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You've only seen one page. Das Wort Punch steht für Faust und das Wort Line steht für Zeile. I.e similes, puns, metaphors, homophones etc. This doesn’t fall under the standard classification of a homophone but the general principle still applies. Or rap like rapping on the mic. This IS the formula so many rappers have used. But I think you get the point here. Anyone can learn to mumble words around and make them... I’m the rapper and editor of Rhymemakers.com – a site for rap lovers to come together and learn more about how to rap.

You've only seen one page. Many times simple is better. In rap, punchlines quite often have a level of wordplay associated with them. A punchline in rap is the end of the joke/story/idea that elicits a response or a reaction from the listener. Ask Beavis I get nothin butt-head – Big L, So ahead of my time my parents haven’t met yet – Big L, Too many urkels on your team, that’s why your wins low –, You couldn’t make fans throw up their hands if they swallowed their fingers, Like an orthopedic shoe, I got mad soul – Lil Fame, Put you on an IV, not the roman numeral four, The IV that leads to the funeral floor – Apathy, She’s an overachiever so all she do is suck seed – Childish Gambino, “And I’m brainless which means I’m headless, like Ichabod Crane is, or foreplay less sex is” -Lupe Fiasco, Real G’s move in silence like lasagna – Lil Wayne, but only dropped half a 16 You still got ate -Los, “Still get it poppin’ without artist & repertoire, Cause Monch is a monarch only minus the A&R” – Pharoahe Monch, You’re down, right, square like Lui Kangs fireballs – Hollohan, “I jack, I rob, I sin, I’m Jackie Robinson, except when I run base I dodge the pen”, Forget batman and robin, I’m robbin with a bat man – Rock Heltah Skeltah, I make headlines like corduroy pillows – Celph titled, I the ABC’s, skip over the D’s and rock the microphone with ease – Eminem, I’ll eat you twice, invite you back for thirds to lose Try again and get ate 4 times like 32 – Copywrite. Bars/Bars – two meanings maybe three or four depending on how you use it. Girls grind on you, skaters grind rails, general laborers grind metal, Starbucks grinds coffee beans. eine fiktive Person. Like I live in Colorado. To learn how to get inspiration to write rap punchlines, keep reading! Combine double meaning words and phrases to make more magic happen. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published, This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Than think of other things that grind. Yo whatup, my name is Edison and I've been rapping since 2002. Prep to punch by training and building stockpile, execute the line with class and style, use expert techniques to your audience beguile, and your fans will remember your punchline till old and senile.

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