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On her way to the top, Robin will trigger a cutscene involving Marguerit Maida, who tells her to stay off her land and then leaves in her modified Prawn Suit. The suit greatly helps to combat the effects of the cold. Enter the cave to heat up, as the temperature in this area is very dangerous. Once you acquire the materials, fabricate one Hydraulic Fluid, and return to the bridge. They can be modified to perform a large range of functions. Once you build your Prawn Suit, it will sink to the bottom of the ocean, where you can enter it and start walking around on the ocean floor, with the same controls as you would use when walking on land. Go through the caves to reach it. Head out of the Lilypads Crevice and head up the Lilypad Islands and knife one Table Coral sample and harvest one Silver Ore. Once crafted, you can put the upgrade in the Seatruck by opening the hatch on the roof of the cabin. When Robin enters the base's large room for the first time, Marguerit will request her to disable the Communications Tower on the Delta Island shortly before she walks into the adjacent large room. If you did not meet one on the way to or from the tech site, then you have yet to encounter what is known as an Ice Worm. A free bottle of Disinfected Water and a Nutrient Block lay on a nearby shelf. It should be noted that until Robin downloads Al-An into her head, the caches will remain inaccessible. Titanium can be acquired from limestone outcrops, and batteries and lubricant can be found in supply crates. © Valve Corporation. Further into the cave, the PDA will warn you that there is a leviathan nearby. Head left, you should find yourself walking past the top of a frozen waterfall. In total you will need: The Crystal Caves are home to several Shadow Leviathans, so make sure your gear is charged, or bring along spare Batteries and Power Cells. Place the drill arm in one of the two middle slots, which represent your left and right arms. Its recipe calls for four Titanium, two Glass, and one Silver Ore. Glass is crafted by combining two Quartz. The Seatruck runs on Power Cells, which need to be charged up in Power Cell Chargers; alternatively, you can build a Moonpool to charge your Seatruck while docked. The third cache is hidden in the Crystal Caves. You can also pick up a vial of Hydrochloric Acid on a desk near the claw. The main feature of the Sea Truck is modularity; using Seatruck modules, you can pick and choose what your Seatruck can do, from storage to teleportation. The supply cache contains the blueprint for the Compass, which puts a compass on the player's HUD. Each terminal is responsible for crafting one part of Al-An's Vessel. The Power Cell requires two batteries and one silicone rubber. One very useful piece of technology that can be scanned in the Shallow Twisty Bridges is the Seaglide, which greatly increases your movement speed. There are also certain scannable objects in the base. Something you should take the time to craft is the High Capacity O₂ Tank, an upgraded version of the Standard O₂ Tank you previously crafted. This cave is located just below the large suspended island where the Omega Lab is. Its recipe is one Battery and one Titanium. It is also advised to increase the mobility of your Snowfox by crafting a Snowfox Hop Module in the Vehicle Upgrade Console, assuming you picked up the blueprint from the basin, near the Glacial Basin forest. It's in a crevice filled with volcanic geysers. The Snowfox can also be picked up and redeployed if you click on the back of it, behind the seat. 361. Press J to jump to the feed. share. This is a fragment you can scan; all four of the fragments are inside the cavern. After scanning everything you need or want, exit the base and head up the stairs in front of you to the radio tower. While exploring outside the water you should pay attention to your body heat. Can you get the "white tablet" yet or is building the new storage medium for AL-AN it?? If you tuned into the Nintendo Indie World Showcase today, you already know our big news: Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero are coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2021!. The kitchen has several miscellaneous scannables, several posters, and a water filtration machine. Healing requires the use of First Aid Kits, but health will also slowly regenerate if you've refilled your food and water meters enough. Once you have all the items you need, return to the Drop Pod to craft the Scanner. Titanium Ingots and Glass are simple; the rest, however, should be new to you. Robin's mission is to investigate the death of her sister, Sam Ayou. In the base's laboratory, you can find an ion cube, a databox for the Control Room, several drawings done by Lillian Bench's children, a modification station fragment, a portrait of Potato (Robin and Sam's cat), and a few PDAs regarding Lillian Bench. After the intro cutscene, you gain control of Robin. The recipe for it is quite simple (you can check it in the blueprints tab of your PDA). On the Delta Island, Thermal Lilies provide a very convenient source of heat that makes surviving the island very easy. If hypothermia becomes imminent, you can warm yourself up with the help of Thermal Lilies. “Below Zero offers currently 1-2 hours of story play time.

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