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It’s all used as expected (i.e. 148Apps is an independent publication of Steel Media Ltd that has not been authorized, sponsored, or approved by Apple Inc. Do any of these 'card battler' (Rage of Bahamut) games have any actual gameplay? - Embark on tons of quests to win awesome in-game items I really can't recommend it enough... To me the "card battler" genre refers to deckbuilding and with no actual gameplay. Mistarcia, being a land of gods, demons, and humans, saved itself by barely managing to seal Bahamut. Having two of the same card grants the option to sacrifice one to evolve the other into a stronger form. buying car packs, building a stronger deck, etc), really. This deceptively simple fantasy adventure is easy to pick up, but nearly impossible to put down! SolForge, Decromancer, and Cabals are all phenomenal games. I love Cards and Castles. “So many gamers have fallen in love with this smash-hit franchise” - Fight heart-pounding real-time battles against live opponents New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AndroidGaming community. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I’d say it’s definitely worth a look. Over 10,000,000 people worldwide are playing Rage of Bahamut, the original free-to-play collectible card game on Android and iOS. Genshin Impact - Marvelous Merchant Event Explained, Distract Yourself With These Great Mobile Games on Sale Right Now, Crash Bandicoot: On The Run! The absolutely stellar illustrations are a definite standout, but Rage of Bahamut is more than just a pretty face. And games like Cards and Castles are Turn Base Strategy. Rage of Bahamut released in 2012 is a game for the platforms Android iOS. Bahamut appears as a devastatingly powerful Legendary card. Rage of Bahamut is an online mobile CCG developed by Cygames as their first game, and published jointly by Cygames and Mobage. Pocket Gamer.biz - Mobile games industry news, opinion, and analysis. Gameplay Rating: Playtime Rating: Replay Value Rating: Overall Rating: Rage of Bahamut wasn’t quite what I was expecting. Rage of Bahamut is one surprisingly cool CCG. It is the same but you can control the fights. This Wiki is all about the Rage of Bahamut Card Game for the Android and iOS. Oh man, you don't know my pain. I played 'Diety Wars' for a bit a while ago for the art and just got an advert for Heroes of Camelot which I also like the art style for but was disappointed to see it's just another one of the million or so Rage of Bahamut clones where you tap the screen until you run out of time/money and occasionally get a new card with bigger numbers. Originally Japan-only, it was later given a US version. See the. “The multiplayer battlefield is extremely addictive” spins onto mobile in 2021, Mulled 2 is a refreshingly simple ball-putting puzzler, out now for iOS and Android, Physics-based tower defense game Goblin Raiders out now on mobile, PUBG Mobile has provided yet another update on their anti-cheating efforts, Zombieland: AFK Survival is celebrating Halloween with two events and four new characters, Genshin Impact Guide - Gacha Strategy: When to Spend and When to Save, Genshin Impact Currency Guide - What's Important and How to Spend It, XCOM 2 Collection on iOS now available for pre-order, Presidents Run has returned for the 2020 election season with its brand of light-hearted endless running, New update for Cookies Must Die adds new characters, new enemy types, and more, Genshin Impact Guide - How to Beat Pyro Regisvine, Moto Rider GO has received a huge update today that introduces several KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles, ORDESA is a spooky interactive film that's available now for iOS and Android, Genshin Impact Guide - How to Beat Stormterror, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Disclosures. It keeps things interesting by changing up the expected formula quite a bit and features some incredibly clever ideas. - Get access to new content added multiple times every week. Unleash its power on your foes! The land of Mistarcia was threatened its extinction by a fierce dragon, Bahamut. * Stats and abilities are subject to change. IN RAGE OF BAHAMUT YOU WILL: - Personalize your own unique deck of lavishly illustrated cards I'm not asking for Magic: The Gathering here, but anything would help make them less of a chore to play or blatent cash cow, I really don't see what's fun about them at the moment other than very slow ways of collecting nice fantasy art. Rage of Bahamut. I am looking for a game like Rage of Bahamut for more than a year already, since they announced shutdown of an international RoB servers. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The choice of questing, fighting other players for treasures, or both appeal to a fairly broad range while the way it handles duplicates is nothing short of genius. I afraid that will happen to Shadowerse since its show to me only 100k downloaded in google play which is actually low. But that’s just the basics. Currently we have 2,852 articles and 13,573 images that are … I really love this game, but when i searched around internet about Cygame, I found out that they shutdown an English version of Rage of Bahamut due to low income from global service. Epic Cards Battle looks plausible, anyone played? At its core, Rage of Bahamut is all about gathering cards in order to complete quests (or battle other players) in order to get better cards, etc. Rage of Bahamut is an anime based on a mobile card game of the same name. But even if a card has been upgraded as far as it can go there’s still the option of converting an unwanted double into experience. Games like O&C Duels, or Shadow Era are actual TCGs, not card battlers. - Forge powerful alliances with other players Press J to jump to the feed. Would you like your application reviewed on 148Apps? Rage of Bahamut Wiki. Rise of Bahamut is a 105-card expansion that adds even more in-depth strategic options with the new Enhance ability. Haven't really played the reast. It's got one heck of an ugly and not very intuitive interface, but Rage of Bahamut is still an unexpectedly great CCG. “With Rage of Bahamut, trading card games have reached a new pinnacle” As a general rule I would stay away from anything that mentions 'fusing' which seems to be code for 'free, pay to win game with a steep paywall'. They almost all are just boring pve grind, where no one is a loser, they all winners. Navigating through the multitude of status screens and option boxes takes lots of getting used to and a decent amount of patience, but it’s worth it in the end. Quests can be completed in order to acquire treasure, more cards, cash, and experience for whichever card has been designated the Leader. “Every one of the characters is unique and tastefully designed” Monster Squad. “A visual extravaganza packed with sharp and detailed art” Over 10,000,000 people worldwide are playing Rage of Bahamut, the original free-to-play collectible card game on Android and iOS. Like I said; it’s genius. Players collect cards by doing quests, prizes, opening up card packs, or trading and use them to battle other players, enhance, or evolve them. This subreddit is dedicated to everything related to gaming on Android.

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