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She adopted several nicknames during her espionage including "Nicolas", "Marie of Lyon", "Marie Monin", "Camille", "Diane" and "Germaine". Virginia Hall was born into a wealthy Baltimore family in 1906. She was an enthusiast of modern languages and learned German, French and Italian. The guide who agreed to lead them was displeased that there was a woman. Virginia Hall Goillot (born Virginia Hall, April 6, 1906 – July 8, 1982) was an American spy who worked with the British Special Operations Executive during World War II. Non solo è stato ha fatto un MBE onorario, ma ha anche ricevuto un Distinguished Service Cross, l’unico tale premio dato ad una donna nella seconda guerra mondiale, da parte del governo americano. Sia Hall e Goillot sono stati assegnati alle attività di Special Divison: la divisione della CIA focalizzata su operazioni segrete. ‘The Wolves at the Door: The True Story of America's Greatest Female Spy’ by Judith L. Pearson and ‘L'Espionne. After the war, the OSS disbanded but its operations were folded into a new agency, the Central Intelligence Agency. Her history and arts writing has been featured on Slate, HowlRound, and BroadwayWorld.​, Female Spies in World War I and World War II, The Life of Noor Inayat Khan, World War II Spy Heroine, Biography of Angela Davis, Political Activist and Academic, Biography of Josephine Baker, Dancer, Singer, Activist, and Spy, Women and World War II: Concentration Camps. We've received your submission., The Hottest Male Celebrities With The Best Abs.

She dodged the ‘Gestapo’, who were by that time in know of her activities and called her "lady with the limp", to join the ‘French Resistance’ in the Haute-Loire region. Puoi leggere anche curiosità e citazioni e vedere fotografie e video di Virginia Hall. Sitemap Ha scampato Lione in treno, poi camminato attraverso i Pirenei per renderlo in Spagna. She married Paul Goillot, an agent of the ‘Office of Strategic Services’ in 1950. Capitale sociale: Euro 119.000 – Iscrizione al Registro delle Imprese di Terni n.01206540559, Aggiorna le impostazioni di tracciamento della pubblicità.

Dopo la sua morte, gli onori continuato: lei è stato commemorato nel 2006, in quello che sarebbe stato il suo 100 ° compleanno, dagli ambasciatori francesi e inglesi verso gli Stati Uniti, ed è stata introdotta nella Hall delle donne Maryland of Fame nel 2019. Instead, in a private ceremony at the OSS office on September 27, 1945, Virginia Hall was given the Distinguished Service Cross award, making her the only American woman and the first civilian to be awarded this honor during World War II. In one of our favorite scenes, Hall is questioned at a checkpoint by a police officer and proudly claims that she writes for The Post, securing her freedom.

After working at several American embassies, she became intent on getting a job with the U.S. State Department. Hall went to Paris and enlisted in the French Army as an ambulance driver. By this time, the Germans were aware that a woman they referred to as La Dame Qui Boite, the Limping Lady, was one of the key organizers there. Kate, Pingback: “Ich würde alles geben, um diese hinkende kanadische Hündin in die Finger zu bekommen.”: Klaus Barbie and his efforts to find the American spy Virginia Hall, whose prosthetic leg she named “Cuthbert”. Using the cover of a reporter for the New York Post, Hall spent over a year in Vichy France, working to coordinate the activities of the French Resistance. Il suo lavoro ha continuato fino alla fine della guerra; Sala cessò sola segnalazione forze alleate volta catturato fino a lei e la sua squadra nel settembre del 1945. Thank you for posting. When the SOE got word that the German Gestapo was moving toward southern France, the resistance organizers were told to clear out of Lyon. Hall resigned from the Department of State in 1939 and returned to Washington, D.C., where she attended graduate school at American University. Al loro appello risponde Mary, che subito conquista Doc con la sua vitalità.

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