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Her cosmopolitan background and pretty face make for a perfect cocktail of aspiration—she’s exactly the kind of Instagrammer who makes it as an influencer. But elephants getting baths, like those that give rides and do tricks, will have been broken to some extent to make them obedient. Between tricks, the bears lie down and rub themselves on the ice. The aging tiger, Khai Khem, 22, spent his days on a short chain in a photo studio. 
. He just stays in his dark corner, Jirenuwat texted, and when he hears people coming, he twists on his chain and turns his back to them. We exchange a look—we both know what her words likely mean for her livelihood. Phajaan is the traditional—and brutal—days- or weeks-long process of breaking a young elephant’s spirit. In the parking lot of the Torgoviy Kvartal shopping mall, next to a hardware store, is a white inflatable pop-up aquarium: the Moscow Traveling Dolphinarium. Animals are bred and trained here before being sold to camps around the country to begin a new life of work and close confinement. Families take their seats around a small pool. > Edward O. Wilson, "An understanding of the Natural World and whats in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment." But we know that animals feel pain. Bottlenose dolphins are the backbone of an industry that spans the globe. 2020 National Geographic Partners, LLC. Two hours hiking in Phuket's jungles; Khao Sok National Park . Of all the silently suffering animals I saw in pools and pens around the world, two in particular haunt me: an elephant and a tiger. "Each species is a masterpiece, a creation assembled with extreme care and genius." She meets clients for woodland photo shoots with captive wild animals just outside Moscow. Six months after Kirsten and I returned from Thailand, we asked Ryn Jirenuwat, our Bangkok-based Thai interpreter, to check on Gluay Hom and Khai Khem. Photographing dreams,” her bio reads. (The Walt Disney Company, National Geographic’s majority owner, offers dolphin encounters on some vacation excursions and at an attraction in Epcot, one of its Orlando parks. Tracks are confusing. About half the people in Ban Ta Klang who care for elephants, including Homhual, don’t own them. Stephanie has been here, at the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, before. “Westerners enjoy bathing because it looks happy and natural,” she says. In 2018, brands—fashion, travel, tech, and more—spent an estimated $1.6 billion on social media advertising by influencers. Regan, honeymooning in Hawaii with his wife, Katie, is from England, where the country’s last marine mammal park closed permanently in 1993. Nevertheless, they’re expected to let guests touch them and do yoga beside them. The bear’s owners, Yury and Svetlana Panteleenko, ply their star with food—tuna fish mixed with oatmeal—to get him to approach the boy. In Thailand we also saw American men bear-hug tigers in Chiang Mai and Chinese brides in wedding gowns ride young elephants in the aqua surf on the island of Phuket. Just after dusk I’m in a car lumbering down a muddy road in the rain, past rows of shackled elephants, their trunks swaying. Gluay Hom was still alive, still standing in the same stall, leg still bent at an unnatural angle. What people don’t know about many aquarium shows in Russia, Azovtseva says, is that the animals often die soon after being put in captivity, especially those in traveling shows. He’s already been sold, and when his training is finished, he’ll start working at a tourist camp down south. Alla Azovtseva, a longtime dolphin trainer in Russia, shakes her head. I’ve come back to check on a baby. Khai Khem was still chained by his neck to a hook in the floor. Anantara is out of reach for anyone but the wealthy—or prominent influencers. The range maps for species below may not be accurate or complete. “Once they see an opportunity, they exploit.” She says she can’t go on doing her work in the industry and that she’s decided to speak out because she wants people to know the truth about the origins and treatment of many of the marine mammals they love watching. As we traveled to performance pits and holding pens on three continents and in the Hawaiian Islands, asking questions about how animals are treated and getting answers that didn’t always add up, it became clear how methodically and systematically animal suffering is concealed. No problem if you do not know the species, we will do our best to identify it for you. Here, they can see unchained elephants and leave feeling good about supporting what they believe is an ethical establishment. > Sir David Attenborough, “Climb up on some hill at sunrise. Visitors can stroll through an open-air museum and learn about Thailand’s national animal. Meena was brought here once, but she tried to run into the forest. I ask the men how baby elephants born in captivity are broken and trained. The tiger had a dental abscess so severe that the infection was eating through the bottom of his jaw. Belugas, which are caught from Russian waters, don’t live long in these conditions. “I don’t care if I’m fired,” she says defiantly. When you’re in America, everyone is smiling.” But he appreciates that the facility is at their hotel, so they can watch the dolphins being fed and cared for. James Regan says what he saw in Blackfish upset him. “My kids are jumping for joy,” says a woman named Anya, motioning toward her two giddy boys, bouncing in their seats. Our work is not pure scientific but we try to verify the data we collect as much we can. One mahout will use a bullhook at the back. Our conversation turns to elephant training. They didn’t find the anteater. They can make herbal treats for the elephants and paper from elephant dung. Phu Kradeung is reopening today. And Azovtseva—making clear she’s referring to the industry at large in Russia and not the Moskvarium—says she knows many aquariums quietly and illegally replace their animals with new ones. Hundreds of thousands of outraged viewers signed petitions. In Ban Ta Klang, a tiny town in eastern Thailand, modest homes dot the crimson earth. Inside the dark world of captive wildlife tourism. The monkeys are trained to ride a tricycle, shoot a basketball, twirl a parasol. “Who else if not us?” says Mikhail Olyoshin, a staffer at one traveling oceanarium. The Close-up Photographer of the Year. The show’s four bears wear metal muzzles, and their trainer, Yulia Denisenko, carries a metal rod.

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