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Some of these organisms include catfish, copepods, mayflies, and sunfish. Seven gar species live today, including alligator, Cuban, Florida, longnose, shortnose, spotted, and tropical gar. It’s time we gave gar a break, too. These conservation measures are linked to a growing recognition among anglers for these fish’s big game, trophy potential. Final Thoughts Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. The gar family of fishes caught my attention early on. Stay posted for a gar butchering video from MeatEater contributor Jesse Griffiths. The Longnose Gar's food source depends on the area they live in. In the end, however, gar are no more devastating to an ecosystem than big brown trout, muskellunge, or any other predator fish. From Central America and Cuba to the southeastern United States, through the Midwest and up into some portions of southern Canada, gar still swim. For context, a female longnose gar can only lay about 30,000. Small gar species eat bream, shad, and other schooling baitfish, as they are the easiest to target. I’ve heard people call gar slimy and stinky. Anyone who’s ever hooked a large gar knows this statement is way off base. Gar of any size, whether tooth-tangled on a rope fly or hooked, give it their all. There’s a reason why bass, bluegill, and virtually every other gamefish was able to evolve and populate waterways where gar were already established. I see bodies with puncture wounds in their sides floating downstream or discarded and rotting near boat ramps—a grim and undeserved ending for a native fish, not to mention a waste of good meat. "C'mon, let's get that garfish cut up," he says. prey by swimming sideways, further making them look like sticks. When I tell people that I’m targeting gar on purpose, the conversation usually dies. Gar do gulp air as a secondary source of oxygen, but it doesn’t mean that they have lungs or that they can survive out of the water for long periods of time. As with any fish, anglers should use a rod that matches the quarry. Longnose Gars are ambush predators. Game fish are managed differently by state and federal agencies. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. This is especially true of alligator gar, better known for brute force than agility. Here in my home waters of eastern Tennessee, like most of the country, these prehistoric predators often draw contempt that sometimes results in lethal blows. They hunt during the night and day, but they prefer the night. Has Our Reliance on Technology Made Modern Hunters Less Capable Than Our Ancestors? The Longnose Gar's food source depends on the area they live Why do we consider some fish iconic and others aquatic refuse? While the meat is both non-toxic and tasty, gar eggs, often found in large females during the spring or summer spawn, are poisonous. We think that’s wrong. Others claim they destroy fisheries; breath air; don’t fight hard; that they’re fishy, unpalatable, even poisonous. Like most apex predators, gar are an important, balancing factor in an ecosystem. All rights reserved. Trash fish don’t. It also helps them be more hydrodynamic and avoid capture by predators from above and below. The all-tackle world record 279-pound gar has stood since 1951, but a 327-pound, 8-and-a-half-foot monster got tangled in a commercial fisherman’s net in 2011. But, unlike the “terrible lizards” of a bygone era, gar stood the test of time. Gar Don’t Taste Good – False, Very False Photo by: Doug Olander It's never a good sign when you need a machete at a fish-cleaning table, but that's exactly what Ross Montet is desperately searching for. Why not throw them a line? The Gar is a species of large, primarily freshwater fish. They’ve been around since the late Jurassic period, sharing the Earth with living dinosaurs. Their mouths are filled with rows of needle-like teeth, and they often irritate anglers by biting off flies, lures, and baits meant for other, more reputable gamefish. When the summer heat sends more popular game fishes running for deep water, gar can often be found rising to the surface. Tip: lift their nose out of the water and enjoy the acrobatics. They aren’t soft and savory in a fresh salmon sort of way, but have a firm, meaty, alligator-like texture. My wife even remarked that it didn’t smell like fish as I chopped the straps into nugget-sized portions, then battered and fried them to golden perfection. Gar Breath Air – True, Kind of On gars, that slime is particularly noticeable and especially pungent. A few of you may have eaten gar balls (which are not as gross as they sound). I’ve caught many gar that smelled no worse than a bass, carp, or any other warmwater fish, but I’ve also caught some that stunk so bad my wife quarantined and threatened to burn the clothes I’d been wearing that day. small crustaceans. The Case for Shooting 3- and 5-Shot Groups, Ryan Williams Spends the Winter Hunting Wolves in the Idaho Wilderness.

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