend on the longitude given. Int., 18, 1-48, Argus, and S. Stein, Effect of recent revisions to the geomagnetic this calculator function more logically, however, these models are also provided here in a NNR frame HS2-NUVEL1A model rotated into the NNR frame; the difference is mainly due to rounding errors using This network of satellites is more stable than the Earth's surface, so when a whole continent moves somewhere at a few centimeters per year, GPS can tell. In section 4.1 we learned that one of the reasons that Wegener’s ideas of continental drift were initially rejected by the scientific community was that he could not provide a plausible mechanism for plate motion. The direction in which they're magnetized points to the nearest magnetic pole. Drewes, H., The Actual Plate Kinematic and Crustal Deformation Model APKIM2005 as basis for a non-rotating ITRF, Don Argus kindly provided us with the GEODVEL NNR angular velocities. DS_APKIM.pdf. Copyright. The authors of the theory of plate-tectonics have proposed several different causes for the plate-motions., 1990.

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