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However, it did not take me a long time to declare it as my favourite traditional Romanian vegan dish. They’re easy to find too, even in street pastry shops. It’s going to make your trip to Romania easy and delicious! In addition to the vegan-friendly fasting traditions in the country, plant-based eating for health, environmental or ethical reasons is also becoming more popular in Romania.

A creamy Romanian beef soup, Ciorba De Burta, is something you need to try! To invite me as a speaker, see my Speaking page. Don't subscribe If you dare, try the local plum brandy – Palinka; it contains 40-50% alcohol and is drunk neat!

We were so hungry after climbing up Mt Tampa we were disappointed to see no veggie options on the menu… but don’t be fooled! While in bigger cities like Bucharest, Sibiu, Brasov and Cluj, you can splurge a little and visit specialized restaurants that will hit a different spot. The next favourite appetisers is salata de vinete (eggplant salad), similar to the Middle East’s baba ganoush but without the tahini. I swear I’m in love with this country! On a quiet cobbled street in the old town of Brasov, Bistro Del Arte is a quintessential European cafe by day and a wine cellar by night, complete with live violin performances reminiscent of the Soviet era. Great tips, and great pics too! I'm an intrepid traveler, vegan foodie and animal lover. While definitely not every Romanian has religious inclinations, I hope locals who eat out do see the fasting food options as an opportunity to add variety to their diets. Very interesting to find a wide variety of mouth watering vegetarian options available :). If you are in a restaurant, make sure you inform the server of your dietary restrictions and see what they can offer. We tried it with ‘potato bread’ too, Bean soup – ciorba de fasole – a traditional Romanian dish, ‘soup with bread’ (where the bowl is made of bread). It had been my dream to visit Romania for the past 12 years, and I could not imagine that one day I would be having vegan street food in Romania! Always nice to hear fellow vegetarians being taken care of, especially in the Western world Partly because the country’s orthodox population goes on a vegan fast twice a week or six weeks a year, and partly because the countryside produces some of the finest vegetables and fruits in the region. Just remember the keyword! Your email address will not be published. Ciuc Radler with a view of Sibiu from Cafe Wien.

While I was in Romania, I visited a few relatives of my friends for lunch. Another thing you didn’t know is that Romanians are big on soups. Just like zacusca, this is another simple and traditional vegan Romania dish that you will love. They knew that I do not eat meat, so they prepared a lot of boiled mushrooms for me. These dishes are widely available even in rural parts of Romania, such as the tiny village of Sibiel. Other European countries, such as France, Italy, Poland and Russia, have also had a profound effect on the language and culture of Romania. Romanian cuisine is a diverse blend of different dishes from several traditions with which it has come into contact, but it also maintains its own character. By sharing our collective experiences, we believe we can show the world how easy it is not only to travel as a vegan, but also spread a message of compassion with those we meet along the way. Discovered your blog through blogadda (newbie there) … I am glad I did. In 2018, I made a trip to Romania with a group of close friends. In this time, I've backpacked around Southeast Asia, Japan and The Balkans, alongside spending a year living in Australia. You can eat zacusca with bread, but I added it to almost everything savoury, such as sarmale and mushrooms. Fasole batuta is usually topped with caramelized onions and served with bread and zacusca in authentic Romanian restaurants.

All of the sudden the hesitant waiter’s face will light up and say “Yes, of course, we have a selection of that, including today’s specials.

Romanians are CRAZY for croutons!

I've been called a storyteller, writer, photographer, digital nomad, instagrammer, social entrepreneur, solo traveller, vegan and environmentalist. Mushrooms in all forms – in a creamy stew, lightly sauteed, cooked semi-dry with other veggies, stuffed with cheese. Instead, I’ve been isolating and changing my plans to suit current restrictions. We didn’t experience the Halal food scene of Bucharest, but if you google “Halal food Bucharest” there are actually quite a few results that come up! Indeed, walking into a Romanian restaurant and asking for ‘vegan’, ‘vegetarian’ or ‘animal-free’ food will get you worrisome, questioning or even disappointed looks from usually friendly staff unsure how to help. Is Romanian food something you’d try? All of the sudden the hesitant waiter’s face will light up and say “Yes, of course, we have a selection of that, including today’s specials. Let me give you some suggestions of traditional Romanian ‘de post’ dishes – remember, that’s the keyword for vegan. You just spread it on a piece of bread with some tomatoes on the side and that’s it – you won’t stop eating until the bowl is empty. Vegan NYC Food Tour of the Lower East Side, Romanian Ice Hotel to celebrate my 30th birthday. As such, vegetarians will always have the chance to dig into multiple vegetarian pizzas, pastas and rice dishes. The original version of this dish features meat, mainly pig flesh. I’ve checked, and you’ll be spoilt for choice as a vegan or veggie in Bucharest too! Yes they look like a chimney! Cascaval Pane: Breaded cheese, deep fried. “Indigo” was also highly recommended but we didn’t have time to eat here. I chose to rent a car from Premium Rent services and I was very pleased with the comfort of my car. It’s a bit like hummus, and what vegan doesn’t love hummus! And just like that you’ll gain access to Romania’s food paradise for vegans! I’m keeping very positive out here and sending good wishes to all my friends and family on the other side of the globe. A post shared by La Conac In Bucovina Hotel 4* (@laconacinbucovina) on Apr 16, 2019 at 11:32am PDT. Great blog! Not only are these great places to eat on a budget, they will always have at least one vegetarian option: falafel! Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for sarmale to be stuffed with rice.

These mixed cultural influences are evident in traditional Romanian food. Zacusca has that smoky eggplant flavour that I really love! Kebab joints seem to be A BIG thing all over Romania. Is not just food…. A fifteen minute walk from the bustling old town of Sibiu, Capa is a popular neighborhood joint that serves up delicious mushroom dishes. This is my little guide to vegetarian food in Romania, and the best places to sample Romanian food in Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu and Sighet: Shivya NathWelcome to my blog, The Shooting Star. A 10% tip is expected when no tipping / service charge is levied. Wow, this food sounds delicious. And then everything hurt. I loved Ciuc Radler, for its lemony, beery taste. We were so hungry when we first arrived in Sighișoara and whilst this wasn’t our favourite meal, we were happy to find soup and chips here. Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

. While they don’t literally starve themselves, they do something similar to Lent, that is, abstain from animal products. Fire-baked eggplants, peeled and mashed with onions, especially delicious during summer when made with fresh eggplants. How to Get Around Romania – Transylvania Travel Tips, 11 Things to do in Ohrid, North Macedonia, How to spend one day in Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina), The Balkans Guide. These were my favorite veggie indulgences: FASULE BATUTA (mashed beans) A sumptuous dish of mashed kidney beans, topped with onions, and eaten with bread. Read more of our local insights on our website and follow us on Facebook to stay in touch! It is almost always served with lemon. Hi!

A list of vegetarian Romanian food for you to try… mulțumesc to my Romanian colleague Teo for helping me with this list! Iahnia de fasole (beans mash) is a staple you will find anywhere, anytime.

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