rainbow six vegas 2 acts

Once the second wave is put down, duck and lean out to take out the turret by the next checkpoint. Make a left at the rooftop and a few enemies will spawn and assault the team from the far end. Scene 1 - Drop Off - part 2 | Act 6 - Nevada Desert Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Guide. Take out the SR25-SD and with the tac-map, zap all the red dots. There is a supply crate at the rooftop, but you can eschew that for now. Take out the marksman first, then the turret from the side. Learn to move around the top to sight enemies at the bottom. The marksman is hard to see, so you may want to mark him to keep an eye on him. Head to the building and use the snake cam to check things out. The best thing is to climb the ladder you saw at the barrel storage area; this places you one level under the catwalk these two fast-rope down from. Take out the marksmen and turret gunner with some choice sniping from solid cover, or you push up the daisies. After clearing the loading docks, have the hostage open the gate. Attack both floors and if you are sticking to the aggressive ROE, use only Open and Clear (or you breach and kill the family).
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is your last chance to rescue America's sexiest city from an escalating terrorist siege that will force you into heart-pounding action from beginning to end. With so many supplies, it's possible to frag and cack everyone with C4 and frags for assault points. The team will be in a parking lot. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is your last chance to rescue America's sexiest city from an escalating terrorist siege that will force you into heart-pounding action from beginning to end. Multiplayer.

Aside from the dark color, there are red barrels hidden in some of the barrel stacks you see here: First off, duck, then lean out and take out the two enemies on the ground; you want to duck, since standing up will alert them. Peer round the corner and take out the rest of the enemies yourself. If you alert them or run out of targets to zap, silence your assault weapon and head downstairs. Archie Utama 4,327 views. Once that's done, you need to trigger the next few enemies who will advance forwards from their spawn towards your position. Breach in with a textbook flash and clear, as the hostages are working upright. The exit is regretably on the lower level. Firing through the catwalk with a trusty 552 (even silenced) will neutralize them both before they can threaten you (look up and use thermal if needed). They can fire up and hit you, but you can also fire down and strike their heads. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. Jung and Michael are great robots. The next section can be done completely in silence. The agent's room you can toss a bomb in and blow enemies to chum (or simply shoot them through the window).

Use their line of sight and the tac-map to get your bearings and snipe enemies. From here on out, you can go load. Use a mix of waiting and ambush to thin out the attackers, then inch out, detect and mark. Order your team to smoke the bottom of the stairs if you are unsure of what's down there; kills your team makes are still worth experience (just not as much). ". It is a first-person shooter video game and the sequel to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas.It was announced by Ubisoft on November 20, 2007. Take out the enemies popping out behind the vans, etc.
You can peer over the edge of the roof and nail a few enemies. The forklift, if defanged, will not explode when it crashes into the wall. I happen to LOVE cats, they taste like chicken. The checkpoint will save your "fullness" and allow you to restart from there without supply difficulties. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Vegas 2 - the sequel to the award-winning next-generation first-person shooter - returns to Sin City. The final room that Sharon indicates has two or three terrorists. Toss C4 and grenades out the windows and see who else can be killed. You cannot reach it just yet since more enemies will come out -- three in fact (with shotguns).

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