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From students and tourists to doctors and soldiers who’ve moved and visited here over the years. If you have disscussion about politics and your friend say “todos los politicos son iguales””all the politicians are the same” you probably high five saying “efectivamente ,tienes toda la razón”. This word is popular among all Spanish speaking countries; however, when using it, you need to pay attention to your tone of voice. Have you tried it yet? As a result, they’re close in meaning to ‘okay’ or ‘alright’. Sí is a simple and common word in any Spanish conversation. Do not hesitate, (I will do it, it will happen….) Ajá is the Spanish word for ‘uh-huh’ or ‘Mmhmm’. These informal ways to say yes in Spanish are more common among young people. Unlike other slang words from this list, these three words are used by people of all ages. When you agree. In Mexico, people may also use ‘arre con la que barre’ as a longer and playful variation of ‘arre’. I remembered that when learning why the accent is so important in Spanish, one of the pairs of words given to illustrate of how the accent governs a change in meaning was these two: "if" and "yes". This word is only used by young Mexican speakers in very casual conversations. Additionally, even though there are some other standard and formal ways to say yes, the words compiled here are all informal and slang. — "yes, I am", Copyright © 2006 Harrap Publishers Limited, Collins Complete Spanish Electronic Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers 2011. Here is some guidance of the countries where you can use each of these words: Since these words are mainly the same, you could use whichever you want and people will understand you. —sí, sí que lo has dicho; "you're not going, are you?"

(but we will cover that in another blog), does it make sense? ‘Clarines’ is an informal variation of ‘claro’, therefore, it means ‘of course’ or ‘yes’. Sale, yo invito a los chavos y tú consigues la comida y la bebidaOkay, I’ll invite the girls and you get the food and the drinks, Take Note: ‘Vale’, ‘dale’ and ‘sale’ are used to show agreement and also as a way to say goodbye. man, dog, house). This slang word can only be used as a way to respond affirmatively to someone’s questions or proposal.

I hope you find what you’re looking here during your journey into Español Read More About Me. Soy Daniela Sanchez, I’ve taught Spanish in Mexico to a wide array of foreigners.

Vamos al cineOkay, okay! to run quickly, very tired). “I can’t say no to you” when someone is making you an offer you can refuse.

Clarines is a popular Mexican slang word to say yes. Well, I hate to be a spoil sport, but when reading DESTINYROSE's question: is there any other word for yes in spanish, other than si? Additionally, even though there are some other standard and formal ways to say yes, the words compiled here are all informal and slang. Even though hola is one of the most common and standard ways to do this, there... Gandalla - Translations & Meanings in English. Where can you use simón as a synonym of ‘yes’? As a bonus, we provided you with some standard words for ‘yes’ that you can use in formal conversations. Imagine you would not be able to use the word “Sí” in Spanish, are you entering in your panic area just thinking about it? During the day I’m a freelancer and online marketer, while at night I’m here writing for students of the world wide web looking to learn Spanish.

Spanish Slang Words in Spain. This slang words and expressions found in this article come mostly from Spain and some Latin American countries.

By the end of this article, you’ll have 7 new and cool ways to say yes in Spanish .

"I didn't say that!" Alucinado. Here is a small list that can help you: Adding slang words to your vocabulary will not only allow you to understand native speakers better, but also will help you improve your conversations. Vale is another popular way to say ‘yes’ in Spanish. - Yes, but just a little bit. So, imagine the huge amount of slang words and expressions we could find for each country that speaks Spanish! something that it is understood correctly. You can use claro, literally meaning “Clear” of claro que si to make it more of a statement, when something is clear in Spanish is an affirmative way to say of course. These three words are used when saying ‘yes’ to a proposal, suggestion, or invitation. Although they can be used in conversations, many speakers perceive them as too cutesy, as a result, they’re more popular to see in written form or text. For that reason, in this list, we discussed 7 common, casual ways to say yes in Spanish as well as some examples of how to use each one of these words.

With this meaning, ‘a huevo’ or ‘ahuevo’ is more common among young people. ‘Arre’ means ‘yes’, ‘yup’, ‘okay’ or ‘alright’. In some Latin American countries, Simón is not only a given name but also a slang way to say ‘yes’. Like any other slang vocabulary, ‘simón’ as a synonym of ‘yes’ is only used in casual situations. That’s why in this article, we compiled some of the 7 most common ways to say ‘yes’ in Spanish slang. In other words, these words help you to show agreement at the same time you say goodbye to your friends. Although the words in this list are very common, their popularity may vary depending on the Spanish speaking country you’re using them in. “effectively”, I know in English could sound a bit old fashion, but in Spanish is really used, most of the time when we agree.

you would agree “de acuerdo” as it is not a problem.

In fact, there is so much variation that entire books have been written on the subject trying to categorize the various terms from different countries.This can be tricky for Spanish learners as a word that you learn in one country might have a completely different meaning, or not even exist, in another. Definition: Surprised. But do not worry in ten way to say YES in Spanish you will learn something new and you can start implementing it as soon as you finish the blog. again it is just a variation of the one above, when you do not need to have a doubt something will happen. In the 10 ways to say YES in Spanish, you will find different ways in which you can say yes in Spanish, so often a lot of students, feel frustrated because the lack of vocabulary, even when they want to say something affirmative or just to expres they agree someone. Handy isn’t it? Do you want coffee? The past challenge is still open, as the past tense blog series is not finished yet, but I thought I will give you a break of past tenses.
Although the words in this list are very common, their popularity may vary depending on the Spanish speaking country you’re using them in. I challenge you every time you need to say either yes or ok, do not use “si”, even if it is just when you are writing as you have more time to think than when you speak, at the beginning it will be hard as you are so used to them but eventually it will come to you without thinking and you will feel as a champion as you will be mastering your Spanish. Spanish slang for "yes" Hello all! Wow!). yes translate: sí, qué, sí, sí. ¡A huevo! Just as in English, in Spanish, we also have more informal or casual ways to say ‘yes’. If you’re in a formal situation where you can’t use any of the previous slang words, you will need to use other words to say yes. Your friend is having a dinner and all your friends are cooking something if your friend asks you, Everyone is doing something, Ana is cooking the soup, Pedro the fish, would you mind cooking something for dessert? so keep writing your comment using Spanish past tense and have the chance to get “The Idioms Spanish book”, I hope you have learned something new and enjoy the blog  and I will see you soon , I reallu enjoy this leasson… Looking forward to more, Gracias por tu comentario Linda. The closest way to translate ‘simón’ into English would be ‘yup’ or ‘yep’.

, Dale, entonces, mañana estudiamos para el examenAlright, then, tomorrow we study for the test. If someone ask you if you will go to the party during the weekend and you are a party animal your answer would probably be !Cómo no! Take Note: ‘A huevo’ has multiple meanings that can vary depending on the context or the Spanish country you’re in. A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. 10 ways to say YES in Spanish Most of the time I find a lot of students with a lot of vocabulary that on the other hand they just can say yes, as si, they do not have any other way to say it, so I think this article is a basic one, and as an extra an easy one, :)

Otherwise, you could be perceived as dismissive or disrespectful. Like other words from this list, it can only be used in a few countries. — "oh, yes, you did". “Of course”, it is quite common to make clear something is sure, and most of the times obvious.

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