what happened to don scott

Part 1, AC/DC: The Final Salute – High Voltage & Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, The seeds for AC/DC’s reunion were sown at Malcolm Young’s funeral, Scott Weiland's 10 favourite Scott Weiland songs, Steven Wilson interview: "the cult of personality is a big part of what makes rock music tick", Watch a pre-fame Sebastian Bach cover Led Zeppelin at a star-studded wedding. He emigrated with his family to Australia in 1952. We should mention here that it’s unlikely that Way and Chapman have spoken recently to correlate, or collaborate on, their stories. Also in the frame was Bon’s former girlfriend, Australian Margaret ‘Silver’ Smith, a renowned heroin user and dealer who was a familiar figure in London’s then thriving rock’n’roll scene. I have met this fellow, but I’ve left it at that. And he was a very highly intelligent lyricist and poet. You really can’t compare him to anybody; he was unique. There was a problem. So, as I say, Bon went off to wherever he went, and he said to me: ‘I’ll see you back at your place with the stuff’. The Asian proprietor of a nearby Londis store has been in the country for only three months. This was the last photo taken of Bon before his death, and Way has vivid memories of it: “Yes, you’re right, that was me with Bon. [5] In 1963 he spent a short time in Fremantle Prison's assessment centre and nine months at the Riverbank Juvenile Institution, relating to charges of giving a false name and address to the police, having escaped legal custody, having unlawful carnal knowledge, and stealing 12 gallons of petrol. “The first thing that happened [after Bon’s death] was the TV and the VCR went missing from Bon and Joe’s house. He’s gotten out of some legal binds by lying, feigning health problems, crying...he got out of our clutches several times.” Ewing recounted a close call when Smith faked a heart attack in order to evade justice. These events occurred in 2002 and 2003, when he was 14 to 15, and prior to the beginning of the show. I knew that Pete [Way] had AC/DC’s numbers; Joe didn’t have the numbers of anyone else in the band. [1] He attempted to join the Australian Army, but was rejected and deemed "socially maladjusted". The messages have been written in obvious haste: ‘To Bon, from Björn in Sweden’; ‘AC-Foxi-DC’; ‘Ronald and Frank from Germany – cheers’; ‘To Bon, Szmery from Poland.’. And though he had a very wide-ranging and energetic social life, he never let the band down in any way. During this visit, the musicians did a jam session of "Ride On". WAS THERE ANYTHING EVER DONE TO KEEP HIM UNDER CONTROL? Angus just wasn’t just a schoolboy. Bon had my phone number, and he had all the directions of how to get to my flat in Fulham.”. Prior to that show, I had also been to see AC/DC at London’s Marquee (in those days in Wardour Street). It’s accompanied by a warning to owners not to allow their pets to shit on the pavement: Bag It & Bin It. It was like a hurricane. To me, that typified Bon. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, In 1973, just after returning to Australia from the tour of the UK, Fraternity went on hiatus. CAN YOU SHARE SOME STORIES YOU REMEMBER ABOUT HIM? It was always very, very good, and there were never any problems. I can say that I never, ever remember seeing Bon take drugs. DID YOU EVER SENSE THAT BON’S LIFESTYLE WOULD CULMINATE IN HIS EARLY DEATH? ● Who is Alistair Kinnear, and why did he disappear from sight? He was a hero, an icon, but he was also the guy next door, lying underneath a greasy motorbike with a spanner in his hand.’. It was something so special – people with their own minds, [who had made] their own decisions about music, and had their own principles. The issue of whether Scott's lyrics were used, uncredited, on the album remains an enduring topic of debate. But I can never recall seeing him put anything in his mouth or up his nose; pills or smoking, nothing like that. After a long time waiting, I can remember Joe saying: ‘I have to get back home’. Sarah Midkiff. Kinnear’s claimed 7.45pm discovery of Bon Scott’s corpse – on Tuesday, February 19, remember – contrasts sharply with Chapman’s recollection of learning about the singer’s death in the morning of that day. “We got close a few times and lost him...He’s a pretty good escape artist. [1] In 1970, after gaining a place on the National Top 30 with their single "Juliette", the Valentines disbanded due to artistic differences after a much-publicised drug scandal. Overhill Road must have changed substantially since 1980, the year of Bon’s death. He had strung a rope up into the rafters, got on top of the PA and started swinging from it Tarzan style in front of the PA. The late writer Mark Putterford, who raised the issue of heroin being involved in Scott’s death, was reputedly aware of Kinnear’s new guise. I believe the reason Bon went to East Dulwich was he was going to get some smack. There were plenty of good rock’n’roll singers around at the time but none could make the grade as Bon did. “Maybe it rings a bell from the reports. He brought an enormous presence and character into the group. That was where he was phoning from. [1], Scott was born in Forfar, Scotland, and spent his early years in Kirriemuir. The lane contains a rock 'n' roll nightclub called the Cherry Bar. Nevertheless, this bare-chested, black-haired, garrulous’n’glowering, lewd’n’lascivious larrikin was justifiably named the greatest rock frontman of all time in Classic Rock No.68. The down under-based group’s UK schedule was a 19-dater that kicked off on June 11, ’76 at Glasgow City Hall, and climaxed at London’s Lyceum Ballroom (nowadays better known for housing the stage production of Disney’s The Lion King) on July 7. And I really didn’t want to [give the number to Chapman], because it’s quite early in the morning when I got the phone call.”. I don’t know if it [the smack] was for us, or for us and him as well. Nevertheless I had a meeting with Malcolm and Angus, and suggested Bon as their new singer. Romanian hard rock group Iris recorded the song "Ultimul mic dejun al lui Bon" ("Bon's Last Breakfast") as a tribute to Scott, released on their 1997 album Lună plină. I think maybe the people that Bon went [to East Dulwich] with, whoever they were, maybe they might’ve had a phone number of where Bon was staying with Joe [in Victoria]. The sun comes up, and I say: ‘I have to go to bed’. That’s been good news for Baltimore. The coroner concluded that the vocalist had died due to acute alcoholic poisoning. Classic Rock met up with Way at Waysted singer Fin Muir’s flat in Milton Keynes. [8] The Valentines recorded several songs written by George Young of The Easybeats. Live from the Atlantic Studios was recorded on 7 December 1977 at the Atlantic Studios in New York City. But the one thing you can always say about Bon is that he never once let anybody down. Before the so-called Sounds-AC/DC ‘Lock Up Your Daughters Summer Tour’ started, I was invited to a low-key club gig the band had arranged at the Retford Porterhouse, just outside Nottingham. Kinnear said he found Scott in the evening. A spokesman told us: “Unfortunately you are not what we would call ‘a properly interested person’. So, we asked Chapman, do you know who this Alistair Kinnear guy was? There’s a wheelbarrow in the corner that had once been full of white paint, but which is now all dried-out and crusty.

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