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In my knowledge Mass D/L is for Massive upgrade for Samsung Galaxy Mobile phones. Required fields are marked *.

Odin downlaod has created from official Samsung developers to use in their service centers. Step 1: Download and install Samsung USB Driver on your Computer (If installed already then Skip this step). You can find a detailed "how-to" guide unique to your android device/OS.

The phone model will be mentioned in Odin, and the color of will get changed. Yes, It is possible to flash custom ROM or custom firmware using Odin. But when we press Mass D/L and  we can see some more port number options.

Step 4: Boot your Samsung mobile to the download mode. Always remember, the latest comes with more sophisticated features. Step 9: Flashing process may take up to 7-10 minutes and once it is done you will see PASS! If we have one tar.md5 firmware file we will select here in AP to flash firmware.

I have developed many android applications and i am also founder of

Please wait.. Options:

Once it’s open, you should see an image like this. I will try to write some of these as per my poor knowledge.

Hence it is, therefore, useful to have a data backup also before the rooting is started. : Odin download is only compatible with Samsung smartphones, tablet personal computers and you have to engage with this procedure at your own risk because this is a general technical guide not specified for any specially mentioned model. I found unable to reach this link of your post So we recommend you to download Samsung Odin tool for all kind of flashing activities. Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable.. Odin v3.12.3 is the latest version of Odin releases till today is that i found.

File analysis.. All threads completed. Step 4: Power off your Samsung device and boot into Download Mode/ Odin Mode. Hence we strictly advised maintaining a data backup before rooting your Samsung smartphone. In starting i was lover of technology till now i am doing same thing. If you want to learn about Odin you should read What Is Odin And How To Use Complete Guide […], […] Grand Prime G531H FRP Bypass With Z3X 0 Various ZTE B816 Network Unlock Free With CM2 0 Samsung What Is Odin And How To Use Complete Guide 1 Samsung Samsung S5 Korean SM-G906 Upgrade to Marshmallow 6.0.1 […], […] How To Upgrade Samsung i545 To Lollipop Official in this post i will try to give you all information that can help you to upgrade any samsung mobile using this method. This program can be run on windows PC only. How to use Odin?

The main firmware part Home, Ap, PDA will be selected here in AP. Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..

And your phone will automatically reboot. on the following steps you will learn how to use Odin. In this tutorial, you will be learned how to use Odin without any issue on your smartphone. Now you have successfully flashed your Android device as well. Step 5: Run Odin3 .exe file and connect your device to PC. message. Press  reboot after It will take few minutes to complete boot process first time.

Phone Works But Screen is Black / Blank – Why and How to Fix? Please always use correct and latest firmware, Now flash latest firmware and then do hard reset using keys. You need to use this tool to flash the ROM of your Samsung smart phone.

> First of all, you have to download Odin V3.09 on your computer. Enter CS for MD5.. Requirements before you use Odin3: These are guidelines before using Odin: - Odin3 is only compatible with Windows OS only. I will try to complete it.

In the end of successful flashing procedure, Samsung Odin download tool will display you a "Reset" or "Pass" sign in a green color patch. will dispaly on the Odin download tool and your device will reboot automatically. Like if you have boot loop issues or firmware upgrade encountered an issue error or want to downgrade firmware then definitely you need to use this flashing tool. Furthermore, when writing this guide, I made sure to explain each step in detail to make it simpler with the help of screenshots and video tutorials so that beginners can follow and understand each step. flash stock firmware to your Samsung Galaxy device, How to Check Samsung Galaxy Combination File Compatibility, Combination file for Samsung Galaxy Galaxy device. Because all Samsung latest smart phones can be upgrade via same method. select PDA file with extension .md5 in PDA field. and leave BL, CP, CSC blank.

Hit Volume up to continue. This website is related for technology news, Reviews, Android Update, upcoming features, i and my team always work for the latest news and technology.

This application will not ask you to install because this is a direct executable application. Step 1: First and foremost extract/unzip the firmware files as you can in the screenshot below.

Please wait.. We can download Samsung Odin from official website OR we can download Samsung Odin from, Before start flashing a stock file. Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully.. Leave CS.. Odin engine v(ID:3.1301).. In my knowledge CSC stands for Consumer Software Customization It is specific to geographical region and carriers. If you are searching for What Is Odin And How To Use Complete Guide of latest version of Odin v3.12.3 then you at right place. You can download by visiting this post Samsung Odin latest. How to flash Samsung 4 files firmware with Odin,,

Click one of our member below to chat on. Required fields are marked *. DO NOT BRICK YOUR DEVICE. It refers to the build version of the software or firmware.

How to fix Samsung stuck on samsung logo? Make sure that your device is connected to Odin by looking at the.

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It’s important not to get them confused. from IGNOU in 2012 with first division.

If you have any issues with Rooting / Flashing or ANDROID related Question, join ODIN FORUM community. Execute the application as administrator on your Windows system. All threads completed.

So we are also working with full considerations. Press Start and wait for Odin to complete upgrade process after complete this process Odin will show PASS! This tab is for engineers. Press the AP (or PDA) button in order to load these files. Once you have connected your handset to the computer, Odin3 will automatically recognize the device and prompt "Added" in the lower-left panel.

90% Samsung mobile phone can flashed without this option (without pit). We can flash modem part of the firmware in this option.This button was previously labeled as “Phone”.

We can do full reset Samsung mobile phone from recovery. Step 10: If your device is stuck at Samsung Logo for more than 10-15 minutes after the flashing process, then ‘Wipe Data/ Factory Reset‘ from Recovery Mode. Click on AP button and brows for Samsung firmware folder that you have downloaded already for your device and extracted it using winrar.

As we can see 8 port ID,s in normal Odin3 screen. Request Combination File, How to Flash Samsung Galaxy Combination File/Firmware with Samsung Odin3, Samsung Odin for Android Gingerbread/Ice Cream Sandwich firmware, Odin Recommended for Android Lollipop firmware, How to Flash Samsung Galaxy Stock File/Firmware with Samsung Odin3. It contains the software packages specific to that region, carrier branding and APN (Access Point Name) setting.


Please wait.. Odin engine v(ID:3.1210)..

Also, download the latest version of Odin3 Downloader. Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully.. You need to download firmware file from Step 6: When it feels a vibration release the power key but keep holding other buttons until the device gets a window with a yellow triangular mark. If you flash any custom ROM it may cause to void the warranty of the device permanently because the Samsung Android developers do not grant permissions to make flash custom ROM anyway but the Stock firmware.

Step 8: Actually Odin usually takes around 5 minutes to complete the process. Yes, It is possible to flash a Samsung device without using a Desktop computer, In this case you need to use mobile Odin.
So let’s start…. This option showing us Samsung mobile phone,s modem port number of connected phone in download mode.

But people who already have experience with Odin3 will also get much information from this post. Do not get overwhelmed. If you have more then one file in Samsung firmware folder then follow related instructions for. Launch/open Odin3 as an administrator on your Windows PC To open Odin as an admin, right click on it and select Run as an Administrator. This part of my post is very important for people who not have experience with Odin before. To use Massive download we must have same Samsung mobile phone on all ports. Therefore it is your responsibility to check for the best version you need to deal with.

Take care of following: Task 1: Install USB drivers for your device on your PC. Live simply, give generously and dream high. If the smartphone does not reboot, detach from the computer and reboot the device manually.

After getting recovery screen we can see few options and can  select by pressing volume up and volume down keys. But the latest is not the best. Do not worry, in this post we will discuss on How To Use Odin V3.09 On PC. How to use Odin Download - Step by Step Guide. When we select this tab we can see some options (check boxes) under Options tab some options are very important so i will describe one by one. Select firmware.tar.md5 file form example (N920CXXU2BPB6_N920COLB2BPB6_N920CXXU2BPB2_HOME.tar.md5). If for some reason you’re getting Odin failed error, then read this guide with multiple solutions to fix Odin3 errors. If you want to flash stock firmware to your Samsung Galaxy device you can follow this steps. There is a chance that you will get bricked phone after upgrading by wrong method.

You can Manually Update Your Samsung Phone with Odin. Step 3: Download and install device driver software if you have not installed before or if the installed driver is not in up to date. However, to do this, you should know How To Use Odin V3.09 On PC. If you continue to use this site, you agree with it. Step 1: Download Samsung Odin 3.13.1 tool which was issued recently, on your Windows computer. I will never copy/paste the content. Please join and browse through ODIN COMMUNITY forum. Now, connect your Samsung device to your Windows PC using the USB cable that came with your device. How To Use Odin V3.09 On PC.

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