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They all seemed so concentrated, eyebrows furrowed as they receive the balls from each end. Kuroo further demonstrates his blocking abilities when he is able to get Hinata to spike where Fukunaga was waiting to receive and then repeats the same action to allow Yamaoto to make a receive. Hanamaru watches as people flock toward the doors of the train, no apologies whispered as they bump into each other. Goal He knows the full term for DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). As Kuroo and Kai hold up Yaku, the former compliments Lev for going beyond his expectations. He later teases Tsukishima with Bokuto. Background Information ” The voice is familiar, and a small brunette comes running from the bus. ” That usual sly grin appears on the ravenette’s face, something that any girl would find attractive. Seiyu Information Let’s go! God—he wanted to make her laugh like that. They looked like they are scheming or hiding secrets and are very cat-like. Then she walks over to the table, sitting herself down before digging in to her honey flavoured treat. Privacy [6] When Kenma was debating leaving the team in his first year of high school due to troubled relationships with the upperclassmen, Kuroo encouraged him to stay by telling Kenma he is a big asset to the team. The ravenette is also slim but not skinny. According to Kenma, Kuroo was a shy and withdrawn kid who first moved into his neighborhood when he was eight years old[2]. Edit. As of 2021, he plays for Cheegle Ekaterinburg, a professionalvolleyball team inthe Russian Volleyball Super League. You just startled me! Job: (Dining-Service Inspector). The bus is ready to leave, everyone get on. ***It was submitted by Glennie, 52 years old. Then he finally takes a look at her breasts—which were actually really large. ” With his final words, the bus begins to pull away from the school, causing Keishin to fall into his seat. He and Kenma went to the same middle school and high school. When Karasuno reaches set point and Hinata is able to receive and win the set, Kuroo is left speechless by Hinata's actions. He was the Boys' Volleyball Club's captain and a middle blocker, known as the "Scheming Captain". Currently, he is the captain of the Nekoma team, where he presents his intelligence as a characteristic, because his blocks depend a lot on that point, he was also responsible for teaching some techniques to Tsukishima, who helped the boy a lot. Kuroo would attempt to get the last hit over by saving the ball with his foot but the ball wouldn't make it over the net. ”. See, see? “ I-I’m here… I’m here. Then they’re off to Tokyo. Cookie Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Read | eight x ten | from the story 10 | Kuroo Tetsurō by __catsukii (oriana) with 8,453 reads. Besides, Kuroo is an amazing all-rounder, essential to Nekoma in both offense and defense. Kuroo then reveals that he wants to make the Battle of the Trash Heap a reality since he doesn’t know how long the Head Coach would stay on the team. Due to his height and intellect, he is an excellent blocker. Kuroo is also shown to be a highly observant and intuitive person, not unlike their team setter, when it comes to both volleyball and other people. Toothbrush? Morisuke Yaku (Japanese: 夜久 (やく) 衛輔 (もりすけ) , Yaku Morisuke)was a third year student from Nekoma High,and one of the volleyball team's liberos. He watches in amazement as Lev pulls off a magnificent block to direct a spike to go directly to Shibayama which would lead to Nekoma claiming victory. ” The expression that Maru was wearing immediately turns sour, and she presses her knuckles in to the male’s head. His eyes are a completely different story—small and beady, almost angry. Kuroo Tetsurō One day, Kuroo persuaded his friend to join the volleyball club of elementary school as it would be a new thing for them, so Kenma eventually accepted the proposal and playing as a lifter. may 14. Scheming Captain, Comb Head, and Rooster Head (by, High School Student (3rd Year, Class 5) - 2012, Japan Volleyball Association Sport Promoter. Rhee blushes lightly, smoothing down her skirt. ” Maru can only see a hand come from behind Kageyama’s shoulder, but then the small boy shows his head. Volleyball Grilled Salted Mackerel Pike Mikasa volleyballs Girls with long hair Going to the beach during the summer Dogs Kuroo has black hair and visibly well cared for, where they form a fringe on the right side of his face, covering a good part of the forehead. They do not like each other very much, but they recognize each other's skills, as well as always putting their teams as favorites in tournaments, but Tetsurō hates the Nohebi college game style. As of November 2018, he is part of the Japan Volleyball Association's sports promotion division. Speaking of them both… they still hadn’t arrived. Sugawara laughs quietly as Hanamaru bends over, her hands on her knees. Your email address will not be published. He also cares and respects his elder coach, Nekomata, immensely, enough to help Karasuno improve to fulfill Nekomata's dream of competing against each other at nationals a reality. Height | Kuroo Tetsurou Chapter Four. Weight He became a much louder and energetic person, made new friends at school, and started going out to play soccer with the other kids. Nekoma would later suffer a blow when Kuroo later busts his nail when attempting to receive and has to be switched out to stop the bleeding. English Actor https://haikyuu.fandom.com/wiki/Tetsurō_Kuroo?oldid=100789. Kenma Kozume (Japanese: 孤爪 (こづめ) 研磨 (けんま) , Kozume Kenma) was previously a 2nd-year student from Nekoma High. You um… Look kind of sick. Maybe she could fall in love like them, too. “ Yeah. She's panting, struggling to keep up with the tall boy who seems to be dragging her along. Image gallery “ Nishinoya— ” Before the tall male can even protest, he’s pulled down into the vacant spot next to Yuu. “ I’m sure they will. Even as a kid, he was incredibly mindful of Kenma's quiet, withdrawn personality, and had the sense to not drag him out to do something the boy didn't have any fun in doing[2]. The next day, Kuroo approaches Daichi and apologizes for it. He and Kai would then try to block Asahi but they are unable to withstand the power behind Asahi's spike. Fingers press against the button, holding down the snooze as a groan bubbles up from Hanamaru’s chest. As Daichi and Kuroo shake hands, Daichi notes that Kuroo’s the cunning type. The second set begins and Kuroo worries about Lev, wondering how to advise him without discouraging him. Current Concern: Can't get rid of his bedhead hair. You have all your stuff packed, right? He has narrow, hazel colored (grey in the manga) eyes with cat-like pupils that make him appear sly and intimidating. When Tsukishima rotates into the front row, Kuroo becomes intrigued when the first year admits he did not believe he could beat someone stronger than himself. The brunette places her shoes in a small locker, the other … Meeting the Boys [Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader] Summary: In which no one really believes Kuroo could get a girlfriend as incredible as you.. Pairing: Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader. He was noted to be shyer and more withdrawn than Kenma, so the two introverts had a difficult time getting to know each other.[2]. We’re here. I just… Got really excited and nervous! Fingers press against the button, holding down the snooze as a groan bubbles up from Hanamaru’s chest. “ A-ah it’s alright, Rhee-san. After some time, Nekoma faced Karasuno in a friendly, the two schools have long been rivals and their matches are titled as "The Battle of the Garbage". So, while heading home, Kuroo, not wanting to go to a new place alone, invited Kenma to come to a volleyball training camp that weekend. Later, he sits in the cafeteria with Daichi and talks about the Interhigh results. Japan Haikyuu!! If you don’t agree with the information about height, etc. Male The boys and girls separate, Hanamaru nearly bouncing off the walls as she walks toward the bathhouse with Kiyoko and Yachi behind her. As Kuroo and Daishō shake hands, they tease each other, but Kuroo gets serious and remarks that they both lost so they can’t criticize too much. The blonde can’t help but worry about each of them, most of the boys would continuously forget their things when it came to practice. "You're such a cheeseball, Tetsurou-senpai..." ❤. He places the cup back down on the table, blue eyes regarding his small teenage daughter. ”, “ W-wait! However, Furudate has stated right-handed players spiking were occasionally drawn spiking with their left hand due to drawing while half-asleep. Kuroo Tetsurō (黒 尾 鉄 朗, Tetsurō Kuroo) is one of the most entertaining characters in Haikyuu, the one that is volleyball-themed. 黒尾 鉄朗 • Height : 187.7 cm **It was submitted by Marijn, 53 years old. ” Maru eats some more of her cereal, swallowing the honey flakes. A red bow hung around her neck, the fabric ending right at the top of her chest. Nekoma High ❛❛ We are like the blood in our veins. ”. One thing that draws attention is his leadership, his words make it appear that he is philosophizing, this gives confidence to his companions. Kuroo has his personality quite provocative, so use everything you know about the personal life of your rival, making several jokes, mainly with Daishō's girlfriend. ” Her father nods, watching as his daughter continues to eat her food. Tetsurō Kuroo/Image Gallery < Tetsurō Kuroo. “ Yeah… Mama was telling me about that. “Is Kuroo Tetsurō here?” The boy nearest to you, middle height with chin-length hair dyed hair, is the only one that can hear you over the din. When Coach Nekomata thanked the team for their hard work and well played match, Kuroo is the first to voice his gratitude to Coach Nekomata. ” Yachi claps her hands, a smile tugging at her lips. Kuroo Tetsurō (黒 尾 鉄 朗, Tetsurō Kuroo) is one of the most entertaining characters in Haikyuu, the one that is volleyball-themed. Advertising With Yaku out, Kuroo has to take on a bigger role on the court when he agrees to stay in the rotation when he is moved to the back row. It contains clear eyes, the ones that are pulled. bee Hanamaru’s blue eyes observe the boys moving swiftly on the court—the sound of sneakers squeaking against the waxed floor ringing in her ears. When Tsukishima and Yamaguchi are able to stop Fukuanga with the serve and block technique, Kuroo is immediately blamed by Yaku for Tsukishima's increase in skill though Kuroo would say that half of it was Tsukishima's own doing. The small Korean ends up in her kitchen, her bunny slippers sliding against the floor as she moves around. Pre-timeskip In the Manga by many[1]. Kuroo explains that Lev may not fit in completely with the team yet, but that’s not the most important part; What’s more important is if Lev can feel himself fitting in.

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