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Nationality: Greek. Xenophon Quotes. 4, as translated by Carleton L. Brownson (1918). Tags: Tags: Cite this Page: Citation.

While not referred to as a philosopher by his contemporaries, his status as such is now a topic of debate. In large cities, however, because many make demands on each trade, one alone is enough to support a man, and often less than one: for instance one man makes shoes for men, another for women, there are places even where one man earns a living just by mending shoes, another by cutting them out, another just by sewing the uppers together, while there is another who performs none of these operations but assembles the parts, Of necessity, he who pursues a very specialised task will do it best.“, „If the campaign is in summer the general must show himself greedy for his share of the sun and the heat, and in winter for the cold and the frost, and in all labours for toil and fatigue. most, delightful, music, own, praises. Tags: Born: 430 BC.

Hearing this, Callias said, “Well, gentlemen, we cannot decently begrudge him at the least the shelter of our roof; so let him come in.” With the words he cast a glance at Autolycus, obviously trying to make out what he had thought of the pleasantry. For to offer one’s beauty for money to all comers is called prostitution; but we think it virtuous to become friendly with a lover who is known to be a man of honour. Besides, he who pretends to carry his point by force hath need of many associates; but the man who can persuade knows that he is himself sufficient for the purpose; neither can such a one be supposed forward to shed blood; for, who is there would choose to destroy a fellow citizen rather than make a friend of him by mildness and persuasion? The Cavalry General, ch. Biography. 1, ch. and As one of the Ten Thousand , he also participated in Cyrus the Younger's failed campaign to claim the Persian throne from his brother Artaxerxes II of Persia and recounted the events in Anabasis, his most notable history.

And it is impossible for a man of many trades to do all of them well. Terms of Use In the Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers, Diogenes Laërtius observed that, as a writer, Xenophon of Athens was known as the “Attic Muse”, for the sweetness of his diction . beauty, Horses, splendor, himself, displays, Long, looking, tire, none. Quoted in Edith Hamilton The Greek Way ([1930] 1993) p. 134. He is known for writing about the history of his own times, the late 5th and early 4th centuries BC, especially for his account of the final years of the Peloponnesian War. Xenophon (On Horsemanship) The gods give nothing really good and beautiful without labor.

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