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I guess the fact that work is rather scarce at the moment, that I really wanted the job, had a lot to do with my low quote/bid. Your email address will not be published. The messenger boy in the railway headquarters runs straight at the camera until all we see is his black button, then disappears the other way down another corridor in a tail-away shot. Here’s hoping Warner Archives gets on the 3D bandwagon. Just call us at 888-250-1834. Promised Brad and Angelina I’d baby-sit. They seem to be sitting on it. The 3-D bluray is (as most vintage stereoscopic goes) always an entertaining watch and recommended viewing. English before grabbing Dale's ear and beginning to whisper in it. The disc is a full HD 1080P Blu-ray 3D disc and requires a 3D-capable HDTV, 3D-capable Blu-ray player and active shutter glasses to enjoy. Working for Peanuts did get a 3D Blu-ray release on a Disney 3D promotional disc back when 3D TV’s were coming out. Besides, I thought “Melody” was one of their most humorous films at the time. As some may be aware, Kino Lorber is releasing Hypnotic Hick, the Woody Woodpecker cartoon in 3-D sometime later this year paired with Wings of the Hawk, the 3-D feature it debuted with. The truth leaked out. I work efficiently or I work for peanuts and that means using appropriate geometry for a wide range of tasks, solve the problem and communicate the answer. Jack Hannah Required fields are marked *. JavaScript is disabled. Please, whoever has the rights, get on board. Was a sequential negative ever filmed, or any 3-D pencil tests or work prints struck for the studio’s internal use? Followed by Working for Peanuts is a 1953 animated short starring Donald Duck, Dolores, and Chip'n' Dale that was originally shown in 3D. It would be interesting to see you do an article on the CinemaScope Disney shorts next – I’d especially like to know if any more shorts (outside of the nine that were completed) were planned to be shot that way (and if any of the other seven shorts were recorded/mixed in stereo – the only two I know for sure that were prepared that way are TOOT, WHISTLE, PLUNK AND BOOM and GRAND CANYONSCOPE). Overheard them talking about YOU. 2. (Melody Time is indeed a separate compilation feature from 1948), Working for Peanuts did get a 3D Blu-ray release on a Disney 3D promotional disc back when 3D TV’s were coming out. The effects had to be designed so that they would come out at you. I was ‘green’ at it and didn’t know much about it so we loaded it with animated effects like water and peanuts coming right at you. I unfortunately haven’t seen MELODY and WORKING FOR PEANUTS in 3-D – just 2-D (if only “Disney Rarities” and “The Chronological Donald: Volume Four” had options to view those shorts in either format – and if only the transfer of MELODY on “Rarities” was restored). Starring Trying to escape from Donald, Dale trips in a bucket of white paint, covering himself in it. Chip and Dale discover a new source of food - peanuts - as long as they can get them away from an elephant named Dolores. I notice no one has brought up the Disney 3-D short that never was – “Pigs Is Pigs” (1953). Now-a-days, people fear 3D. It was a very time-consuming process. Don’t know what a J. Squirrel letter is? Here’s another interesting thought on “Pigs is Pigs” for alternative universe speculation. The main thing I remember about working in 3-D was to be sure there were plenty of effects. With his former writing partner, John Cawley, he authored several animation related books including The Encyclopedia of Cartoon Superstars, How to Create Animation, Cartoon Confidential and Get Animated’s Animation Art Buyer’s Guide. Not just because I’d never seen a classic 3-D short on the big screen before, that was thrilling enough. There is a scene where peanuts are thrown from the middle of your room into the picture. That was not the first time that Hollywood had become enamored of idea of 3-D in an attempt to get people out of their homes and into theater seats. He said that following an early screening they all walked outside. Rather it was because the short still had its original title sequence, complete with the ‘Distributed by R-K-O Radio Pictures’ notice! Universal and Paramount have had wonderful restorations done by The 3D Film Archive. This explains why there were not extreme and frequent “coming at you” effects throughout the short.

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